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Side job complication

November 28th, 2007 at 07:01 pm

I decided to come very clean with my boss today and tell her I was asked to help some clients organize. Well she told me the place where I work frowns on that! I was really shocked! She told me she had to ask her boss who runs the entire place if it was OK. They had a management meeting today but she did no have the time to ask her! I was not too happy. Part of me does not see any conflict. I do know for sure another housekeeper does shopping for a few ladies. I do not see how there is any problem! We do not offer that service so there is no problem with me competing. I do it in my street clothes on MY DAY off. I am simply a friend who comes to help. Part of me does not like working for anything corporate.... corporate really likes to strangle creativity. I had to tell my client for now I was not able to help her and I would check back with her. Part of me is so darn mad. I know if I did do organizing the word would get around faster than a wild fire.
I am just not too happy right now. I really think my boss is nice but she is very whimpy...and very spine less. She plays the victim. Her meeting must of gone badly today as she was very crabby to her staff. That is just plain childish in my book. I just do not get it. I guess I need to learn to be sneaky and lie about stuff??

I mean the bus diver for our place got a cut on his hand today...small paper like cut and he put antibotic cream from the staff first aid kit on it and he got in trouble/written up because the nurse did not apply it! See what I mean...we are adults here being treated like little dumb kids. Lawsuit happy or lawsuit fearful I guess!

Glad I am off on Thursday.....gives me time to think a bit. I guess the world just wants robots to comply? and be good little workers? I know this for sure---I am not going to lie down and comply....I am going to make this work some how and some way. I already have a bunch of older ladies who want me. I think they would raise a huge stink if they knew how I was being treated. I really believe that I have endeared myself to these folks....I am not being boastful.....I just feel like they appreciate the help and they would be glad to have more help. What have a I got to lose??? I need to really go for it ....don't you think?

Another side job!

November 27th, 2007 at 06:31 pm

Yes! I helped one lady today organize her closet for about ten mins. No charge! She told her lunch mate who has now hired me for two hours on Thursday! I was pretty excited! I heard that once you do a deed for one...they all seem to figure out who is the one to call. So I am really excited about the little side jobs.
Good day for feeling encouraged!
Just need to watch all my spare time and how I manage my schedule.

Nothing else too new to report.....trying to use up all my pantry items as much as possible till the girls go to dad's on Friday. I cashed my pay check yesterday (from Friday) that is Christmas gift money for my two oldest. I can NOT SPEND IT!!!!!!!! It is socked away. Trying to really watch the gas consumption as well. Staying close to home as much as I can. I am thankfull I work ONE MILE from home!
I got my new phone today. I was way overdue! My cell phone does not hold a charge anymore. I got the cheapest one going. I now have to learn how to text message! HELP!!!! The sales man was great he did not try to make me upgrade or give me a huge sales pitch. I told him basic stuff and no frills! I got just what I needed. So I am set there.

I will review gift purchases this weekend and make my lists. I may wrap as well. I will not be going out and staying HOME. I enjoy being a home body!

Have a good evening everyone.

First Side Business Job

November 26th, 2007 at 08:38 pm

I got my first "side job" today. I am helping a lady who is so sweet--- organize her closet. She has way too many clothing items and wears maybe a tenth of it! I told her I would love to help her organize and re-do her bedroom a bit. She basically is confined to her bed and bedroom....so I think a make over is needed. I asked her to ask her son for a stash of trash bags. She said not a problem. So on my day off in two weeks I will help her organize. I am glad I got a job. I did not even ask...she just opened her mouth and asked me!

I have to research diamond prices. My pal at work is selling my diamond ring for me. So I need to research the price to ask for it. I hope to get some cash to pay for Christmas. We will see. I need to give her the ring by Thursday.

Pulling it Together

November 25th, 2007 at 04:13 pm

I went to local nice shopping place I go to rarely. I took my 3 girls and boy it was terrible! My little one wanted everything she saw. After about 1 hour I was so depressed. I just can not take the girls out anymore till way after January. I just could not take it. Everything seems to cost so much. Again I got so bummed out. Today at church 4 members got up to say why they are so grateful and thankful. It just was hard to hear that and then go out to the stores. Then I hit the grocery store which made me more depressed. Everything is costly there.
Not a great Sunday. I was so glad I was at church today---that part was wonderful! I need to really pull it together this week and buckle down a bit. I have to really watch the money. My kids are at their dad's this weekend so that will help....low heat and not purchasing! I also will not go out with anyone.....another way to save. I continue to throw away every catalog that I get and every postcard for this sale or great deal. It is just not even worth a second of my time anymore. So pulling it together is my theme this week.

While my son was home we raked and raked BIG TIME! That was a HUGE Blessing! We got so much done! I have a huge yard.....so the extra hands was great. My arm is killing me today but I am glad I needed the work out to get rid of some stress! The vets are coming this week so we are working on getting donations ready to go on the porch for a pick up. My little one has so many clothes that are hand me downs and she never wears half of them......so out the door they are going.

Back to work on Monday for me along with school for the girls. I have enjoyed the time off.....it was sure nice.

Weekend Musings

November 24th, 2007 at 10:04 am

I had a nice visit with my family back in PA. We really had a lovely time of talking and sharing and eating. We would start in one room and then move into another for more talking then again we would some how all move into another room.
Funny how we migrate! It was my mom's birthday as well--she seemed to like the gifts I brought her. We got back on Friday around dinner time my son and I. My girls made it back from their dad's. I guess they had fun. I missed them. I tried to call them on Thursday but it was so loud where they were at I had to cut the telephone call very short. I could hear my ex's family and they were all talking loudly. Part of me was so glad I was not there. I hated the Hoildays with them as they were mostly snobs and most of the time I felt like I never measured up. It felt good knowing I could be myself and feel accepted with my family.

Today we raked leaves all morning. AS a treat.....the kids who helped are gettting SUBWAY for lunch. Those who choose to be lazy get nothing. We got alot of the leaves up. It was harder because we also had some snow and ice to contend with. We are putting up our Christmas tree this afternoon and then tonight I Am baking chocolate chip cookies...tons for us and to send back to college with my son. I have not gone to one store....although I may tonight as my son needs some jeans. I also have to grocery shop since we have no turkey leftovers of course. I put up our Christmas wreath outside on the front door with a spotlight. I used to put up lights all over the porch but it was alot of work. I am hoping that my kids do not care and I can get away with a spotlight and wreath. For fun...I worked on my journals and read my book. Enjoyable!

I hope you all have a nice stress free weekend. It sure has been lovely for me---I certainly appreciate the family time and the slow pace of these days.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 21st, 2007 at 05:09 am

Just a note to wish everyone a nice Thanksgiving. I am signing off for a time to enjoy the Hoilday. Some good advice from me......is to not watch too many TV ads encouraging you to spend. Enjoy some nice music! Also read a good book and ignore all the sale flyers you will be getting. May peace and contentment reign in your homes and hearts. May we be truly thankful for what we have.

What nots so far

November 18th, 2007 at 08:42 pm

nail polish remover
note pads
playing cards
hair brushes
Ohio State car window decal
magnets (for new dry erase board from Santa)
small size bath and body works items
Hello Kitty stationary
Foot scrubs
nail polish
cucumber eye soothers(don't ask!)
Cotton candy

ideas to be purchased later.....magazines the kids like which I roll up and place in the stockings and also McDonalds gift certificates.

These are some of the items I purchsed for the kids stockings.
Fun little things!

More Shopping for Whatnots

November 18th, 2007 at 04:55 pm

I did some more shopping for small whatnots and stocking stuffers. To be very honest walking around TARGET and WALMART was sure depressing. I just did not enjoy looking around. I usually do not get too bummed but this season of meriment has not been so good for me.
I keep telling myself to sorta snap out of it but it is proving to be more of a challenge. I think the whole baby thing with my ex and my kids just seemingly being so thrilled and so happy has just not been so easy for me. At times it is all I can think about in the back of my head. One GOOD thing is my son has elected to travel to PA with me and not stay at his dad's for Thanksgiving like his sisters are doing. So I will have one of my kids with me--that has added a spark.

Yes shopping has been really hard. I guess everything looks the same and is the same. I will have two weeks off from the stores.....hopefully by then I will get re-energized. Everything seems overpriced and well just boring.....I usually find much clever items and I am sure striking out this year.

I ate out on Saturday with my girlfriend and boy that was fun. A neat little tea shop filled with Christmas everything and candle lights in the windows. I could tell by how much I talked I needed to get out. We had such fun. I even had desert...a small pc. of pumpkin roll....boy was that fantastic!
So I had a nice treat going out to eat.

With the girls gone I kept the heat low or off.....and hung some laundry out on the line. I managed to also get some sleep and rest that I sorely miss during the week. Since I shopped close to home I did not use too much gas. I also grocery shopped close to home. I did not buy alot figuring I want to wait till my son comes home Monday evening to see what he wants as far as food goes. I did make a meatloaf tody to use on Monday night. So dinner is made for Monday. I just have to make mashed potatoes.

My mother keeps asking me if I bought any new clothes for me....sadly I keep putting it off. I just can not be buying stuff for me at this time of year it seems. She just does not get it. It is hard to explain to others about being frugal and being Ok with it. I think it angers my mom to see me have to switch my lifestyle now that I am divorced. Oh well I just can't make people see my point of view at times, and that is OK.
Not much I can do to change their minds.

Back to work on Monday....I am off Thursday thru Sunday. We will put our tree up on Saturday . Hopefully I will get more into the spirit. I am thankful for everything I have. I truly am. I am so glad to have a working car--two in fact, a house, a job, warmth when I want it.....a pretty nice new tv, health...great kids and good good friends and family----you name it. I just wish life would not hurt so much or cause such private pain at times. I am thankful. I really am.

Baby It's Cold out there!

November 15th, 2007 at 04:31 pm

Ouch..it is going down to the high 20's in temps tonight. Oh I am just not ready for this cold weather. It seems the older I get the worst it makes me feel. Hope you all are staying warm. Nothing like warm beverages, small little space heaters and blankets! The best way to keep warm is MOVING AROUND!

Today I took my girls to the mall. They were off from school. I wanted to see a movie but at the last minuete no one really had the interest. So we went to the mall. This mall is little run down and has a few less shops which meant basic stores and not much frills or high prices either. I usually hate going but since we never go shopping as a past time....it was a fun thing to do. We did lots of window shopping, we went to the pet store and saw Santa! We sampled some food, some fragrances and saw some nice holiday displays. We also looked at sale racks and decided upon some Christmas gifts. We ate at the mall so we saved gas by not driving all over...TACO BELL was the pick. So we had some fun and enjoyed ourselves. We also hit the dollar tree as we had to pack shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse. So that was really fun putting that together. All in all a pretty decent day.

I have not deposited my monthly check yet for November. I am so glad I have managed to not do anything with that money YET. Come December I will bank two checks....that is really going to be great for bills and savings.

I only have to bring one item for Thanksgiving to my parents house.... a fruit salad. I did that last year and it was a major hit with my nephews and my family. Fruit is light and it came in handy to snack on. So I will do that shopping on Tuesday. I will have a light week for grocery shopping since my kids will be gone and I will be gone. I hope to put up the Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully my kids come back to me refreshed and not too emotional or cranky.

Stay warm everyone!

Keeping your Home Clean and Tidy

November 14th, 2007 at 01:20 pm

As many of know I am housekeeper for about 45 residents at an assisted living apartment complex. 95% of the folks I serve are sorely lacking in tidy home skills set,some border on being total slobs. Each day that I clean I see the same people and their same stuff, clutter, dirty old things and piles. It amazes me how a dirty dish can sit in a sink for days and days! Or how a pile of dirty clothes sits and sits! You see my job is to mainly to get rid of trash, tidy the bathroom and make the bed. I am not to really do much else as they folks are capable so to speak. It frustrates me to no end to see messes in such small living quarters!

So I have decided to offer my services to run errands and also do organizing services for these folks as a side business on my day off which for now is Thursday. I printed up 250 business cards and it cost me $5.25. I am really looking forward to starting this little home made business via word of mouth. I think I am NEEDED! I feel I can really be a huge help to some of the clients I serve on a day to day basis. I figure a homemade business is a great idea. Easy and kinda simple. i will charge as I see fit for each client. I know some have little money and others can pay a better hourly rate. I plan on being very fair but to be paid what my time is worth. I will keep you posted as to how it is going.


November 13th, 2007 at 06:54 pm

Slow and steady wins the race. My investments are doing fine...not great but steady in growth. Everything is basically very modest and conservative for long term growth. I am supposed to meet with my investor advisor this month. I reflected today on how scared and afraid I was right after my divorce--regarding anything to do with money. I still have my moments when I am nervous or unsure, but I feel so much more confident today. Time is a not only a great healer but a great teacher as well.
I am so thankful for blogs and web sites and those who truly inspire me and help make me feel more confident. Hats off to you!

Warm weather

November 13th, 2007 at 02:44 pm

Today and Weds the weather is much warmer....so the heat is OFF. It is still chilly but not so cold. Heat will stay off this weekend when the kids are gone to dad's. I will just bundle up since the weather is back to cold temps. I have some soup in the pantry...so all meals will be cheap. Lunch today was leftovers...same for Weds. Everyone who smelled my lunch was impressed how lovely my lunch looked today and their mouths were watering! Leftovers are super yummy and great to have the next day.

Car/Driving Help

November 13th, 2007 at 02:40 pm

The basketball coach is willing to drive my daugher to a pickup spot much closer to home from school. So instead of driving 30 min there and 30 back home....I only have to drive 10 min there and 10 min back. So I will save a ton of gas with all the basketball practice she goes to this fall/winter. A BIG HELP!
gas is now at 3.25, sad but true.

I am already thinking about the drive to see my family next week. I have to go....so right now I am not driving the van to save gas in that tank. It is a five hour round trip. I hardly ever see them so it is worth it.


November 12th, 2007 at 02:11 pm

Pizza lunch at work...$4(brought my own pop)
Toys R US....$65
Old Navy.....$40

Just a spending day! UGH!
Trying to conserve gas and so I did everything on the way home from school and work. Free newspapers and inserts at work, birthday ribbon too. I will not be able to buy any clothes till way after Christmas...maybe after Jan. Too many other expenses. So glad I wear scrubs for work! Best deal going for me and the wardrobe budget. Crock pot dinner should last about three days. Groceries purchased for the entire week. Thank goodness. I need to keep turning off lights and keeping the heat way down.

Good Bye Mrs Clothesline

November 11th, 2007 at 02:06 pm

I am sad to say but I think the days of line drying for the season are over. I have not removed my line yet....one never knows.....but for the most part line drying is over for now. I am now making some use of garage space till it gets super cold. Hangers help me out in doing garage drying. Farewell Mrs Clothesline.....what a joy you are to have close by to help me save money.

Christmas Gifts

November 11th, 2007 at 02:02 pm

My two older kids just want money for Christmas. I am perfectly fine now with that. I used to not like to give money but I am getting to see the pratical side of giving money. I will still fill up their stockings and buy some small little gifts to un-wrap. So far I am on track as far as gift purchasing goes. I have saved money by shopping at the outlet/discounted stores near me. Really pleased.

Gas Prices

November 11th, 2007 at 01:59 pm

I am determined to really not drive unless I HAVE TO! I will combine trips as well. I know we say that....but I have to. I filled up tonight and I have to make it last for the entire week. It is just awful. Good Luck everyone


November 11th, 2007 at 05:41 am

Had a really wonderful time shopping in Amish Country on Saturday. It came at a great time because on Friday my ex husband and his new wife had their baby. I had a house full of all kinds of emotions flying about with my children. I as well was very emotional and just not myself. I just did not know how to act or feel or what to say! It was pretty miserable for me. So a bit of retail therapy and escape to the country was wonderful for me. I had rides organized for the kids but my ex ended up taking the kids to the hospital and buying them breakfast and lunch and doing some driving for them. I was just glad to be out of the picture so to speak....I think it helped alot.

My girlfriend bought a ton of great stuff but I mostly looked. I bought my kids some stocking stuffers that were modest and my dad a gift. I bought some cheese, fresh baked bread and some homemade peanut butter and honey spread. I did buy a beautiful nativity set that was $36.00 but it was on sale for an extra 20% off. I got the last one and was I glad! It is just too beautiful for words! I already have it displayed! I just love how pretty it is. We ate at Mrs Yoders and had a wonderful salad bar! I tried to pay but my friend paid saying it was all her treat! I wanted to just break out in tears at that point. I enjoyed seeing the pretty farms, countryside and farm animals. It was nice to see buggies and simple Amish people. It was peaceful and serene at times to be driving up and down the roads in the middle of no where ----it really calmed me and helped ease the pain and heartache I was feeling. I was feeling more sad since my kids decided to spend Thanksgiving with their dad and not me. So I will travel 2 1/2 hours to see my family for two days, by myself. Holdays are never "easy" for me.

I came home and we ordered three pizzas since my son and his friend were also around. Pizza was $20.00. I also went to bed early....it was good to just sleep.

Today is laundry, grocery shopping for the week (menu planning first) and getting things tidy.

Gas Prices....

November 6th, 2007 at 06:28 pm

I was down to a half tank and so I decided to fill up. The news tonight.....said the price could start going higher by Weds. So I of course got nervous and filled up my Focus on the way to dance class. It is very "scary" so to speak.

I just went to Walgreens and spent a bit .....my dd seemed to need everything from a toothbrush to acne stuff to toothpaste and band aids to first aid cream......ugh. Two steps forward and nine back!

Heating and Fuel costs

November 6th, 2007 at 12:58 pm

It is bitterly cold here today! I had the heat off all day since no one was home. I think that is the way to save. Gas here is around $3.10 a gallon. It is just awful. To run errnads one must be very very smart on one's choice of routes.
Bought some Christmas candy today for stockings. Each day I try to get a few more items. Last year at this time I was done with gifts because I was having surgery in early December. If you need motivation to get things done....just have a surgery on your calendar and a three week recovery time! So I am making some progress in purchasing gifts for my kids. ALot of the gifts they have already picked out with me and I just purchase them. Seems like they like some surprises but they like to know kinda what they are getting. I think it is practical and then we can discuss budget and how things either are a good idea or not.

It feels good to be at least working on that. I just can not worry or fret too much and just do the best I can. It is more about making fun little memories, right?

Nothing new or free at work. I still get free newspapers which means coupons. One crabby old lady gave me an entire bottle of nice smelling body wash. I am still using it after about one month. That was nice freebie! I get free TP as well....only here and there.
I need to get better in using coupons! Part of me buys so many store brands that many coupons are worthless to me. Still I need to look thru them better and use the ones I can.

I am making some fleece blankets with last years left over fabric. The colors do not match my family room...but I could care less! I am not going to waste it. So this weekend I am making up warming blankets with the left over fabric I have.

My parents always buy me a Christmas gift. I hope they ask me what I want....I need pots and pans so badly. A WalMart gift card would be a huge help to purchase a few pans. We will see.

Stay warm...it is just an awful day here weather wise. Today there was snow in the air. It was not fun to see that! So cold way to soon! I will have plenty of leaves to rake come this weekend.

Busy weekend

November 4th, 2007 at 03:06 pm

Worked on Saturday, journaled, Christmas shopped, mowed the yard, cleaned garage, put porch furniture away in the basement, grocery shopped.....yes I kept busy without my kids here.

I splurged on two things.....a hardback book I have been wanting and a Mr Hero lunch on Friday.

Gas is very expensive....so I shopped at the grocery store a half mile away rather than the 20 mile trip to Wal Mart. I shopped for the week and pretty sparsely.
Trying the use up what I have.

DD wanted to host a small Christmas party for 5 school chums in December. I agreed to it as long as it was not a sleepover.
Well....that was not agreeable so she asked her dad if he could host it at his house---so he said sure Ok have a sleepover at my house. SO the party will not be at my house. Part of me felt terrible to not agreeing to the sleepover right off the bat....then part of me was Ok with having set a boundry on what I wanted to handle. I guess that is part of the divorce-co parenting challenge. Playing one parent off the other?? I tried to be excited for her but I did feel weird about it. Oh well.

I get paid on Friday---ya hoo! Really trying to stay on top of getting bills paid and mailed in a timely manner. Also trying to conserve trips and gas. Amish country trip is on Saturday. I have already determined that I am buying lunch for me and my friend...my treat since she is spending the gas money. I can not let her pay! We always eat at a charming Amish place overlooking rolling hills with farm animals. It is sure pretty amd very peaceful. I am looking so forward to Saturday. I already told my girls I am going to buy some gifts so they are excited to see what I come up with.

I need some clothes since mine are all too big now. Everything is falling off me. I have two pairs of kinda decent pants from last fall but I need a few tops. I would like to try jeans...I have not owned jeans in years! Now that I am thinner I need to get more in style so to speak. I have looked at Goodwill and have found nothing......so I will keep looking at least once a week. Thankfully my life is so home centered I only need a few items. I am so glad I wear scrubs for work. That is HUGE BLESSING!

I am making it a point to stop in at the Dollar Tree on my way to school for stocking stuffers. What a great place for neat little stuffers. I have purchased quite a nice lot of nuts and candy for gifts for school teachers and dance teachers....etc. Each gift is beautifully packaged and each cost me $4.50. I purchased my mother's birthday gift as well. A coffee table book on horse riding and a candle in her fav. scent. I hopefully will have a family photo as well. I got her card at the Dollar Tree....so she is set. Her birthday is the day before Thanksgiving. I am so glad I will be seeing my family. It has been a awhile since we all got together. I may be going alone since my kids seems to want to stay behind and be with dad....another thing in my life that hurts my heart a bit.

Have a good week everyone. Stay thrifty and wise.
"Two important things about income are to make it first and then to make it last"