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Garage Sale Week

June 30th, 2008 at 05:39 pm

Well I spent a part of the weekend hauling up stuff from the basement for the sale along with cheapie plastic shelves I have in the basement already.
So much easier than lugging tables up.
I am going to sell some furniture. I need my son to help me get it all up from the basement. I also have a weight bench that I am going to sell. I am being pretty cut throat and also anything that is even small or not too significant is still going out in the garage sale. Hopefully we have a nice day weather wise.

Nothing free at work. I have not had much luck with stuff from work. That is OK.....when residents move out that is when I usually have the best luck of getting stuff for free.

I am out of cash for the week....I will have to get some out of the bank to get "change" for my sale.....but other than that I am out till payday this week. I grocery shopped early Sunday morning so I have lots of stuff for the week. I also cleanned out the fridge really well. That makes me feel better to be more organized.

My daughter got her contacts today. Now I have two girls in contacts. So far so good. She seems to get the hang of them. I am staying low key so she does not freak out too much or stress.

My mom sent me blackout curtains!!! I have been wanting them for years. I think she was horrified to see cardboard in my windows when she visited. She found them for a deal! 3 pairs---each pair was $4.99!!!!! They are neutral in color as well!!!! What a huge blessing to me.
So cool.

Have a good evening everyone.

Happy Frugal Weekend

June 28th, 2008 at 06:11 am

This morning--early mind you....I worked for about 2 hours. I only work every other Saturday but I worked to help my boss out. She had to cover today because we had too many employees quit. So I did all the pressing of the tablecloths this morning. I also did some work for a resident. She is going to pay me. Her daughter does things for her but she is in Montana for ten days. So I am doing odds and ends for her. What a blessing that will be.

Still doing the garage sale stuff. Today at work I took a free lamp home and a Christmas decoration no one wanted...so in the sale it goes! I have not been finding too many free things lately. I have a week to keep scouring for free stuff to add to my sale.

Today I have to grocery shop. A job I now really dislike. I used to not like it...now I just can't stand doing it.

I have not been filling my gas tank up that much since I do not drive the kids to school....that is a total budget killer. Working one mile from home is wonderful! That driving to the private school is really what hurts during the rest of the year.

My daughter started her job yesterday working for a catering place. She served at a wedding. She did really well! She now appreciates what I do now she told me. It is hard work being on your feet for hours on end. That made me feel good. She got a $20 tip from the brides father on top of her $7 an hour pay. She was so excited!!! She seems to like to do a good job as she was complaining about a few staff who were slacking. I am so glad this job is working out. She is 16 and this is a good way to learn about the real world. She is working another wedding tonight.

We have had alot of bad storms. Everyday it seems to storm. So we have been stuck at home alot. We have not been able to go to the pool and my youngest dd is going nuts. Hopefully all this rain will go away soon so we can get outside and enjoy summer! The humidty has been unbearable so we have had to use our a/c.

I have not been biking to work because of the rain and also I have had to drive kids places. I hope things get better soon so I can bike more.

I have not been buying myself anything. I did buy a few itmes at OLD NAVY for my two kids.....spent about $40 on sale stuff. I need some clothes but am making due. Thankfully I do not go anywhere or do much where I need a fancy closet.

Have a good frugal weekend everyone.

Work today

June 24th, 2008 at 11:17 am

Today I did not ride my bike to work! I had to deliver kids every which way...so I had to drive to make it work. You know something.....I felt horribly guilty I did NOT RIDE MY BIKE! Funny! I just missed the pedalling and workout I get.
Truly....I missed it!

Free cookout lunch for me at work today. We had burgers and hot dogs and many picnic fixings. I think Mgmt is realizing they have been less than kind to many departments. I think this was a small step in making people at work feel better about feeling apprecitated. So that was nice. Yesterday a lady gave me two free yogurts. Great for free lunches.

It is very hard to work and be available for the kids. Everyone has plans or wants me to take them places. My oldest is giving me a hard time about being helpful. I love summer but hate the complexity that comes along with it as far as trying to work. I feel horrible and guilty at times.

Kids eat at dad's tonight. I will have some time to get a few things done.

My savings are dwindling

June 23rd, 2008 at 03:58 pm

I just had to take some savings out to pay my VISA. Not good. I am feeling very overwhelmed. I think I have to have a heart to heart talk with the kids somehow.
Things are just rough. I had a friend ask if me and my dd wanted to see Jersey Boys. $45 a ticket so that would be at least $90 plus they are eating out beforehand. $50??? I said the date did not work and quickly deleted the email so my dd would not see it. I just do not know how some folks do it! Whats worse is my ex and his wife are going this week to see it. Ugh! This friend and my other friend have their dd's in dance camp this week at $400. I am so glad I passed on that! I mean today at wal mart after I grocery shopped I put three things back. You have to.

My girls are working on the garage sale.
The date for the sale is July 3rd. I have already placed an ad in the paper for that week.
SO far we are getting rid of all things BARBIE. The girls rarely if ever play with them. So my one dd is organizing all the little parts and pieces. So the garage sale train has left the station.

My real estate taxes are due in three weeks. For sure in a few years I will have to sell my house. There is no way around it. Times are hard. I guess I have to face it one day at a time. Doing what I can and not grow weary in being frugal.


June 18th, 2008 at 05:27 pm

Did anyone catch Glenn Beck on TV last night? He suggested to really start stockpiling food. The two experts agreed as well it seems. Now with so much of the midwest in ruins does it not seem logical that things will now get very bad in the areas of food and prices and demand? What are your thoughts?

Scary....plain and simple.

Staying cheap with the cool weather

June 17th, 2008 at 03:07 pm

Oh it is so nice and cool here! Windows are open and the breeze and fresh air are pouring thru. No A/C!!! yahoo.

Well I made it thru all the recital stuff.
It was great fun and so entertaining. My parents came and stayed and we worked all over my house on Sunday. We got so much done. My girls made it it to SC so they are at the beach and I guess having a nice vacation.
I am having lunch with a gal pal on Weds and Breakfast with another gal pal on Thursday. I may be going out on Friday for dinner. SO pleasant! I am working on tidying up and cleaning things. I am working on taking things a bit easy.

I have been biking to work. I biked today and yesterday. I love biking! It is so free and fun. Nothing too new at work. My one work buddy leaves on Thursday. She grew tired of the silliness we deal with. I can not blame her.
So her last day is Thursday. She is alot of fun to hang with. I will miss her.

Working on gathering stuff for the garage sale. I am looking forward to selling things soon.

It was nice to see my parents. I am not sure what I would do without them. That thought frightens me. Thru my divorce and medical stuff they have been a constant support. I am amazed--- they never seem to tire of me. That is priceless to me.

Have a good night everyone.

Twinkle Toes

June 12th, 2008 at 09:27 pm

Tonight was the dance recital rehersal for the recital my two dd's are in Friday and Saturday. Guess how long it lasted.
One hr...? Two hrs??? Try 7 hours. Yes that is standard for our studio. AM I tired?? yes. I am up doing laundry getting things organized for my girls to leave on vacation. So I may not blog too much for a few days. Just insane time wise.

Today I did get all my porch furniture up out of the basement and I managed to get it all organized. I got all the quilts out there along with all the pillows and cushions. I did wash off things and blew the porch off with the blower. It was a big job and now it is ready for sitting!

Dinner was Wendy's tonight....no other way to do it. I am out of food and sandwich bags....so making lunch will be interesting on Friday at least till I can get to the store.....somehow.

My parents will be here Sat and Sun. Saturday we visit and head to the recital and then on Sunday after the girls leave we will be working around my house doing yard chores and fixing things. My dad is very handy and wants to get things fixed up for me. We plan on power washing the patio and trimming tree limbs. We also will be fixing the front storm door and the garage door a bit.

Well I hope I make it with so much going on---I hate being so darn busy. Oh well that's life.

Saving here and there

June 11th, 2008 at 04:37 pm

Rode my bike to and from work. Took my lunch as well. My girls biked to work and met me with their lunches in bags. It was really fun to to do that. We ate at the picnic table at work outside. Had to put the a/c back on...too hot. Placed cardboard in windows....looks weird but man it sure blocks out the sun! Made cheapie spagetthi for dinner. Still using up what we have around here. Mailed in my tax checks. Some nice free magaiznes at work as well and some free TP. Also some free butter and syrup. Turning off lights as much as possible. Reading the different carnivals on being frugal today..... very inspiring. It is nice to be inspired to try new ways to being frugal.
Stay cool everyone.

I turned off my A/C

June 10th, 2008 at 06:26 pm

The humidity is GONE! YAHOO! So the air is off. That is one way to save save save!
I have not watered my yard one time so far this summer. Another way to save.
My mulch is working well keeping about 99% of the weeds at bay.

Have a good evening.

Work today

June 10th, 2008 at 11:12 am

Today I DID NOT bike to work due to thunderstorms and rain. I thought about trying to ride but decided not to arrive all wet or needing to change. Hopefully I will ride to work on Weds. The rain has helped take away some of the humidity. I did fill up the suv and it cost me $90.00.
It was enough to make me cry!

Today I got two free things to sell in my garage sale at work--one of the nurses was throwing away. A cute little watering can and a new stuffed bunny rabbit toy. One man's trash is another persons garage sale item! I am still looking for odds and ends at work to sell. All the odds and ends I think will add up.

I deposited all my checks so I can write out my two LARGE tax checks. I WILL HAVE to take money out of my savings to pay regular bills this month. I just do not have a choice. I cashed my birthday check from my mom and I will use it for food this week. I got a little depressed at work over money then I snapped out of it quickly since I decided things could be much much worse!!!!! I bought myself one treat last week. A straw purse for $7.99. It is a Vera Bradley knock off and I really love it!!! It matches my lunch bag --another knock off.

I noticed my son mailed in his VISA payment. He has been spending alot of money. I have ignored it figuring he is a big boy and he needs to face reality. I was waiting for him to ask me for a loan. Thankfully he said nothing to me. I used to nag him about money...then I decided it was not worth it.

When the girls are gone I plan on hoeing out the basement and setting aside garage sale items. That will not be alot of fun but IF I do it in one afternoon and set my timer it should be a snap. Timers are my best way to get things done. Also lots of music or talk radio.

Well have a good Tuesday everyone.

Using my Bike to get to Work

June 9th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

Today is the first day I rode my bike to work. Boy was that a no brainer! It took me about 8 mins to get to work. It was snap. I parked my bike outside in the shade near the dumpster. Not a problem.
Plus I have a bike basket so I was able to take along my lunch hands free. I was so glad I could ride my bike. I really hope to ride everyday that I work. I enjoyed the freedom to be car-less. It really makes me feel free.

Nothing else too new. I am getting ready to pay some taxes.
I have spent some money on some clothing for the kids to go on vacation. Some PJ's, flip flops and two sundresses, also another bathing suit. It kinda stinks, but what can I do, they needed some clothes to go away with.

It has been so HOT. I have had to run the a/c. I am covering up windows and adjusting the mini blinds. That helps.

I am trying to make food stretch all week till the kids leave for their trip. I may run into a snag when my family comes into town and stays with me for the dance recital. I will have to feed them as well.
Next week will have to be really lean and not much a/c. I think I can cut back much more with out the kids here.

I got some money from my mom for my birthday. It goes to taxes and/or bills. Exciting. My girls bought me a very cheap set of pans for my birthday. I need some pans but these are not so nice. That is ok.....I am happy to have something to cook in for a short time. I thought about returning them but they get very offended when I return things. I did buy one top for me---but returned it. It was too large on me my dd thought. It was apple green and on sale. I am planning on going to the Good will or doing with out. I need one or two nicer tops for church or a party. I tried on a bathing suit and it looked terrible on me. So I will continue to wear my older one that suits me fine.

Have a nice evening.


June 4th, 2008 at 02:48 pm

One of my best co-workers who is a hoot put in her two weeks notice today. Boy she had a spring in her step today! I was sad...but she is overworked at work! She is a resident assistant. When you deal with elder care things can not be rushed or pushed.....but at times they are told to hurry and go fast with clients....to increase productivity. It makes everyone so unhappy!!!! Grouchy!!

So she will be gone and very hard to replace. The woes continue at work.....moodiness prevails! I did my jobs and left. I feel at least good that I am able to work and I get to go at my own rate so to speak. I love talking to the old folks.....it really is fun!
I really hope things change soon.....it is very hard to keep smiling.

Walking or pedalling to work

June 4th, 2008 at 02:41 pm

Starting next week I am going to either try and walk to work or ride my bike. I literally think biking will take me 5 mins. if I do a short cut. I have to do this! I can DO THIS!!! One trick is to maybe keep my mouth shut about it. I sorta told my kids I was going to do it and they thought it was weird! I also think it is best to not make a big deal about it to others and just do it. I may ride my bike over the weekend to work to see the shortest route. I am very excited to try something kinda new and different.
I live so close to work I really need to make the most of it.

Yikes--Morale at work is BAD!

June 3rd, 2008 at 03:30 pm

Alot of staff want to quit it seems. Everyone is unhappy. The main problem is bad managers! Our boss is terrible and she is getting worse. She is very good at not motivating anyone to work, try hard or go the extra mile. Rough.....rough.
Another problem is we do not get reviewed.
I find that so odd. Oh well....for now I am going to do my jobs and keep myself focused on the residents. Oh yes...today we were told we are not allowed to use our cell phones. Too bad. Fire me. I am an adult. I use my phone only when needed...NOT to chat away! There is whole list of problems I see...but no one will listen.... trust me. I am very much on the bottom of the tank and literally a nobody. Oh well....it is a shame that they will see good staff walk out before they make a change.

Doing ok on money. Trying to not spend.
I have to fork over $100 for the amusement park on Friday. I had stashed it...thank goodness. Plus I still need to bless my dd on her birthday on Thursday.
So I need to get a card, decorate and get a cake plus gather up some birthday money. Last week of school.....SO GLAD!!!! I am tired of lunch boxes, uniforms, homework......I am ready for a break! I am sure the kids feel the same way.

My son mulched for me...it looks so nice! I did the backyard on Sunday. I ripped out 5 huge overgrown bushes. It looks so much better plain looking. No need to buy more bushes. I laid down newspaper and I hope it works to keep out weeds....we will see. We used 7 yards of mulch!!!!! Yes I have a huge yard!!!!!!! It looks good with my pink geraniums.....I mean it looks like a slice of midwest heaven on earth. I love it! This weekend is porch furniture time.....hopefully I can get it all out. I want to relish my porch time all summer!

Soon my girls will be on their trip with dad.....they seem excited to go. I hope to get a bit of peace and rest!

Pay day is Friday.....yahoo.
Have a good night everyone.