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Still ticking folks

October 27th, 2008 at 07:47 pm

My life seems to be on a rollercoaster of sorts. I am not able to type too much today but will catch up at the end of the week when the kidos are at dad's house.
Was at the indoor waterpark and it was sorta fun. It took my paycheck and then some!!! Plus my one daughter was really giving me some attitutde....well I lost it for 10 min. So that was not fun. All in all I got thru all the dance stuff. SO back to reality today. I am really looking forward to my weekend....I need the space desperately!

So that was depressing to watch my money literally fly out of my hands. Yet it was eye opening all at the same time! The one gal I sat with most of the weekend who has not had a job for one year told me all about her great shopping she does. She managed to buy a ton of stuff while at the waterpark. How many purses can one person own? How many webkinz?? How many sunglasses??? It was creepy. Nice gal but is this unemployed gal for real??? I mean how many fake chanel purses can one person store???
I was thrilled to be me at that point. I have one brown purse and one pair of brown shoes. Boring but simple. Again --is this really how many Americans live??>>
I almost had a migraine listening to her go on and on about spending. When she told me she liked tanning and I asked her where and she said her basement as she owns a tanning bed...well at that point I had to walk away and get some fresh air.

I like my life oh so simple and oh so boring I guess....with no credit card debt! I just think people have got to wake up NOW...so many people are in for a rude scary new awakening.....save money and spend less...prepare for the worst. No president can get us out of this mess anytime soon. I truly believe that. Stop shopping and buying junk and stupid things. That would be my message to anyone today. It is critical we adopt new thinking that is radical...... now.

Tag Sale Friend

October 15th, 2008 at 03:11 pm

One of my fellow co-workers runs a tag sale business for people. Mostly they are with older folks needing to unload to move into places like where I work. She has agreed to sell two quilts that no longer fit in my house color wise. So HOPEFULLY some extra cash. She is selling another quilt for another gal and some model trains for another co-worker. So fingers crossed my quilts sell.

For some reason work was super super boring today. I think our residents are down so the work load is a little less. At this point I dare say nothing. Sounds bad but I do not want to rock my boat too much.

I paid all my bills last night, including my credit card bill which I pay off every month. So I have some money left but not a ton. I have been using my cash and it is dwindling down. I am trying to not go to any stores still or spend on silly things. It sure helps to stay OUT of stores!

Not much else to report. I am trying to not think about taxes. It is too stressful.

My son went to the movies and it cost $9.50. I find that crazy. Am I the only one that thinks that is nutty?? I wonder if movie attendance is down. I have not even rented a movie in months. For me I am way too tired when I do have some down time to watch a movie! I am back to reading a book. Simple and satisfying.

Sweetest Day is this week. I bought some candy thru the school to pass along to my girls. Homemade choc covered pretezles. Each bag cost $1. Simple school fun.

Have a good night everyone.

Work this week

October 14th, 2008 at 01:44 pm

I was going to apply at the competition this week. Well my friend who works there is now looking to come back and work where I work. Until I hear about why she is leaving I am waiting first to apply there. I am not sure what the deal is but I would like to get her point of view first.

I am working on my day off this Thursday to sub for a co-worker who is off. So I will get 5 added hours of pay. That is good news. I suggested to my boss and she said OK. Sometimes you have to suggest and get creative with work ideas.
I am taking off Friday for a vacation day so I get paid but do I am not showing up.
Nice to get the hours!

My son needed some more money so now he has no Christmas gifts. He was cool about that. I feel terrible but that is how I have to do it and also teach him a lesson on being thrify. Things are tight now but I think I am going to be OK. I hopefully can eat out of the fridge and pantry for some time. I am really being careful in the food department. Nothing is going to waste.

I got some free TP at work and some paper towels also some coupons. I got some free candy for the kids too. Nothing much else. I got some hand soap but I kept it at work to wash my hands. It is not provided to us in our laundry room.....Which seems really lame.

My boss got moody with one gal who would not work a night shift. She is into bullying people who do not give her what she wants. Poor manager skills to say the least. I told my boss I worked Saturday despite having food poisoning. She did seem to think I was much of a hero for doing that. I was kinda shocked I did not even get one good word of encouragement. What was I thinking?? They need to hire a few more housekeepers or pay more to workers who work late at night. I said if they ever ask me I would say YES in a heartbeat but tell them I need $12 an hour to do it. Money talks right?

I have to save money to pay my taxes. I will probably have to take it out of my investments. I have no other way to pay them. I keep fretting about it but then that is why I have money tucked far away.

Have a good evening everyone.

Hello I am still Here

October 12th, 2008 at 06:26 pm

I have not posted too much lately. I guess I have been so busy and dealing with some teenage issues that are well....frankly...they have been draining.
Things have not been that great. Slowly things are indeed improving. My son is home for the weekend from college. He is very broke. He asked for his Christmas money now. I went ahead and gave him half.
It is hard for him I realize. I can not help him too much. He has a job but because of some hang up he does not get paid till Nov 1st. Homecoming is over with. My daughter had fun but emotionally it was a nightmare for me. She did her share of giving me some headaches. So that is over with. Thank goodness. She had fun but it was a headache for me. She also tried for the 4th time to pass her driving test. She did not pass. It was terrible. I thought she was going to jump off a cliff she was so upset. It was sheer trama. Now she can not re-take her test for 365 days. It is discouraging to her and to me. As a single mom I would love to have her driving. I guess God sees it differently for now.

Work is going OK. I am going to apply this week to the competition and hopefully if I get hired will make $1.50 more per hour. So I am willing to switch.
I have two friends there so maybe I have a way to get hired. I would miss my buddies but $1.50 extra per hour is a great bump.

My bills seem manageable for now. I am just trying to not spend on anything silly. I did set up an envelope for Christmas money. I am stashing cash away in it. It is not very fancy but it is a good way to put some cash away. My little one is already asking about gifts. I think her Dad encourages. I wish he would stop.

I booked a painter for May and his price. I will get all the house trim painted. It needs it badly. I also hired a snow plow guy. I decided it was worth it. I can not use the snow blower and it is not realiable at all. So for not much more I have hired a truck to plow both driveways. Anything over two inches I get plowed. I am very excited about not having to deal with acres of cement to shovel. I still do my own mowing.....so that is still on my back to take care of.

I am not eating out with friends and pretty much cooking at home. We do not even order pizza. We have been making our own! I am using alot of potatoes and eggs and good basics for meals. It helps.

I am really enjoying my new church. It is the only social thing I go to. The pastor always has a good word for us. I get very encouraged. I also really like seeing lots of older folks. It feels like a real family since there are so many ages in my church. I do some chatting at work too but other than that there is little adult time for me.

I did splurge and buy some pumpkins with my little one. I use my other fall stuff every year over and over. I have some wreaths and arrangements. My porch looks darling. It lifts my spirits to see how cheery it looks. I enjoy puttering with all the fun fall stuff and making my porch look charming.

Well I need to scoot here. I wanted to check in and say hello. Hope you are all well despite all the hardships we all are facing. What can one do? Just take things one day at a time. God is in control.