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Doing Ok so far

November 24th, 2008 at 03:52 pm

Hello everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Work is SLOW! We have less leased apartments in my assistant living place!
Some have moved out to save money or go into skilled nursing or others have died. So the work load is really light for me. I am not one to waste time but at times....I find myself wasting time here and there to make my work day stretch! I did volunteer to help with a fundraiser bring helded at my work place. I decided if I took the initative to look "eager" with management that would be a help in the long run in keeping a job if they lay off.
Otherwise I do my job and stay focused on me and what I have to do.

I put some plastic on my patio door to keep out the cold...I think it will help.
I had never done that before but it ws pretty easy to do it myself! The kids are getting lots of letters from school for food drives and charity stuff. I am trying to help where I can. I feel pretty blessed and giving makes me feel more than blessed! It is a good feeling to help even in small ways.

I am about half way done with my Christmas shopping. I am glad! I am not buying all that much. I thought I would feel terrible about not buying as much but it feels liberating! I want to write a list of things TO DO around the house or close by that are easy and free. Having that list will help me keep everyone in the hoilday mood. My one daughter was complaining after being with dad....he took then to a pro football game and the movies....hard to compete. So having this list will help me focus on what we can do!

My taxes are due in one month. I will get the money from my investment account. I have no other way to pay it. I have zippo liquid savings.

I am praying I have fun with my sister later this week as we get together for Thanksgiving. I know she does not mean it but she is very self invovled with herself and she likes to talk about it alot. She is also married. She is a college professor. At times it gets hard for me to take it. So this year I decided to limit my visit to just an overnighter. That way I am not so frustrated it ruins my Holiday. I am sure I am not the only one here who has to deal with Holiday frustration in ones' family.

I am trying to not watch the news. It is giving me nightmares. I guess we need to do what we can with what we have. So much is not in our control and out of our hands. I really can not imagine wanting to president of the USA right now...what a tough tough job he has. YIKES.

Take care---have a blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time to refelct.

Christmas Christmas Everywhere!

November 15th, 2008 at 05:08 pm

I stopped at TARGET today for a few odds and ends. The store seemd extra extra busy! Is the economy good or bad right now? Were people shopping early for the Holidays or maybe trying to get out of the house since it was so rainy and cold out? I am not sure. Next time I am out I am going to try to observe the stuff in everyones carts. I find it curious to see what everyone is buying! The store was full to the brim with Christmas! I looked at the Holiday DVD's and had to run away!
They were so wonderful and I wanted to buy at least three! Heaven help me!

I finished my youngest child's gifts today. She wanted a big item so that took up most of her budget. My goal is to again...throw away catalogs.....I got three today but to stay out of stores as much as possible.
I find it amazing that I get so easily sucked into impulse purchases and feeling like I gotta have it. It is nutty to me how self control can literally fly out the door.

I decided to make my college son a care package. Cookies, licorice and reeses cups. So that will be put together and mailed on Monday. He has been on my heart lately. Hopefully he enjoys all that sugar!

My middle daughter is making a Christmas paper chain and paper snowflakes inthe family room. She is in 7th grade but still likes to do silly paper crafts. It is relaxing to be doing something simple and stress free for her and me.

Sunday I will pay my bills. They are organized and ready to be completed.
I am so glad I grocery shopped on Thursday! We are having horrible rain and wind. I am looking to my pantry to feed us and not making any extra trips to the grocery. Each day I stay home from there the better I feel. Tonight was meatloaf, sunday is Mexican and then a breakfast dinner on Monday. I like working my plan.

Well have a nice weekend everyone. Take time to review your menus for the week or create one so the stress this week is not so bad. Enjoy throwing out catalogs or recycle them. Turn off some un-needed lights as well....every bit helps as you of course know.

My yard is again full of leaves from the wind...isn't fall wonderful? I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. What a blessed and lovely time that will be for us.

Happy Fall Savings Everyone

November 12th, 2008 at 05:19 am

Hello Friends, yes I am still here! I do not seem to be able to get to my computer too much lately. It troubles me as I love to blog and write. I am home today from work as my little one has a cold. We have all had it and now it is her turn bless her heart. So this is my second sick day for 2008. That is right...I have taken only two sick days this whole year. I probably need to be "sick" more often as we don't get to cash our sick days out. I guess I am way too honest. I feel badly missing work. I guess I feel others are counting on me. Maybe I am naive. So I will poke around the house today. I do not mind at all!!

Work had some drama this week. We have a cleaning housekeeper diva and she broke a straw so to speak. Another gal reamed her out and made her cry. It was pretty intense...so intense she had to leave work and go home. I think this gal who is a diva has some mental imbalances or something....she is not acting right. I am praying she quits soon. She is a terrible team player and makes the department drag. All my co-workers except her went out on Saturday for dinner at Applebees. Boy did I have fun! I really needed to get out and be with some girls. I need to interact much more-- I am around my kids so much that after a time I need ot be with some fun adults. I spent $30 but it was cheap therapy. My boss was not around for the drama....she is back today...I am curious to find out what is happening with Miss Diva. Never a dull moment. Yesterday I got a new patient and he seemed nice. He told me he was not feeling too good and I dismissed it a bit as most old people never are feeling 100%. Well a few hours later he had a heart attack. Poor guy just moved all the way from the Flordia Keys! I wonder if the trip stressed him out and his heart gave out. Lesson re-learned....tomorrow is promised to no one. Sad for his family who seemed happy to have grandpa closer to them.

Bills are under control it seems for now.
I will cash out my CC cash back money on Thursday and slip that into my Christmas envelope. That is my amount to shop with. PERIOD!!! It should be an easier Holiday for me as the two older ones want cash and the little ones each want a larger type gift. So the budget is spent simply and quickly. I am cutting down on gifts for extra people this year. If I do gift someone it will be food and cheaper in price point. I have vowed to throw every catalog away that I get in the mail. So far I have received alot!! I only keep a few for me to browse thru.....none go in the children's hands.
I am collecting stocking stuffers as well.

I am keeping my heat low esp during the day. I am glad the cats do not mind....hey they have fur coats on!

I placed an "ad" on the bulletin board at work to sell my snow blower. The property mangager wants it for her son who just bought a house. $200 cash is my asking price. So that will be nice to get that money! Hopefully they like it and take it. I have two quilts going to a house sale as well to be sold...but that will take a while to sell those.

I am trying to use coupons at the store but find the store brand or generic is far cheaper..so many of my coupons go to waste. I also try when I am done shopping to look thru my cart and remove an item or two that I really DO not NEED. So much is impulse. I am doing well in eating up leftovers. They go to work or I eat them whenever. I am trying very hard to stay organized in the pantry and the fridge--so far so good.

On Sunday I raked and mowed by myself for 6 hours. At one point I was so tired I wanted to cry. I felt alone and cold and wet and depressed. My kids were with dad. When I finally got done I looked at how nice my yard looked and perked up. I wanted to give up and hire someone earlier in the day......when I saw how hard I worked and what I accomplished I really relished in the feeling and have all week long. I hope that more Americans can feel that feeling of doing something on their own and to not allow the gov't to do everything or much FOR them. The gov't is so messed up right now---people need to be resourceful in and upon themselves.

At times we all want to give up or throw in the towel. Don't. Keep moving one step at a time. Do the next thing. Plain and simple. Most of us have the power to accomplish so much and at times accomplish MUCH with sometimes very little. That is my prayer for this month. To be grateful for all I have and to not give up on what I might place my hands on to do.

Have a good week.