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Weekend plans

May 31st, 2008 at 03:25 am

Mulch arrives today...the weather is bit of rain.....oh well.....it should dry out quickly. Girls are with dad....so I ate leftovers last night and washed some sheets. Line dried them. I was too tired to do much else.

I am working on Sat. So my son will mulch while I work. Yesterday I worked over my hours by one hour. It has been a really hard week as far as work...it seems like the cleaning is bigger and takes more time. Nothing else too exciting planned for the weekend. I hope to get out all my porch furniture that is a major job since it gets hauled from the basement.
I need to clean the fridge and the pantry a bit and shop for food somehow on Sunday.
I have been good about avoiding the store as much as possible.

My dd has her birthday next week so I need to get organized about that. She is not interested in anything...she only wants money to buy some clothes it seems.
School ends on Friday. The school year went too fast for me. Yet I am ready for a break! I will save alot of gas by not driving back and forth to their school.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

Hello again!

May 28th, 2008 at 08:15 pm

Hello friends...I am sorry I am not writing as much as I have in the past. Somehow life got hectic for me. I think the end of school and dance recital, working and what not...I just am trying to keep my head above water. My friend who helps me clean my house has a medical problem so I have not had his help. It makes it harder for me to keep up it seems. My kids are busy with studying for finals and finishing up reports and projects. It is hard for them as well to keep as neat and tidy. Oh well that is life with four kids I guess. Work is going OK....it has been rough this week. I have had alot of extra cleaning to do...plus I worked on Mem. Day for 8 1/2 hours. It was my longest day ever that I worked. Remember I am part time. It was long and grueling. Plus my kids kept calling me to see when I was coming home. It was annoying after while. One of the gals I work with is driving me nuts with bossing me around. I almost wanted to take her outside and get into a brawl with her. I have absolutly had it with co-workers who have low self esteem and feel good about them selves when they boss others around. Well I will be nice a few times but then after about three comments I simply will have to put you in your place. So one more comment from her and all hell will break loose. Can you tell the boss was off today??? That is when she gets on her high horse. It is is child like and stupid. I enjoy doing my job and blowing her off in a nice Christian sort of way.

My ex is being a pain in the neck. I asked him to take my dd to the ortho and he complained about missing work. Mind you my ex is pretty well off and owns his own company...so taking some time off in the morning is not a problem since he is the boss! My dd felt slighted by his unkindness I feel. I guess he did nothing but talk on his blackberry the entire time as well...my dd was not too happy. He is very much a block head in the feeling department. I guess it gets old to hear a man whine about doing things for his children as simple as an ortho appointment before school.

I have been frugal and trying my best to not spend money in silly and trivial ways.
I did get a load of mulch for Saturday. It is cheaper than hiring someone to do it...my sona nd I will do the work and I will pay him some money. My basement looks bad....so I am looking forward to having my garage sale soon! That will help with mind clutter as well. The sale will help me get things back in order.

I am trying to sock away money to pay my tax bill with out dipping into my savings. It will be very close to pull it off but I am going to try. I have had to spend about $100 in birthday and graduation gifts.....more than usual. So that stings a bit. Now I have some teacher gifts to get. Another way to spend money. I have had some dance expenses too....so it is adding up. When I get ahead I then go back it seems. The rhythm of life I guess.

I am so glad the pool opened...free fun for me and the kids. We got DVD's from the library too. I am trying to keep things breezy in the fun department. Movies at the theater seem not even worth it! I am going to try and not go at all this summer.....it is too costly.

Oh well....need to do what else...clean!
Have a great frugal weekend everyone.

Tax time again!

May 22nd, 2008 at 07:01 pm

Hello again....taxes! Yes by June 15th I have more taxes due. It will be cutting very very close money wise. I am trying to not spend money. I have done pretty good in the food department. I try to shop once a week and not go again. So far so good. I did splurge this week on DVD players for the car. I got them on sale at TARGET and I had a gift card to apply towards them. I love them cause they are very simple and easy to work for my kids. They are vacation but we decided to try them out to be sure they worked. My girls need bathing suits but I have a department store gift card they can use to purchase suits this weekend.

I am still collecting things for a garage sale. It seems like everyone is having a sale. Everyone seems strapped for cash......the papers are full of sales it seems. Well we will try it. All money raised goes to pay for gas to get to VA.

Every purchase I make gets the once over now. I wanted to buy some wine.....I decided not needed. I wanted this or that....no I put it back and say NO to stuff. I feel fine with it as well.
I really have to be so careful. Like everyone. Gas is one big culprit that is for sure.

Nothing too free at work either. I always keep my eyes open for stuff I can use. I still get my share of newspapers and coupons and free TP. That is nice.

Not eating out either. Just eating at home and of course doing leftovers for lunch. My kids seem to be happy with eating at home.

I work on Memorial day...so time and a half. That helps....although I will not be with my kids. I feel guilty.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Gas and whatnots

May 13th, 2008 at 07:06 pm

yes gas is about 3.89-3.99---scary to say the least. Remember when they said it would be $4 by summer.....wow summer got here fast! I splurged and got a $1 cheesburger today. The McDonalds near school places tons of onions on them! I adore onions! Tonight the kids ate with dad so I had soup and toast. Kept the lights off and hung my washed uniform on the clothesline. It is very chily here and will be all week. That stinks a bit.

Got some tp at work and also a brand new canning jar. A nice magazine and some note/letter paper. I also got some tissue paper and lots of newspapers to read.

I stopped by the local catering place and talked to the manager and gave her my two kids applications for summer jobs. I used to do HUGE fundraisers for our school every year at this place and got to know the owners really well. They loved working with us and were always so willing to make things go so well when we had our dinners there. They def liked my son and were excited he was flexible and willing to work. He has a full time day job---but wanted some nights to get more money....so this is perfect. He will be busing tables. My daughter will also get hired I think. They liked that they were brother and sister and were eager to perhaps give them the same hours to save on gas costs. That was sure thoughtful.
I am so glad....hopefully they get hired.
My ex has bugged me for weeks to help get them jobs...esp my dd who had nothing. He sure likes to order everyone around....yet not really help in any way. I can't help but wonder if the new wife gets ordered around as well. My guess is yes. He did not lift one finger to help. If they land these jobs it is only because I networked and got them in the door. He was no help. Please cross your fingers!

Speaking of bossing around....my ex for Mothers Day would invite his whole family over so I could cook up a dinner. I am so glad to be done with that. I heard that he made his new wife do a dinner for his whole family as well. Part of me felt sorry for her as this was her first mothers day......it just sounded like alot of work. Funny.....tigers never change their stripes I guess. What a drag. I never ever liked entertaining all those people esp on Mothers DAY! I never once went out to eat on MD or was treated nicely it seems. Kinda sad...but yet freeing.

I am really looking forward to sleeping on Friday.....going to bed early.......I hope I make it to the end of the week. Right now I am really dragging my behind.
Too much stuff and it is only going to get nuttier till after school is done with on June 6th and the recital is done with ----the following week. Just thinking about it makes me mroe tired!!!! YIKES!

Cheaper gas

May 12th, 2008 at 03:45 pm

Today I filled my tank. The price for gas was 3.62 a gallon. It was very "cheap"---so to speak out in the country near my kids school....away from offices, malls and stores. Not a huge savings...but enough to make it worth my while.

Went on a 2nd grade field trip today. It was down right miserable. A nature hike but it rained badly....so we were stuck inside. It went ok. I was very sad to see so many of my dd's classmates really acting BADLY and having bad manners. I don't get it. Just rude and not nice. We had dilly bars at Dairy Queen half the kids spent the time smearing ice cream all over their faces...gross. I just found that I had zero patience for that silly behavior.

All in all I had a rough day.....my girls were really acting up and I felt myself getting really bothered by it all. Usually I don't stress out but today I got very irk'd.

I am trying to not spend too much money on food this week. Not easy.....but I am trying. My son leaves for Dallas for a week on Friday. I will be alone all weekend. I think I need the space.

We are going to have a garage sale but not while the kids are gone....my girls want to run the "store" so we will do it when they are home. They have way too much fun hosting garage sales. The kids are collecting items. I feel a tiny bit overwhelemed in the "STUFF" department.
So that will be nice to unload a bit come June. I am going to sell some antique country pcs. of furniture. They are nice but have no use to us anymore. I am still unloading stuff that reminds me of my former married self. Cleansing time! In my daily life I find I need very little to make me happy. Simple...simple...simple.

Have a good evening everyone.

Rebate went Thru!

May 11th, 2008 at 06:28 pm

Yahoo. I was able to finally get my pre-loaded Visa rebate credit card to go thru!
I was at the grocery store and followed the letter intructions and yes it went thru finally. So I was glad about that.
I really like checks or cash better. Oh well. It worked.

Nothing too new to report. Hope you all had a nice Mothers Day. My mom called to thank me for the flowers I sent her on Saturday so I was glad they made it to her house.

I cut a dead tree down and took out three bushes in the yard on Saturday. I was able to borrow the saw from my neighbor. I am certainly sore today. Makes me feel my age. In two weeks I will be laying down ALOT of mulch. I need to borrow a wheelbarrow from someone as I gave mine to the church a few years to keep. I have lots of buckets so the kids can help dump in spots.

No work on Monday due to that field trip. I am glad as I have lots and lots of little things to do in the AM before I go on the field trip. Today I ran kids all over, sewed and altered dance costumes and steamed them, grocery shopped and did some laundry. I made swiss steak for our dinner and it was so GOOD!! I decided to make a nice treat for us all. I got a lot done today, so it was nice to have a good dinner.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Happy Mothers Day Everyone

May 9th, 2008 at 05:53 pm

I am busy with so much going this weekend I wanted to take a second and wish everyone a very nice Mothers Day! I really hope all moms out there can take some time to step back a bit and just think about all they do for their families. So much of it goes pretty much unnoticed....yet it is so important and valuable. It definitly is a long strand of pearls. Each pearl adds to a child's life necklace. It is a huge undertaking and responsiblity to raise a child or children. So be blessed on Mothers Day. To those of you whose mother is absent from your life and sadly missing on this special day ...hugs to you. My own mom lost her mom as a very young girl. Even in her 70's....she has never complelety healed her heart from missing her mother.
Hug your mom or perhaps give her a nice call. What a beautiful blessing you can be. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Old Magazines

May 6th, 2008 at 06:57 pm

My son cleaned out grannies garage. He had four huge boxes of old magaiznes. I looked thru my former mother in laws stacks and saw that most of the magazines are from 1996-2002. Stacks and stacks. What a silly amount of trash she has kept sitting in the garage for so darn long. She loved clutter. Remember this is the lady who has wall to wall carpet in her entire kitchen! Can you say gross????

When I clean apartments every day it is amazing to me to see the clutter, sitting on tables and cabinets forever it seems, like old lost friends or pals we can not bear to dismiss. Clutter makes us feel safe? Maybe it makes us feel secure? I am not sure. Like today at work---- Old newspapers from three weeks ago, old memos about the 2007 Christmas brunch, old calendars from 2006, old this and old that, odd this and odd that.....it amazes me! I am so glad for the valuable lessons I have learned in keeping clutter like paper clutter down to a bare minium. My mom was a neat nik and with Mothers Day so close I really value her sense of order she passed on to me. Being frugal and thrifty were others lessons I learned from her. Clutter is so destructive. It adds pounds of stress and makes people odd. Just watch TV and see all those cleaning and organizing shows on cable and all the "cluttered and almost living in the gutter" guests on Oprah and Dr Phil.....clutter is NOT a redeeming habit or a good way to live for anyone. Clutter can and does destroy. Throw out an old magazine or newspaper perhaps your cubbie at work needs a once over as well..... and get liberated! Just some random thoughts on making life so much better.

Another Car Bill

May 6th, 2008 at 06:40 pm

It was $250 to fix the window in my son's car. Gee whiz. I can't seem to get too far ahead here. It is fixed and done with and he can drive it rain or shine now.

Work today was tiring. I had to do someone elses jobs along with mine. It is the young girl who calls off sick probably once a week. I like her as a person but this is so weird. I mean in the real world do you not get a warning about not showing up consistently?? Can one person at age 22 be so sick all the time? My boss has a very flexible backbone. On one hand it is nice to be flexible but onthe other hand I feel like I can slack off as well and not get into any hot water for doing so. I may as well....come in a little late and maybe leave when I feel a headache coming on.

I get discouraged but press on! I need my job cause I need the money. I can not afford to get lame or lazy. OK I am done spuing and venting.

Nothing too new money wise. I ate lunch at work from what I brought from home and had leftovers for dinner since my kids ate nicely with dad. I get paid Friday which is nice of course. My daughter is having all her friends over for pizza on Friday for a sleepover. So glad I will have some CASH to pay for the pizza, snacks and breakfast on Saturday. Hopefully I get a little sleep!!! We will see.

I am going to mulch soon. On another web site I like to visit---- the gal said she puts layers of thick newspaper down first to really block weeds in some of her beds, then she mulches. Has anyone ever done that before??? It seems like a great idea. I can get tons of newspapers from work. If that sounds like a good things to do let me know. I do not have a great green thumb...so I am always trying to learn from others.

Have a good Weds.

Monday's work day

May 5th, 2008 at 01:32 pm

Nothing too free at work....newspapers and coupons and some nice un-used grocery bags that are paper. I decided to quit the newspaper route I have today. I decided with gas going up so much and my time being so valuable to me...I really don't like doing it. I would rather get more frugal in my life. So the deed is done. I have to deliver for 4 more weeks then I am finished.

My son's car had to go in the shop...the back window is stuck and not in the window groove.....something electrical. I got a free rental from the guy who is fixing it. I hope it is a cheap fix...ha ha.

Nothing else to report. I did get a check from my ex for $480.....it is a re-inbursement from some college expenses for my son. I will either save it or use to pay for bills.

have a nice evening everyone!

Rebate Woes!

May 4th, 2008 at 01:31 pm

I got a $100 rebate in the form a pre-loaded VISA card from A T and T. I set it up as the form letter told me too. I have tried to use it twice and both times I was rejected.....I am starting to get very very angry over this. What is the deal???? Any insight would be helpful. I feel like I got ripped off. It is botheriong me over and over and I cna not stop thinking about it. What am I doing wrong?????? I tired it at WAL MART and at the local grocery store to no avail.

Weekend doings

May 4th, 2008 at 05:01 am

Friday night I stayed in and went to bed around 9pm. I get so tired from going non stop for days on end. It is so needed!
My son went to a movie with a buddy. Saturday I worked for 6 hours and then came home and basically laid around as well. Dinner was stuff in the freezer.
My son was gone all day at a baseball tournement. Today is church, grocery store and dance picnic. I also have to deliver newspapers. I usually throw them on Thursdays but I guess they had a major problem printing them so I only got them to my house on Saturday. Since it was raining all day yesterday I decided to wait till today to throw them. I really could care less. Yesterday I thought about giving up the paper route. I am torn since it was meant for my daughter to do and she is now not interested....yet I like the little check I get each month. I have to think about it. I may keep it thru June then stop when we go on vacation as that seems to be bothering me alot.

Has money been on your brain alot? I found myself drifting off to sleep last night but going over my checkbook beforehand and looking in my mind at my bills. I was a little discouraged I was doing that and that I find myself thinking about money more and more thru out my day. It just seems as a single mom you can not escape it. I have to really try to focus on money issues at certain times I guess and then try very hard to release it and not think about it for a period of time. It can be draining. I am already thinking about getting money saved for the next round of taxes I owe. It seems I cannot save as much anymore. There is so much more pressure. I keep telling myself if I save a little here and there and cut back as much as possible it will be OK. Gee it is getting harder and harder it seems.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

My Son Is Home From College

May 1st, 2008 at 03:01 pm

YES he is home! I picked him and all his belongings on Tuesday evening. I was worried about fitting it all in my smaller mode of transportation--- IT DID ALL FIT!!! Now I am buying much more food that is the down side... having a guy back in the house we need more food. He did put on a little weight which I am so glad...he was so skinny before.....so he is watching his waist line more it seems.
Also he is mowing for me so I do give him some money for that. I feel it is right to do so. I have a huge yard and he bags it all. It is a big job. I would rather not deal with it....so I pay him to handle it for me.

I am collecting things for the garage sale. I got two boxes of odds and ends from work.....so they will be sold at my sale. Free stuff to make a little profit on.

Nothing else too exciting to report. Kids are with dad this weekend....so I will some time to work around here. We have an end of the year dance team picnic on Sunday. I am looking forward to a nice evening of chesseburgers and hot dogs. Should be fun for me and my girls.
Just watching my pennies and giving up things where I can...and making due.
Using my clothesline alot as well.