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Discounted the medical bill

September 23rd, 2008 at 06:31 pm

Today I called the hospital where I had my bone denisty test done. It was not covered by insurance. Of course....duh!!!!So I owed around $900 for this test. They keep billing me. I have learned my lesson....forgo everything medical unless valid. Stick to home made remedies for as along as possible. This test is not valid or needed at age 40 something. Well sorry that is def. out of my league to pay it. So I finally called and they said I could repay it in 6 easy equal installments or I could slap it on my credit card and get a 20% off the cost. So I did that. Slapped it on the credit card. So a good lesson learned. First listen to your DR but def. pick and choose stuff you want done....remember these doctors are loaded and money is no object to them. Think of it as a salad bar...remember those?? Pick and choose what you want! Do you like carrots and not onions...well pick and choose! Second ask for discounts and work out deals. Bargain with them like you are at the garage sale down the street. Ridiculous and highway robbery.....I just can not understand how average people can truly make it. God forbid I get very sick....Everything is so overpriced.
Plus I never ever heard how my test went way back in June....oh yes..thanks. Hope my bones are well and fine and most of all...dandy.

Found out I have a heck of alot of credit card rewards. Enough to pay for Christmas. So there is my Christmas....
I will call in October and request my money. So simple---yet such a silly game.

My girls are at dad's soon..I do not have to cook dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday we are all going to a school cookout...so no dinner on Sunday! I can eat cheap..cheap...cheap!

Bought more homecoming do dads. Booked a hair apt. and ordered a wrist corsage. WOW it sure adds up. I keep telling myself this is a memory. It actaully is fun to pick out dress up stuff as I never dress up or go anywhere remotely dressy in style. So I have enjoyed picking out fancy things. She does look really grown up....it is really scary how mature she looks for her age.

Payday is Friday I can not wait. I love to see that money in my hand and then sadly I watch it disappear!

My ex is a commercial mortgag broker owning his own company. I had the thought today that God forbid my ex's business went belly up!!! Part of the divorce was that he have insurance to cover calamity so that I would still get my spousal support. That made me get a nervous feeling. Hopefully he is above board and things are ok with his business. One never knows. How scary for me.

NO MORE shopping on Sundays

September 21st, 2008 at 09:32 pm

I finally get it...I hate shopping esp on Sundays! Today we did more jean shopping and all three girls were crabby and it was just not fun! So that is my new motto and way of life....no shopping on Sundays!
I just can not do it mentally! Everyone has two pairs of jeans. So that is the good news. Did my grocery shopping yikes it sure added up! .....I did some stocking up but managed to get what was on the list. My store has VO5 shampoo and conditioner at a good price I think....each bottle is 50 cents. So I am going back on Monday to get a few more to stockpile a tiny bit.

I am really tired. Too much running around for this single mom. Hopefully curtailing the shopping time will help.

Another busy week looms for me. Payday is Friday....yahoo. I am going to the new person dinner at my church on Saturday. It took me two weeks to get the courage to sign up for it which I did today and the only reason I did sign up was a few other single people were on the list. I saw a new face at church...someone from my very old church which is really a cult now. It was interesting to see her there as she was die hard member. I was not able to talk to her....but I hope to soon.
I am really liking my church. I just wish I was not so darn shy. I am not sure why but I have the hardest time opening up.
Today I really tried...and I did speak to one lady but it was painful for me. I really need to try each week and not be so worried. Divorce has just had that kind of an effect on me I guess.

My show won some Emmys!!! Mad Men---if you have never seen it....please watch it. It is very cool to watch the neat clothes from the 60's and the interesting relationships. Plus there is good dialogue. In one scene the main couple in the show have to fix their "record player/stereo". The wife states it will cost $18 to fix it....but only $9 if they take it to the repair shop. That cracks me up.
To see how cheap stuff was back then. Again...neat show to watch.

Have a good week!

Closed my Savings Account

September 20th, 2008 at 02:25 pm

Finally got out my money and closed the account. I was asked the "reason" I wanted it closed....I said well I have nothing to put in it anymore. Sad but true. I feel so much better simplifying all the bank stuff. I can now pay off the VISA this month. I have never held over a balance I hope never ever to do that.

Did some jean shopping today. My oldest only found jeans. We did get a few bargains. Working on getting the homecoming outfit completed. Not easy.

Nice weather here!! My parents came up and brought me my Christmas gifts. I was the glad receiver of....a new family room rug, new black light fixture for over the kitchen table, two new pillows, new photo shelves, new frames and a new painted chest of drawers in black! The cost was reasonable....my mom the deal getter....when I went to pay her she said it was my Christmas gift! I was thrilled!!!! I really was not able to pay for it all so this was a great blessing! My dad hung a curtain rod for me and hung the phot shelves. He trimmed my trees and mowed my yard! It was awesome. I woudl be very lost without my parents helping me.
Such a blessing. My family room looks really nice. I love my black dresser in there. It is very a la Pottery Barn! My mom paid $20!! UNreal.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Staying cheap

September 16th, 2008 at 04:26 pm

I am resisiting every urge to spend! I am using up the pantry....making leftovers go further. Weds my goal is to close my savings account. Part of me feels like a flunkie not filling up my savings account.
Part of me simply does not care. I have to buy jeans for the girls this weekend. I have to really watch it...three girls out jean shopping spells trouble.

I am going to tell my boss I am available on Thursdays--- my day off to work if needed. I hate to offer....but the extra money is a good thing if I can cover for someone. I am not able to work much else or anywhere else right now. I have to be home after school and at night. My friend may get some cleaning side jobs...so again I may have a chance at some extra cash. I told her if I can make it work I will do them with her.

I am working on getting painting estimates for my house. I got one tonight from my friend's husband's co-worker. It was very reasonable. I wonder if they told him I was a single mom as he seemed to be better priced.

I have to keep motivated to save and make do and see that things go further.

A total side bar....does anyone watch MAD MEN??? My power went out on Sunday with 5 mins left in the show....it looked like I missed a good ending! I love that show since it is based in the 60's...the clothes, the styles..it is way cool! I think the story lines and characters are really interesting.
Have a good night everyone.

Weekend doings

September 14th, 2008 at 05:28 pm

My son came home from college...so we celebrated his birthday. He is 19. The girls were with dad so it was just him and I. It was very relaxing. I worked on Saturday and met my gal pal for pie and coffee later on....it was cheaper than dinner so it worked out for both of us. Plus we went to a close place so we could save on gas.
It is $3.99 near me. Pretty high. I bought my son some food to take back to school. This is something I do to help him out....but I can't always do it.
Somehow I make it all work....but sometimes it is scary to me since I tend to have alot of expenses that pop up without warning.

I did my grocery shopping today and stuck to my list. I have alot of stuff left over from last week that is still fine. So I did not have to do as much purchasing. I baked cookies today and mowed. The grass was very long from all the rain. It was a huge job. Hot and sticky outside to boot. Tonight we are having a huge wind storm. The grass looks terrible...it made me depressed to see my nice lawn look like a war zone! I did find a HUGE branch down. I had to drag it to the curb.....some how my 12 yr old and I got it dragged to the curb. Hopefully the town sends around the tree trucks on Monday. I quickly got us back inside to avoid getting hit or injured.
I did put away some summer stuff today in the garage. Another big job ...but I felt good geting some things accomplished in light of approaching the fall season. This week I will be closing my MM savings account. I am going to have to save in my checking account for now. I can not keep much in it and I am getting charged for having a low amount. Oh well...I need the money NOW for sure.

I am starting to stress about Christmas.
I am really worried. I have to think of a better plan for gifts for the kids. I do not have the time to mess with too much. I have to really re-think things. I hate to be a scrooge but I find zero meaning in too much commercaiized stuff. Again...I need to really think about my approach to the holidays. I feel I say this every year---I have not really made head way I guess. My ex husband is already making the kids write out all the goodies they want. I find that ridiculous.

I need to watch every penny. I added up how much gas I spend a month via the visa bill. It is really HIGH! It is very depressing. I may have to put all my kids in public school next year I drive too far away to their school. I am begining to see it may be too expensive gas and car wise. Sad but true.
Monday I have to make 4 trips back and forth to school....that will be a half a tank of gas---no lie!

This is when I wish I had a husband to discuss so many things with. Sad but true....

I am praying the wind does not harm my house. It is very bad out there.
Have a good Monday everyone.

Hello my computer is fixed!

September 9th, 2008 at 07:26 pm

Yes my computers all had to go in the shop. It cost me around $300 to have them all fixed up. I had zero choice in that it is needed for the kids' school. I am really struggling with school back in session. I am doing a ton of driving. I have it rough. I just do not have enough hours in my day to do it all. Today I toyed with the idea of quitting my job. If I was home during the day I could cook more and do more. I feel very overwhelmed. Is the extra income worth it? I can not decide. I have decided to not stress about it "right now" but leave the thought of quitting in the back of my mind. The whole idea is frightening...mostly becasue I love being around people and being a grown up. Oh well.....I am not in a hurry. Part of me says suck it up and be glad you have a job and it is part time so stop being a baby about it.

I paid all my IRS taxes and state taxes...it sure hurt. When I have to pay taxes it wipes me out. The next batch of taxes is due right after Christmas. I am already dreading Christmas. I am going to have to put away some money each week for that. I will have to stash it away somewhere and not touch it.

I have been good with groceries....really only buying what we need and not wasting too much. I have tried to not eat out....not easy but when I do---I try to eat out cheaply.

I am thinking of going to a new church members dinner at the new church I am going to. I am so painfully shy in doing new things and putting myself out there. I really need to get into more fellowship with the church people....so this another way to get myself out there. I really like the church and find it so refreshing to attend. No one knows my ex husband and I just can kinda be me!

This week I did give some money to my church. I decided to start with a set amount and see how it "goes". I am not sure why I am struggling with this but I am. I feel I need to try and stay committed. So far so good.

I hope everyone is doing well. Somedays I am more upbeat and when I get down I look at my journals and all the inspirational quotes and poems I have collected. It keeps me going. last week was terrible with my teen daughter. I mean BAD!! This week is better. It is not easy for a single mom or any parents to be very honest.

Today I bought a small gift for a co-worker. She is struggling and has been railroaded where I work..yet she smiles no matter what! She is happy and joy-filled and a true pleasure to be around! She is a role model to me. I wanted her to feel blessed for three mins today. I guess that is why I like my job. Each old person I try to bless--- and it blesses me. I like to bless my kids but somehow they expect it. With these old people every little thing you do they are so grateful. It is something to really think about and ponder about quitting my job.

Have a good rest of the week everyone. If you are in the Hurricanes path please stay safe. I am praying for you. I can not imagine how stressed YOU MUST FEEL.
Please stay well and out of harms way. Things can be replaced and repaired.....but people are way more important. God Bless.