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New Pantry adventure

July 27th, 2008 at 04:34 pm

I have hired my girlfriends' husband to re-do my pantry. Out with the horrid wire shelves and in with skinny wood shelves!
He is looking to make some money so I hired him to help me put it together. I really HATE HATE MY PANTRY! it is so deep and worthless!!! I hope to have it done very very soon. Time to get very serious about pantry organization! I am so looking forward to it. My girlfriend has agreed to come over with her hubby to see about helping me with coming up with a design. How is your pantry looking? I will admit mine is just terrible right now. I am praying the new design helps me stay better organized 100 fold.

Things we did this Summer or Will do

July 27th, 2008 at 04:28 pm

SO far we have done this summer----
Had a garage sale
Painted Rocks
Went to the pool
Took dance classes
Bike rode and bought 2 new bikes
Rented DVD's at red box
Jumped on the trampoline
Washed cars
Planted flowers
Played store
Cleaned the basement
Went to the zoo
Made cookies
Had sleepovers
Went to sleepovers
Went to a carnival
Did a VBS
Went to the park
Went to the playground
Went shopping
Saw a couple of movies at the theater
Amusement Park
Played Corn Hole
Joined a new church and left our old one

Left to do----
Indoor waterpark
Beach fun at the Lake
VA. trip
Get photos taken in dance costumes
Putt Putt golf
Jump Rope
Bike Ride to the new park and have a picnic lunch

Summer is winding down. It is kinda of sad! Every summer is filled with fun memories and good times. Even the smallest little outing adds up to a nice summer. Where does the time go??

Fun Summer Things

July 24th, 2008 at 06:14 pm

Hello everyone. I wanted to point out a few easy fun summer items to do esp. with kids. Today we bought some paint and painted rocks! We went to a nearby sight where they are building new houses and found some good size smaller type rocks. They will decorate the yard. Fun and easy.

Eat dinner or lunch at the pool. Sounds easy! There is something about eating at the pool esp. at dinner time when everyone has to pack it up. You get to unpack a picnic type lunch or dinner and enjoy your dinner all wrapped in a towel! if possible get your drink out of the pop machine. Kids love dinner at the pool and so do moms.

Rent from RED BOX. Sorry but that is cheap good entertainment. Free is better at the library....but RED BOX can not be beat. Make it fun and ride your bike to RED BOX. Get your movie and then stop in the store for a snack that goes "with" the movie. Make it a theme movie night.

Play store in your bedroom. Have your kids make signs for their doors and have an open house/store. Put out "junk/treasures" on display on your bed and let your siblings shop or swap out stuff. This recycles stuff but discarded things that belong to others become very interesting. Decorate lunch bags with your store logo. Have fun being a shop owmer. Maybe the nicest looking room wins a prize from mom.

Have a party for no reason. Invite a few friends and have a party with leftover party stuff. The whole party must be done using stuff around the house. Make it zany and crazy.

Pracitce writing nice letters or cards to cousins or family members. Make the cards or decorate the envelopes. ASK them to write back asap and have fun watching the mailbox for letters.

For boys or girls for the matter set up a car wash in the driveway. Invite neighbors who are brave to have the kids wash the cars. Or do a bike wash.

Enjoy summer! Have some fun.

July Update of sorts

July 19th, 2008 at 02:24 pm

Hello and yes I am still here. Summer keeps me busy. With everyone needing to go here and there and staying up later at night it seems....I have very little in the way of spare moments. Summer has been very enjoyable I think for everyone. My oldest daughter is having her driving test on Weds. Hopefully she passes. We are car shopping at the present time. My dd has saved a chunk of money which I will match along with my ex husband. So far we are just getting a feel for the market and seeing what is out there. Ultimately it comes down to mostly me deciding since I will hold the title. After buying my last car I feel like a semi pro---or at least not a total novice. I hope we find a good car for a good price. That will depelete my savings to about next to nothing which IS VERY SCARY!!! SO I MUST BUILD UP THAT SAVINGS ACCOUNT FAST!

I just got $335.00 back from the local school district. That helps. My garage sale netted me $200.00. I just sold books for a measly $12.00. I am still working my part time job---- thank the LORD for my job! Today at work one of the maitenance guys talked to me for some time. He asked me how much I make an hour. I was very up front and told him.
We make the same. He is very disguited with how low our pay is. I guess his boss said that the maintenace guys make much more than housekeepers....which is a total LIE. I told him that I have learned to only do my job and basically be a robot. I have learned at this place bending over backwards is a total waste to management...sad but true. I used to do so many extra things--now I use the time better and talk to the old folks instead. I have given up trying to be a fantastic housekeeper....it does not pay and not one person cares. I clean the residents rooms very well...but that is IT!!!!! I walk right by other messes. Since we never get reviews nor do the bosses tell you if you are doing well or badly---why go the extra mile?? I think it is very worng...but the lower pay and zero feedback....how could someone in their right frame of mind....work hard?
Needless to say this guy and I think alot alike.....but in a way it is sad.
Cash in my pocket that is how I see it. Check in and check right on out!!!

Cleaned my basement after my garage sale...WOW it looks HOT! I got rid of all clutter down there...it sparkles and shines and looks wonderful! That feels great. I donated stuff to the AmVets....so out it went this week...goodbye!

In a few weeks we are going to VA to visit my sis and her family. 5 days of fun. We are going to her country club for swimming and tennis and dinner. We are def. going tubeing down a river near her. She has lots of woods with creeks and nature all around so we will explore that. She has lots of animals--including a horse. I am looking forward to it. I am glad all my kids want to go. My son has been out of state all week visitng college friends. He took the Amtrak. I think the train was a good adventure for him. Something he never has done before. I admire his get up and go spirit. His train pulls in at 2am!

I am starting to collect back to school stuff with the sales going on now. I have never done that in the past but the buys are too good to pass by. So I am creating a stash of stuff.

I am trying to use more coupons. I have figured out if I keep them in a ziploc bag in my purse I am more apt to USE THEM! It is not a great method but it seems to work for me. I seem to be shopping at walmart since it is close to where I go to church....so I go after church on Sunday and it seems to really work out nicely that way. With the warm weather we go thru so much as far as drinks and ice cream....we buy the fat free stuff and since the containers are getting so small---we tend to go thru it faster. I really seem to save at walmart but you have to be very careful to not go hog wild there. I like to look at carts as I shop and people have everything loaded in these carts. I like to remind myself how many hours I HAVE TO WORK to pay for every item I place in my cart. It curbs the impulse stuff alot.

I just got a bill for a mammogram and bone dentisty test. I am sorry I had them done. I have to really stop listening to my doctor as my insurance is crappy and it does not cover hardly anything. The bill is over $900.00 with out insurance. Of course it was submitted but the hosptial is preparing me for what it might cost. I am really now going to start foregoing things. It is not worth it to me anymore.
I don't care. I have an emergency room bill on the way as well....I am pretty sure that will wipe out my savings.
Things like that make me really angry because in some ways I have no control.
I feel they should tell you UP FRONT what tests cost or treatments up front. Is that a crazy idea or what????
So yes.....I am done with stupid tests for a few years. I like my dr. but he sure is test happy. He needs to be--- to probably pay for his summer house or new car.

I am starting to really worry about the future...winter.....how to pay for so many things/bills/heating. I have to keep cutting back and saving. A little bit here and a little bit there. I might be cleaning for two private homes on my day off come fall with my friend who owns her own cleaning service. I would work for 4 hours every other Thursday and earn $75 cash out the door each day I work. That is the only cleaning she has to offer me. I told her yes I would do it. So that is one way to get more money. I am still asking the residents if I can do little tasks for them. I earned a little money two weeks ago doing an errand for someone. I think the older residents are also watching their money too. Most want help for free. Yet it never hurts to ask I feel if I can do a small errand or a task and get some money for it...why not.

Well I am off to run errands.....stay cool everyone. I hope to relax while my girls are at dad's. SO far I have kept very busy.

Hey I am still HERE!

July 13th, 2008 at 06:49 pm

Hello there---my internet was down for about one week. So I was not really able to do much via the computer. I was bummed it was down but in a weird way it was nice to not be bound to the computer. I had zero communication with my ex and that was great....much lower blood pressure and stress! I will get back to blogging on Monday when I have some more time. I do no thave tons to report but I do like to keep things current. Have a good evening everyone.

I did OK at my Garage Sale

July 4th, 2008 at 04:32 pm

Hello. I did pretty well at my sale. It rained literally the entire time I was open for business. It was not so fun.
I did make around $200.00 which was pretty good I thought for lots of rain and lots of little stuff. I sold my neighbors patio set for him.....so that went but not as fast as I thought it would. I was able to clean up quickly and pack up stuff for the vets to pick up next week. Some stuff is for the trash on Sunday night. All in all....and I say this all the time...no more garage sales!!!! The girls were not too interested so that sale might of been it. I did keep my signs ----just in case.

I managed to get bit by some bugs and now my face and neck have welts and is very bothersome. I am taking benadryl and it is helping sightly. I sure hope I do have to go to the hospital. SO far I have tried to not go anywhere. I had to get groceries and I had a few people stare at me. It looks that bad. I really hope it clears up.....I am not nervous but if it is still bad in a day or two I may have to see the DR.

I worked today. I put in 5 hours and I will get I think...time and a half. I work on Saturday too. I have a FULL day.
We got our cleaning supplies shipment in for the month so I have to also put all that away. Like 200 rolls of TP and cans upon cans of comet cleanser. That will be one full hour or more of extra work.

Today I had a bad day with my middle daughter. She was a basket case and then had a tantrum. She tends to spin out of control at times and has melt downs that are horrible. They only happen rarely but when they happen it is rough. At times she simply needs alot of hugging or she needs to be isolated. Today she needed both. I was very drained emotionally. My friend dropped a card and surprise gift on my porch today. The card was wonderful and it really was well timed since I was melting down in my mind. She has no idea how that gift and card meant to me today especially. Very touching.

My next big project is cleaning the basement.I may have to do it over a weekend my kids are gone. We will see. They are not motivated to help me.

Yesterday I saw my friend from Colorado Springs. She is in town visiting her family. We only had about two hours to chat and it was not nearly long enough. She is divorced with four kids as well. We talked about surviving and getting thru life. She is in a recovery group and she had alot of good things to share. I really enjoyed our visit. She is looking for a teaching job as she just graduated from college and did all that while being a single mom with those kids. Amazing! I had to talk carefully as her sister who also chatted with us a bit knows my ex and his family very well. She is good friends with my old sister in law. I think she is very sweet but I KNOW she would gossip to them about me. So I wish we would of been able to go out alone with out this sister. I have learned to be guarded in my conversations.

I am enjoying my blackout curtains. They keep the sun out beautifully. I need to buy some valances for the living room. My mom made me curtains and I just do not like them. I like things lighter and airy. Her curatins are long and very heavy. They do not go with my house. So I am looking to replace them. I do not have any sun problems in there because of my porch. It keeps out the harsh sun.

My dd passed her driving written exam...so now she needs to take the test with the trooper. She will do that in two weeks. She is looking to buy a car. So we will be thinking about that sooner then later. I can't believe I will have three cars sitting in my driveway. It was not that long ago the wooden red wagon and trike were parked out there along with a baby stroller. Life sure moves along.

Well I am off to realx while I can. The girls are at dad's. Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend.
Have a good evening everyone.

Garage Sale Update

July 2nd, 2008 at 03:41 pm

So today I went to work and my girls were home. I guess the door bell starting ringing!! "we are here for the sale!!!!"
OMG!!!! The newspaper printed the sale was TODAY!!!!!!!! I nearly went insane! I called the paper and they apologized profusly that they DID INDEED print the wrong date!!! The sale starts on THURSDAY!! I thought it was my fault!
No it was not thank goodness! THANKFULLY no one else in my entire area is having a sale! So I think I will do well. We did sell a few items today but frankly I was not ready ---so I asked people to come back. Sorry.

I also found out a paycheck from last month got bounced!!! I guess the bank could no read the computer strip so it was never deposited. BIG LONG STORY----but thankfully no fee is invovled and I went right away to my HR manager and a new check is coming from corporate right away to my home. WHAT A DAY FOR MESSES!

Please don't rain on my garage sale parade!!

July 1st, 2008 at 08:30 pm

The forecast looks IFY for my sale. I am not going to even waste time getting all worried! Not worth it! If it rains......so what!

Did a grocery trip for a resident tonight. She is going to pay me for three jobs I did for her. I will get paid when her daughter returns from Montana.....I think she has the checkbook.

Found more stuff for my sale. Things here and there and little things I see.

My friend was coming over on Thursday to help me do some cleaning in my house...but I called and asked if he would come on Friday. He agreed to the date change. Thank goodness. It was getting too stressful!

I rode my bike to work...yahoo. IN fact I found a shorter trail/ path to get home and to work faster! It saves me about 4 mins. It sure is fun to ride my bike. I really have enjoyed getting to know my bike all over again. Saw some cool birds as I was riding to work today. Nature is so nice on a bike! I highly encourage getting to know your old bike or getting a new one.

Nothing free at work. NO I take that back..a resident gave me three free yougurts with Activia that she does not seem to like. free yougurt! Strawberry flavored.
We had a resident die last night. She was 90. Her name was Margaret. She was cute and a tiny whisp of a lady. She is in heaven now. I am glad. Another resident who passed away....her daughter was in getting her apartment cleaned out. She thanked me for the card I left her. Everyone becomes like family. It is sure nice even when things get sad.

Girls are doing some dance classes. I was told what classes were mandatory for dance team and which classes were not. I signed up for the classes they HAD to take. When I was asked about the other classes I said we wanted a break. I think that was frowned upon. Summer is not relaxing anymore. What is wrong with taking a break?? Summer is so short so I like to enjoy some freedom to do as we please. I was glad I did not go crazy with dance classes. Plus who can afford it???? I have to put some gas in my tank and food on my table. Bythe way---both my girls made the dance team again. The tryouts were a month ago and they were called last week and told that they had both been placed on the travel competition teams.

Girls ate at dads tonight. I had leftovers. Easy and simple. Girls are at dads's this weekend. They are having another big family party. I still have a hard time hearing about things FAMILY. It just hurts sometimes. I work on the fourth and on Saturday. So I will be kinda busy. My son will be around. He and his dad are having a terrible time right now in the relationship department. At times being divorced is a huge weight around my neck. other times I feel so very free. It really is perplexing how one feels.

Middle daughter totally---and I mean totally is doing great with her new contacts!!! I am so proud of her! Yeah....more money to spend on eyeballs.
But better for fall volleyball. She has not needed any help from me. God bless our wonderful eye doctor and his patient..... skillfull and wonderful staff.

Have a good evening everyone.