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Keeping it Simple

February 15th, 2011 at 01:02 pm

Hello again! Thank you again for all the nice comments on my blog and on my stressers. One thing that will soon help with my stress in travel is my daughter will not be doing dance team next school year. For dance team you have to travel to competitions. I simply stress and panic too much over it. Thank goodness I travel with my friend. Dance team is very very expensive and well it is a glorified trip/vacation each time we go. My daughter is having some struggles in school and so I want her to get re-focused. Plain and simple. This is one area my ex and I agree on as far as co-parenting.

This week the weather is a tad warmer.....it was nice to wash the car myself and save money that way. I also hosed the garage floor and got rid of some dirt.
I am trying to use up what ever food is around and in the pantry. That is easier said than done for me.
One thing we do at work is share lunches. My co-worker and I will do that with leftovers. On Weds she is bringing in lasagna. I have the desert to share. It is a nice way to use up food and share and make lunch kinda nice rather than a bore.

Speaking of work a ton of residents are sick with the flu. It is very gross to be in housekeeping when many are so sick. Yet it is very sad to see so many needing help and not getting it. I spent some time asking the residents if they needed a warm towel or a blanket or a drink. Many are so helpless. I just do not see how no one seems to care. One poor lady was freezing and I simply pulled up her bedspread to warm her......all morning long she was laying there cold!
It is bad enough to feel lousy but another thing to not have the energy or where with all to ask for help. So I did spend the day in gloves, a mask and lots of soap and water. Getting older is sure not that fun. I hope they all get better quick. It is very sad to see them laying there like little sick babies.

I am working on getting my coupons organized! I get tons and tons at work for free yet I just never seem to have the energy to make them save me money! I have to get a better way of using them.....another goal of mine.
With only me and two kids at home...I can save alot on food if I really want to. With two less eaters at home I need to focus on this big time.

Gas was cheap yesterday and of course it went right back up to being expensive. I did not fill up. Oh well....again everything is close so my gas tank should last awhile.

I have to run my daughter to the dance studio so I have to sign off. Hope you all have a good evening.
Again thank you for visiting my little blog.

I am Back to Blogging!

February 14th, 2011 at 11:35 am

Hello! it has been some time but I decided to try my hand at blogging again! I have kind of missed it and all that goes into writting my thoughts down. I am still the same! I now have two kids in college and one in high school and one in fifth grade. I still work as a housekeeper at an assisted living place doing the exact same thing.
I am still divorced and single. Life is pretty good and life is still rolling along. I am still living in my cute house with the huge front porch. Now it is covered with alot of snow and ice....not much porch sitting for now. I am looking forward to when I can do that.

I am still trying very hard to stay frugal and to save....some days I do great and other days well....it is a challenge. I still enjoy reading all things thrify and ways to save and I enjoy writing in my journals at my little wicker desk I have in my bedroom. I enjoy working outdoors and doing jigsaw puzzles and spending time with my kids. Life is simple but very sweet.

I have had a few goals this year...one was to see a new dentist. I have started seeing someone new and like him alot. Next is to find a new doctor--I have not seen a Dr. in a long time. So I have to do that.
I am working on overcoming my anxieties and stressers regarding travelling and driving far. Two things that seem to get me very panic stricken. I can go places but only with another friend---I am working on that.
Of course I am working on saving for retirement--that seems to be a constant.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope to read many of yours. Thanks for having me back! I am so glad to be here with all of you!

Happy Easter!

April 10th, 2009 at 11:38 am

Greetings! This weekend is a busy one for some reason. We are looking for a prom dress so that will be alot of our Saturday unfortunantly---not my fav thing to do--- walk around a mall. Oh well, I hope we stumble across the perfect dress. My youngest daughter turns 10 so we are heading out to build a bear and dinner out. Pie is for desert at home. She is pumped and very excited.

My middle daughter flew to Dallas today for 7 days on her spring break. She was a wreck with worry and stress. She is the family drama queen bee. She was going with cousins and an aunt and uncle so I am not sure why she got so worked up for about 5 days. She almost made herself sick literally with worry! I pray she has a blast and comes back really happy she went.

I hope to clean the fridge and freezer. It gets jumbled and disorganized and I really hate it.....so that is on my list of Easter things to do. I am by myself for Easter which kinda stinks....but oh well like it is not the first time.....so after church I hope to read my book and chill a bit. I may wash the car and putz in the garage too.

Work today was fun. I brought in OJ and another gal had coffee cake. It was fun to share. My one co-worker is still PO'd I tattled on her....she is terrible. I had still another resident complain about her laundry having bleach spots all over it.
I am counting the days till she gets fired. Why she still is employed to do terrible a job I can not figure it out! It shows me the company enjoys hiring workers and they are willing to pay them to do poor work and they do not like to bother with correcting them or telling them they have to change their work habits. No one wants to be the bad guy to fire someone. This is a terrible way to run a business. Enough venting.....

I hope your weekend is a blessed one! Happy Easter!

HUGE Announcement!

April 7th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

Ta Da!! A huge announcement!!!!!
My daughter passed her Drivers test!!! I am so excited!!! This was her FIFTH try!
She finally did it. Thankfully my ex took her to the test because I was so stressed I was sure I was going to pass out! I am thrilled!!!! So happy for her. She was so sad and bummed to not be driving. So a great day!!! YAHOO!!!!!
I had to blog about or BUST!

Home doings

April 6th, 2009 at 04:50 pm

My parents came and we painted all the kitchen hardware! WOW! It looks more updated! I just love it. The curtains my mom made are very very nice! I love them! We hung black wrought iron rods to go with all the black accents I got going. I bought a new rug and today --one day later my daughter spilled her McDoanlds iced mocha coffee all over it. I was royally PO'd!! it is pretty much ruined so I am going to get a new one. I decided to not deal with it and keep looking at the stain and getting bummed all over again. It was $40.00.....so not that terrible. I did go ahead and order a new slider for my kitchen! I got the slider on sale at Home Depot. My dad says mine is losing heat like crazy! It is a pella and it is 18 years old and truth be told it has been a crappy door. So hopefully I will get measured here soon and get the door installed! I have the money saved for it---so I decided to go ahead and do the deed!

I had an incident with my pyscho co-worker. I decided that it was so POSTAL in nature that I would tell my boss and write up a complaint to give to the boss above her. I have no shyness about tattle telling anymore! I am so sick of her I am determined to have her fired by June 1st. No more Miss Nice co-worker, I am convinced that this co-worker is capable of murdering co-workers.....yes I feel that strongly. I am not bashful to report her actions. My co-worker who is normal is signing the complaint with me. I will happily march into work on Tuesday and hand that paper in!

If you are a praying sort of person please pray my daughter passes her driving test on Tuesday afternoon. Because it has been such a stress for me...my ex is taking her. This is her fourth attempt to pass the test. Please pray if you are of that mindset that she passes! Thank you! An new answer to prayer is she has had such horrible migraines.....they found out her cause! Hopefully her new meds will work..if not she will need a cat scan.

Such a busy life for me!I get tired just typing all about it.

Roof quotes

April 2nd, 2009 at 10:39 am

I have four roof quotes now. They range from 6000 to 12,000. Every sales guy says the same exact thing to "sell" me themselves. They must all go to roofing sales school in my opinion. It gets tiring!!!! YIKES! Now I need to see what I want to do. So far I have hated this entire process. I absolutly have no sense and gut feeling as who to pick. I shall wait and stew on it.

Nothing much else happening. The weather is really nice today....so the windows are open. I cleaned my self cleaning oven today. I am going to hang up my clothesline as well. Nothing fancy----just nice to start thinking spring!
I enjoy having a day off to putz at home.

Have a nice frugal day everyone.

Happy April!

March 31st, 2009 at 06:02 pm

I survived my weekend of dance. It was very hectic and fun all in one. I spent a wad of cash. I treated myself to a steak dinner at the hotel with some other moms. Boy was it GOOD! I never ever have steak and I ate every bite! YUM! So the weekend was nuts as far as cash spent. But now it is over with. I am so glad it is April. I can deposit my three months of spousal support....which is good timing. I have about $2000 left over for the budget. I am so glad about that. It will help pay for a new roof.

Nothing too new to report. My parents are heading up for this weekend to do stuff around my house....we are painting kitchen hardware, maybe porch furniture. I am really excited to freshen up things even more. My mom made curtains for me so they are coming as well.

I am trying to work on saving money in small ways for April.....no heat, turning off lights, using the clotheline more, reusing stuff.....that is my goal. I am returning pants I got at Wal Mart.....I bought 2 pairs and really only need one pair. So I will return them to save money. I am trying to save in small ways.
I think that is my goal for April.....saving in little ways that add up.....join me!

Have a good frugal week everyone.

Wallpaper is DOWN!!!

March 26th, 2009 at 09:01 am

Hello frugal friends. Yes the wallpaper in the laundry room and kitchen is history! It went pretty smoothly since I had someone else do it all! The ladies I hired were so neat and clean and had such nice personalities. Everything is painted a warm off white as well. I got my new leather furniture too. I am very happy with it all. My mom is making me new curtains from a queen sheet she had. I have no clue how they will look but she has been sewing up a storm for me. She found me some decorating items at her thrift store as well. She loves to do that for me...I do not have the time...so it works out nicely. Next weekend they are coming up to paint hardware and clean cupboards. We also will decorate. My mom is so handy and so is my dad.

This weekend I am off to PA for a dance competition. This is an expensive one due to a 2 day hotel stay downtown and lots of eating out. We have alot of down time too. So that means all the girls will want to shop. ICK. I do not like to shop. So I will be gone till Sunday night. My travel pal is also driving. I always seem to drive so it will be nice to chill in the front seat a bit. I get a driving break.

I just met my friend who has a restraining order against her husband. We met for breakfast. She is staying at another friends house. I think she is done with him and I was glad to give her my lawyers name. I warned her 5 years ago to not marry....but of course she was too in love to hear me. He is very self centered and too old for her. He is so stuck in his old man ways. They had an oops baby and so now they have a 2 yr old to share custody with. He is too old for a baby. He is near 60!! I am glad she is getting out. He is a total loser. This is her second marriage....and she has asked me to slap her silly if she tries to get married again. I promised her I would slap her. I feel bad for all the kids...step kids....ugh... a big gigantic nightmare and mess and alot of chaos.
I am so glad I am boring!!!! I love it!

Work is going well. We have one girl we are still trying to get rid of. We have had mgmt meetings so now everyone sees how awful she is. I am so glad we opened our mouths finally. We had a department lunch yesterday and she acting all weird....I mean abnormal and strange right in front of the boss which was great......I was so glad she acting weird. It helps build our case against her. I had to report about another co-worker who was back talking to a resident. I was not sure if I should tattle but in the end I was glad I did as it bothered me non stop to see someone treat older people unkindly. My general mamanger thanked me for stepping up and reporting the situation to her. I guess this is not the first time either. I was sick over how terrible this girl was acting.

My two youngest are not going back to their private Christian school next year.
My ex is thrilled cause he can pocket the money and not pay tuition. I just decided the driving 30 min one way was literally killing me now that I am single mother and the fact that the public school has more opportunities pushed me to change. I see how my oldest is doing and she is thriving. I guess I figure change CAN BE GOOD. So come September we will have a new routine....!
I am kinda excited for everyone......including me. I will miss the school terribly and I still feel kinda badly. I know the time is right and it is a good thing to do.

Change can be a scary word. Change can be a glorious word as well.

Have a good frugal week and weekend everyone.

Working around the House

March 19th, 2009 at 05:35 pm

I have been working on some home projects lately...hence no blogging! Today my new love seat and couch arrived from JCPenney's. I like it. It is that bonded leather which is great for us and our family room. I am getting a new chair from World Market. I bought an ottoman that matches. The furniture is pretty decent. My last set came from there.....it is great for kids and kitties. My old stuff is in the basement. The couch is on the porch waiting for a ministry to get it for a family in need.
I got a new tv for the bedroom and the old one went where else...the basement!
My wallpaper is coming down in the kitchen in the next two days. It will look so good. It also will be painted. I am also getting roof estimates as well. I have been socking money away at the credit union....so that is helping me to pay it all off. The roof will be from the tax refund. Thank goodness.

All in all I am making my money stretch far! I am not spending a dime on me....and I am so glad. I do not need a thing. I have been good about eating out and watching the food budget. I am really making due as much as possible in all other areas. I have been using coupons too....I got better organized and it makes a huge difference in saving money!

Hopefully I can keep up my stash account at the credit union to tackle other small household jobs that need done. My dad is coming back soon to spray paint all my kitchen hardware and clean and wax all my
cabinets--- I know that will make such a huge difference in making the kitchen look even better.

Next weekend I am in PA for dance. It is our last competition of the school year.
I am glad....it is so much money.....I do enjoy the memories and being with other moms and girls.

Another dance competition

March 8th, 2009 at 07:22 pm

ONE MORE TO GO! I did really well in not spending too much money at this one. We got starbucks--yummy! My dance pal and I went beforehand and she treated. So nice of her. We did all go out for dinner at Macaroni Grill..UGH! $45.00 for three of us....one being 9yrs old! I was so good I ordered water and not wine! I tried to be good. My ex and his darling wife were there. Of course she had to stand right next to me to take photos of my daughter dancing. I was more than bothered. I wish she would stay on her side of the tracks and leave me to have my own viewing space.

Spent a lot at walmart today. I had to help my son buy food to go back to college. Cars got fixed....mine is fine...my son needed four new tires. That was a killer! My dishwasher is fixed. The pump was around $100 so I have to wait for my friend to bill me for that work. Hard month so far....money wise. I am just not buying anything for me. I wear the same old clothes and shoes and carry the same old purse.....I stil have not purchsed socks....I am not even buying those right now.

My dad and mom will be here to paint the powder room on Monday. I am going to make sloppy joes and fries and fruit. I hope my mom does not think I am a flunky. I am not going to try to make a fancy dinner when I do not have the time. Oh well.

I am going to take three days off for spring break...unpaid of course since my company took away all my vacation days.
So my paycheck will be very very low that week. I decided it is better to be with my girls then worry about making a few dollars. Hopefully I will be glad I was off.

I have to have my dad look at my roof I think it needs to be repalced. I am really nervous about that.....there are parts that look worn....parts that look great. I am not even sure how much that will cost. First I have to paint my trim outside as the wood is now exposed from the terrible winter we had.

I hope I do not sound like I am grumbling...but it seems like I get ahead and boom...I am struggling again. I am grateful for all I have. I just wish I had more "control" HA HA!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Working gal news

March 3rd, 2009 at 06:11 pm

Today I got very bummed at work..they let go of the assistant maintenance man....Creighton. This guy is a gem. I mean a real gem. His last day is Thursday.
He is a retired police chief and he is so good with people. He was let go because we can not afford to buy paint or lightbulbs so there is no work for him to do. Yes that is how bad it is!!!

So I decided to call an elder care in home service. I have an interview on Tuesday. My hope is I land a job and not work weekends and have some flex time! I am actually very excited! I am really looking forward to doing this interview! My dad wants me to network and talk to everyone about job ideas...my dad suggested working for the gov't! My mom says the same.....but to find out if taking away my sick/vacation time is against the law. She wants me to see if they did something illegal......might just see.

So yes! I am really excited to maybe do something new and kinda different. I want to work more with people and be able to invest time with people. Cleaning is fine but I have to work and not talk too much. I will be bummed if I do leave to not have my co-workers.....but time moves on and seasons come to an end. One of my co-workers is terrible....today I thought she was going to go postal that is how weird she is. I am sick of working with people who are so not into working and blaming everyone for their slothfulness! I am sure that is the norm.....but I am ready to challenge myself a bit.

My dryer got fixed. The loud buzzing got stopepd. It buzzes so loudly when the dryer is done it was making us all NUTS! I need a new pump to pump out the water in my dishwasher......so my friend is ordering it and will install it and look at everything when he removes it. SO more dish washing by hand!

I will miss Creighton. He was a kind and thoughtful gentleman....a very fine example of a hard worker. He was old fashioned. I hope things work out for him.

The economy is scary. Please listen to Mark Levin online for his radio show This is a plug or shout out for him. He is my hero right now---I listen to him alot--he seems to be telling the truth.
Don't be fooled....be alert.... end of preaching.

Work Woes

March 2nd, 2009 at 05:03 pm

Today I was told that all my sick time...30 hours and 8 hours of vacation time I had been banking are now gone. Because I am part time from here on out if I need time off I will not get paid and I have zero benefits. I walked away from work today feeling really low and down. I just emailed my dad and asked him to ponder and think about the pros and cons of me working. I feel uterly worn out from trying to make it all work for a measly amount. I am not sure if I am supposed to be home saving money in other ways. I just feel so uneasy about it all. Hopefully my dad can give me his two cents.

Having my son home from college has been really fun. He is just a fun young man and we have had some belly laughs and comical moments between us all. He has reminded me that life is fun and it is always good to chuckle at what life throws at you.

I am still without a dishwasher.....I hope it gets fixed soon as washing so many dishes is plain old tiresome. I sound so spoiled I know.

This week my car and my son's car goes in for a tune up. We were supposed to do it today but the rental car was not available. So we go in on Friday. Hopefully we are ok.

Thanks for the wall paper ideas and stories. I hate wallpaper now with a passion. I looked at leather couches. WOW they are so expensive. I have got to figure out a way to get some leather but not go broke.

Did you see the news tonight? We as Americans are now saving too much money!
We are causing all the problems according to the white house. PLEAZE!!!!!!!!! Give me a royal break! I better stop watching the news.....it is so depressing and yet it is hard to believe this is our world.

Single Mom Life

February 27th, 2009 at 06:19 pm

Howdy---I have not written in so long. I am so sorry to you and to me. Lots happening. Lots of---- all sorts of what nots. My tile is down and the laundry room is back together. My dad came up this week and striped the wallpaper in the powder room. How awful! My ex did not size the walls and my dad just about lost his mind. He got it down and primed the walls alot! So in two weeks he will paint it. The brass towel bar is gone...ickey!

My mom is helping pick a wallcolor. She loves to do that sort of thing. I have a lady coming to give me an estimate to take the paper down in the kitchen. My dad is too old to be doing this. He loves it but he is not young! A powder room---ok......but not the kitchen. If the price is right I may bite the bullet and do it! It will be the last remains if married life. I am so enjoying making over and doing over!

Work is going OK....we are under new management I guess.....things are changing again. Hours cut...hours added.....sick time changes.....very very confusing. I still have a job.....so OK I am cool with it. I got two free chairs and a table for the outside today at work. I also gave my co-worker stuff to sell at her upcoming house sale. I hope to make few bucks for zero work. I am working this Saturday for about two hours.
Just to help out. Not too hard I guess.

My son is home for spring break.....it will be harder as far as money goes. He likes to EAT!! We are getting our cars checked on Monday---so hopefully my mechanic finds everything in great shape.
Fingers crossed!

I put $30 in my credit union. So I now have $600 saved for a leather couch and love seat and chair. I want to pay cash for as much as possible. I am enjoying saving as much as I can. It is like a small game to me. I have not spent anything on me. I am trying to NOT buy a thing. I need socks. That will be my only purchase for some time.
Tonight we took the night off and ate at Ci Ci's pizza. It was fun to not cook.

I had my ex's current business partner call me this week. I have not talked to him in about 5 years. Once I got divorced I guess he chose my ex's "side".
We were friends for years along with his wife....since college! It was a nice call on the cell phone. I was pretty shocked he called me. I am still not sure why he called. He told me he felt bad for many years for me. He asked how I was. I told him I have many days that are very hard and rough and difficult but so many more days that are blessed and happy. He again apologized for not ever calling me. He called on Ash Weds. Maybe he felt God calling him to make up for lost time....maybe his soul was feeling uneasy. Or maybe he is just pulling a fast one on me. I am not sure. He told me he felt badly about how things turned out. I told him not to fear but I thanked him for his kindness.......haunting and yet strange.

Life is so full of twists and turns. What would my life be like had I not been divorced? I am not sure. I like my life and I am proud of what I have done with it. I like my job and my co-workers who I consider to be the best group of friends one could ever have. I am so happy I lost weight and got my spirit person in shape. I am glad I have my own money to be in charge of. I actually like to pay my own bills and feel a sense of ownership. I enjoy every single struggle and obstacle....I seem to learn so many things all the time. I do not miss feeling bad about myself or feeling less than. I do not miss being overweight and feeling like a nothing. I am glad the depression is gone. I am so glad I left an abusive church and a ridiclous pastor.
I am glad to be feeling so much better about me and life.

Life is good. Frugal and fab!

Lets fix the Laundry Room

February 18th, 2009 at 05:13 pm

Finally I am getting my tile floor put in for my laundry room, mudroom and half bath! I had not ONE moldy floor area in the bath but another spot in the laundry room! So the floor had to be cut out and re-done with a new sub floor. So it looks better already! The tile goes in on Thursday....so happy! I have not had my washer and dryer for two days and already my girls are complaining they need to do wash! Oh well.....make do!
My dad offered to take the wallpaper down on Thursday but the floor will not be ready so he has given me a raincheck for the removal and paint job. I think the floor will be a welcomed addition.

I deposited $270 in the credit union today. That felt good. I have been trying to really watch my money and so far so good. I did go nuts and buy some strawberries---for some reason the store got some in that was super sweet....so we have had strawberries alot this week.
The girls are with dad this weekend and we have a dance competition nearby. Dad is in charge for 80%. I will be attending the part that the girls perform. The rest of the time the girls are in classes all day long at the hotel. I do not feel bad missing that part. I will use my time to clean up the dust from the tile work.

Work is going OK. I have spent alot of time just enjoying the fun of my co-workers. I am not sure what I would do with out that adult talking time I have. We are a great group of ladies and the four of us are close....we just spend alot of time having small jokes and ladies chatter that is wonderful and refreshing. I just get a kick out of it all. I decided if I quit work there is a chance I would gain some weight and also get depressed. I decided at times work can be a hassle--but for the most part it works for me. I do not do much for me. That sounds weird...working as ME time....but it is! If I am not at work I am devoted to my kids in every which way.
Plus I like the extra money---it helps! IT REALLY HELPS!

Stay frugal everyone.

Still Trying

February 13th, 2009 at 05:39 pm

Greetings! Yes I am still trying to blog. I am not doing very well at it.
It has been a cash draining month for some reason. Yet I got my VISA bill and the statement showed so much less. I guess because I have been trying to simply pay cash for so much more. I guess I am doing that with some success.
Lately I have been teetered with the thought of quiting my job and just staying home. Part of me says of the small amount I get I could stay home and cut more corners. On the other hand there is very little expense in working.....no childcare issues, I wear a uniform, I work one mile from my house and I have the perfect hours. Where it gets hard is the sumemr....my girls are home and they seem to need me. Those three months are so SO hard on me. I thought about asking to have one extra day off.....I am off on Thursdays.....maybe Weds I am off. Not sure. I bring in about $600 a month after taxes. When I got divorced I had a budget that was used to figure spousal support that did not include things like dance expenses for TWO and other children costs. I get child support but as my kids grow I get less and less. I just can not figure it out. I also find that it is my only adult time of conversation so to speak. I have my co-workers who enjoy being around and I find alot of fun working and being around adults. I am torn---very torn. I find myself feeling guilty since so many are not working....I feel I shoud be grateful. My support will not last forever.....then I will have to dip into my savings to support myself and the kids. I have some serious thinking to do.

I am still waiting on my new floor. I got the tiles with my loews gift card. My friend Bill is doing the work. He is very slow in getting back to me. He has called to pencil me in then he does not show. I am now learning that I have to be more patient with friends I guess. My friend was supposed to check my furnance and he never showed up on my day off.....by then I had a fit. I did call him and he said he never got the apt in his book from the secetary. I got mad but re-scheulded with him. I hate to waste my day off waiting. I am sure I am not the first to have this happen to them!

I have been trying to not spend on me and only spend on the kids. So far so good. I have not gone out with friends or bought myself much. I did one splurge and bought season 2 of BIG LOVE from Amazon. I do not have HBO but got hooked when I bought season 1 last year to watch. I heard it was good and it is! I enjoy watching it since I do not go out and do not go to movies.

My daughter who is 12 bought me a canister set for Valentines Day. She made up a whole story to buy someting on line and then she gave me cash for it. They arrived today from Penney's I was pretty surprised. She seems to be the one who listens when I make comments when I admire something. I almost have to be careful! She is so sweet to think of me.
I sent my mom flowers and my dad called me to tell me they arrived on Thursday. I was bummed my mom did not even call me.... I don't get that at all.
I decided to send her flowers as so many of the little old ladies at my place of work do not have anyone to think of them.
I decided that was sad to not send your mom some flowers while they can enjoy them----maybe she will call or maybe she will not. I was glad my dad called....he seems to dote on me and the kids. He is all ready to take down my wallpaper after the floor goes in...he adores doing projects that I hate. My therapist had told me to nuture the dad relationship that my mom could be trickier to please or have a good relationship with....I think she was very right.

Work is going ok. They still think the housekeepers were stealing from the kitchen so we are banned from entering the kitchen area. Now they are feeling badly and have offerd us free food and leftovers. I refuse now to eat any of the food or go in the kitchen. I was so angry to be accused and felt very belittled. I told my co-workers I would never ever partake of anything "free" ever again. I rarely did anyway! My co-workers are also pretty hurt. We are pretty much eating our own lunches and snacks from home. I think the management has now seen that accusing us was the wrong way to go. Eveyrone eats freely when the rule was to apply to ALL workers. There are different standards and I resent that. I do not like managers who play the favorites game. It always backfires...and it has. They now charge if you want crackers or a packet of ketchup. It seems petty after years of a free for all.....I get really mad when the bosses are eating everything in site. I hate double standards.

Oh well---I am ready to run for office as I am so mad about the stimulus bill. Just cut taxes for about 1 year---give the little guys more money in their paychecks....I think that is all that is needed. I really have had a hard time listening to all the news about the stimulus ---too depressing. I feel terrible for all the folks out of work. If you are in that postion---do not give up. I just pray for our entire nation to find economic peace for all.

On a bright note...all the snow is melted on my driveway. YAHOO!
Stay frugal!

A Good Sick Day

January 26th, 2009 at 09:16 am

Today I called off sick at work. I will get paid so I decided to call off sick. I never ever goof off. I was so behind in house work it would of been impossible to catch up....so I am off today.

Today my goals are as follows
1. hang up shower organizer
2. wash as many loads as possible by 2:30
3. bake some brownies
4. empty dishwasher
5. clean kitchen
6. organize dance stuff
7. put away un-needed school uniform items
8. tidy bedrooms
so far I have done---1,6,7 and 8

I am doing laundry as I type and work

I do not feel guilty at all for calling off either.
Oh I watched five mins of the VIEW today and saw the Gov. from IL. OK is that guy pyscho or what???? OH my goodness!!! He is really into himself!!!! He can self talk himself into any lie! WOW WE!

I hope to stay on task.....be sure you write things down this week and plan out your menu! Mine is on the white board in the kitchen. It is so helpful to display your dinners! Keep current on your calendar....I write alot of silly notes down but it helps me focus even on small tasks that can be accomplished. Say frugal everyone!

Whata weekend

January 25th, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Hey everyone....I did survive my dance competition on Saturday. We did prettty well as far as placing. My daughter who does not dance got sick so I had to leave to come home and take care of her....loads of complications all day long...but I kept telling myself Saturday will soon be Sunday and I will have survivied! I did! YAHOO

We did not spend alot at the dance competition. $15 at Wendys....$8 at Starbucks and $25 for my daughter to eat dinner out with the team. In all I got out of it CHEAP! I brought along snacks from home that helped as well. YAHOO

Today I hit walmart to grocery shop and now I am catching up on things. Impossible to do!!! I am trying.

All in all a pretty decent weekend.

Dance Fun

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:29 pm

This weekend is our first dance competition of the season. It is always a huge struggle to stay frugal. At least it is very local and no hotel is needed. I am praying to not spend hardly a thing. We will see.

Have had to get alot of odds and ends for this dance thing and also art supplies for my HS daughter. That was $100 I had to purchase for a drawing class. I was pretty bummed. They cover practically nothing. Oh well...a girl has to draw right?

The temps were up today....I spent most of my day off shovelling the driveway.
Alot of snow was melting. I tapped the rain gutters to get the ice moving and melting. I will do it again on Friday. Alot of the homeowners have roof damage from the water. I have zero icicles. I guess my ex has alot and now he has a leak in the ceiling from the water dams.
He has nice house but it always seems to have water problems. I never seem to...knock on wood! So good to keep the snow that is melting moving. I even shoveled the street drain to keep the water moving down the street. The car washes were mobbed today. I will keep my car dirty for a bit longer, then wash.

Nothing too new to report. I am just one tired mom. I had to sew alot as well today to fix and alter costumes....what a pain for me! As that always hurts my back. I feel old. Bummer.

We have eaten all our meals at home this week. I felt prepared and organized. I did buy a frozen type dinner for Friday along with rolls that you pop in the oven ---since we will be rushed with rehersals. It is far cheaper than eating out. We will probably have to grab a snack out on the road on Saturday. I feel OK doing that. Sunday I will grocery shop which I hate doing on SUNDAY! Oh well.
I will be dog tired on Sunday I know it!

Stay frugal!

What a week so far!

January 21st, 2009 at 03:56 pm

I ended up having to work on Saturday as my work buddy could not due to a faulty working truck. So I worked it much to my chagrin. I worked knowing full well I only stay till 12noon! I was glad. I spent the entire weekend huddled in my house except for one trip to grocery shop.
It was a nice relaxing weekend alone for me. I needed it! Yesterday at work we had a meeting about the theft in the kitchen.
I went home and stewed about it....I felt discouraged and partly mad. I felt very victimized as an employee. All the girls felt the same way.....we were mad. Everyone thinks we are scum at work and I am sick of it!!! I am sorry but they are truly accusing US as low lifes and robbers. Not one gal is happy right now. We now feel like we can not be friends with any other staff as they seem to enjoy getting us in trouble. So work sorta sucks right now. I like to be pals with everyone and be helpful....now I feel I have to mind my own business totally!

My teenager daughter is driving me nuts. we keep getting her phone replaced! Today she dropped it in her soup at lunch. When she told me I got so mad I told her not to talk to me. I am now talking to her but I am very mad at her. She also was not being respectful to me at all yesterday. It is very frustrating to me right now this whole parenting thing.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I found $5 in my purse today....one small happy moment.

I am off on Thursday---YAHOO!
Stay frugal!

Kitchen No No's!

January 16th, 2009 at 02:52 pm

Wow more WORK PLACE DRAMA! Ok someone is stealing LARGE amounts of food from our kitchen! Weird! Yes that is right. Someone is so darn desperate...hates to grocery shop or who runs a black market on groceries! So NOW we are not allowed to get coffee or to bum a spoon or eat any of the soup they are going to throw away. We are not even allowed to set foot in the kitchen. One of the housekeepers asks for free food all the time....so I think she may to blame. She is bold and a loud mouth--she demands food for free. It is certainly odd and weird.

Side note.....break room at work has no heater and it is freezing....so I ate my lunch in another place in the building and the manager kicked me out. When I asked her nicely and point blankly but with some clarity---- "where CAN I take my break and eat my lunch???" She said...gee I don't know and walked away....so I ate my lunch standing up in the laundry center. Now---is that weird??? I have a pretty good feeling that my workplace is really getting strange. Odd times make for odd working situations. Oh by the way my manager told me she had been yelled at all week and was sick of it....so what does that have to do with me wanting to eat my lunch?? Gosh I wish I was the boss....I would love to run the place with an eye on people and making things run more smoothly.

Co-worker needed some hours her little one has been sick and she missed a ton of work this week. I offered her my Saturday to work. I gave up 5 hours for her to earn some money. I decided it was worth it. I can relax and recharge and stay home! I will sacrifice in other areas to make up the loss of money.

We had no school on Thursday and Friday due to sub zero freezing weather. We are off on Monday as well. YAHOO!

Weekend to do's

January 15th, 2009 at 10:49 am

1. Shovel bottom of the driveway out
2. balance checkbook
3. Gather up not needed clothes for charity pickup on Monday
4. My personal laundry
5. Journal writing
6. Relaxing
7. Stop by the thrift store after work on Saturday ...50% off sale going on

January Goal Accomplished Already

January 15th, 2009 at 05:14 am

One of my goals was to open up a plain old savings account. I decided to go to the local credit union. It is simple and not a "bank"....and again it is locally managed. I have a checking account at another bank. I wanted to have things not connected....in case of bank failure. I also liked that it is on the other side of town. I have to make a trip to sorta get there. I decided it would be a pain to stop over and get money out! They also have limited hours.....so I can not just stop there or hit the ATM. SO far I have placed around $200 in the account. I feel so much better building up an account for an emergency or for what ever I may need.

I have not deposited my spousal money yet for Jan. I am trying to really hold off and not do much with it.....
I now am getting it paid in three month installments. I dislike that but I can work with whatever.

It is very cold here and today my two little ones do not have school. Because we are inside and home so much more....we tend to eat more and be at home cooking.
I have been shopping when I can and when I can keep everyone at home.....so it has been good to be out of the stores. I did have to buy a toaster oven last night at TARGET as mine got ruined and it was a fire hazard. I did buy one for $30 and it is very nice.

Work is going pretty well. I got a few free things here and there. A snowman candle a lady hated so I got it and some Christmas wrapping things. Also free coupons galore and newspapers to read. I work on Saturday and it starts my new limited hours.....only 5 hours...from 7am till noon. Hopefully I can cram everything I need to do into those five hours. If not...well....too bad.
My kids are at dad's this weekend. I wish I could meet a friend for dinner or lunch but I am not going to. I think next weekend I will be eating out because we have a dance competition. We almost always eat out with the team to celebrate....so I will save my money for that event. Yes dance season starts up again. I am looking forward to it but dreading it as well. It takes up alot of my time.

Stay warm and frugal everyone.

I Love Workplace Drama!

January 7th, 2009 at 05:02 pm

Work has been so fun! I mean really really fun! Tons of gossip and rumors floating all over the place. It is amazing. Just announce job cuts and boy do folks get off their rears and get to work! AMAZING! One worker who does the same job I do on Saturdays but she does it on Sundays was questioned. I mean I am done in 6 hours....yet somehow she needs 8 plus overtime??? When asked I was the role model she was compared to....gee did I feel good. They asked for her notes on what she does...jobs completed...she said she had no record. I keep very good records of exactly what I do at my job each day. It sure pays off. Write it down! Works for me! I just love to see folks squirm. I mean if you are lazy you will be caught. KARMA plain and simple. Yes I have had fun watching everyone go nuts---interesting people watching thats for sure.

Not much else new to report. Just trying to not spend if I can help it. WALGREENS has their TP on sale. I have been going in all week with a coupon and purchasing for my stockpile. 4 large---I mean HUGE rolls cost $2.13 with tax. I have been using change to purchase it. It is on my way to school too which makes it nice that way. I have been staying out of the grocery stores too...I am proud of myself.

Stay frugal everyone.

Another BIG Department Meeting

January 5th, 2009 at 03:53 pm

Yes another meeting! YIKES I was nervous.
Well instead of letting two housekeepers go....we all got our hours cut. I will work the same during the week and lose 3 hours on Saturday. I only work 5 hours...no more no less. I think I did OK since I have no benefits and I am not full time. I think everyone was glad to still be working but everyone seemed a bit shocked. Frankly I am shocked this happened so late in the game! One housekeeper was clearly upset...she wanted to voice her feelings but quit midstream....we encouraged her to get it out in the open---but she decided to keep her mouth closed. I walked away feeling strained. I guess the big boss is getting mad about stupid things like not shutting the door near the trash and toilet paper. So as you can sense---the place where I work seems tense to the tenth degree!
Again glad to still be working.

We were also told we will not get tips next year as some stupid co-worker was asking the residents when they were going to give us our Christmas tips! SO now we look badly and so they will not be tipping us anymore. We also will not be getting a bonus I guess from the company next year since they are all mad at us.
I wish we could get rid of all stupid co-workers. STUPID PEOPLE! Some of these co-workers have zero manners or tact.

Goal for Jan is to open a savings account at another local bank. My ex is giving me all my spousal support...not monthly but quarterly. So I have be more savy in squirelling it away and staying on track....same with child support. I am thinking his money is not so good so he wants to stay on top of things ...money wise. Not a bad idea.....I do apprectiate him staying faithful on making all payments. It sounds like his cash flow is more un-preditble or maybe he is strapped a bit. He sounds strapped...yet he mamages to eat out, go on trips, go to pro basketball games and sit in the front row, see shows....so I think he is doing OK.

All in all life is good right now. So glad to be done with Christmas and back to the routine of life. My tree and all the decorations are down and things are neat and tidy again. My son goes back to college on Tuesday. I think he is glad to get back as well....too much sister action.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Happy New Year--almost

December 29th, 2008 at 06:03 pm

Hello frugal friends! Happy almost New Year! I think most would look at 2008 and say a hearty goodbye to this awful and painful year! I think 2009 is going to be even worse then 2008. Aren't I negative? Yet I think 2009 will be a great challenge to all of us.
I certainly look at the new year as a way to get even more fit in the pocketbook.
Don't you? It will be a rocky year---I am sure of that...but somehow I feel we will learn some valuable lessons.

I hate I mean HATE to make New Year resolutions. New Years to me is a horrible time of year. When I was married every New Years was when my ex would point out every flaw and tell me how horrible I was and how THIS YEAR I better get it right and make myself better. I hate HATE New Years for the bad memories of crap I dealt with for far too long. Are you in that boat....being told you are not worthy and not good enough? Be it by a spouse or someone at work or in your family?? If you are---and by the way this has nothing to do with money or being frugal....please do not listen. Being emotionally battered is just not healthy for anyone. Please take action to make a change for yourself this year. Seek help or begin to see yourself as good enough and worthy. Everyone has flaws...duh! No one is perfect in this world. Please talk to someone and get released from this burden as fast as you can.

Heres to a great new begining that will no doubt...be filled with lots of twists and turns for everyone.....but hopefully we learn much along the way and we remember to count alot of blessings along our journeys.

With all my wonderful flaws and blemishes I raise a glass of bubbly and I toast to an interesting new year called 2009. The past is gone and the future is unknown....yet we have right now...today! So enjoy it and savor all it has to offer you! God Bless.

Are the Stores Busy Today?

December 26th, 2008 at 12:28 pm

The girls and I stopped at TARGET around 12:45 today. It was not overly crowded. I did walk by the Christmas department and it was not that crazy and they had I felt...tons of stuff still available. How are things out in your area? I feel people are def. waiting for things to get more discounted. We were in electronics and everyone purchasing something was using a gift card. Interesting. I think for me the sooner I could get out of the store the better. Even the returns area was not that nutty. Interesting.

Cleaned out my fridge today, Washed it top to bottom and then using my handy label maker--labeled the drawers for better kid friendly organizing. Best investment of 2008??? My label maker from Office Max. Love it...Love it...LOVE IT! If you have some Christmas money I highly recommend you purchase one if you like to organize or keep things neat looking. I really do not like gadgets but this one is great.

Have a good frugal day everyone!

Nice Christmas

December 26th, 2008 at 07:31 am

I would say we had a nice Christmas. My kids spent most of it with my ex--their dad and they seemed happy to have spent time with him and his family. I was able to poke around the house, do some laundry and relax a bit. My kids really liked the gifts I got them, esp my oldest daughter who seems to think I have zero style! I guess I managed to pick out some things that were really "awesome"! So I felt great about that. My kids were in a gag gift exchange with their extended family and I MADE OUT for not even being part of the family! My son got three hand soaps from Bath and Bodyworks! So he gave them to me! Fantastico! I guess the gift exchange was not properly explained to all the family as some of the gifts were "good" gifts.

My two older kids flew out to Dallas this morning at 6am. So they are gone till Jan 31st. it will be a little less noisy around the house with only two kids here.
Today we are doing a few returns....and my one daughter wants to get an organizer of some sort to organizer her necklaces and jewelry better---so we are off to TARGET.

My kids manged to get me a $75 TARGET gift card and my sister gave me wine, cookies, candy, pens and a book. I also got a wonderful photo of my kids that they had done at my parents house for me.
I got very teary eyed when I opened that one. They did it over Thanksgiving with my mom's help and arranged it all with my parents. I got a framed one for my bedroom and one for the family room. It was pretty darn thoughtful of my kids to think that one up.

I hope you have a great day---stay frugal.

Day off from Work

December 22nd, 2008 at 04:03 am

I took a vacation day today from work...
Things we are doing today---

1. Go to the dance store to order shoes for competition season
2. Bank-- to deposit money for taxes
3. Bake cookies--PB blosoms
4. work on a rather hard puzzle we started
5. journal
6. Pasta for dinner
7. watch all the shows we like io TLC tonight with a glass of wine
8. Keep things as tidy as possible with 4 kids home all day

It is so cold here!!! I mean terrible--stay warm and cozy everyone

Merry almost Christmas

December 20th, 2008 at 04:18 pm

I had to get new brakes on my SUV...$600. Ouch--plain and simple. Oh well you got to be able to stop...right? At least my mechanic had another free car to loan me so I was able to drive here and there. My son and I went to an outlet closeout type store that is a chain around my area...I got a box of Christmas cards for next year...20 for about 88 cents. Nice ones too....they have Bible verses and a nice saying. I was so happy to snag those! They will be for the residents I clean for--- next year! I resisted all gift wrapping stuff that I saw which was so cheap! I looked long and hard but made my son not let me buy anything.

Confession time!!! I returned two gifts I got...one from Loews and one from TARGET. Yes I am bad...more practical..useless items so why not. I guess that makes me bad. I got $50 back from one and $40 from another.....Maybe I am smart.

Did some shopping for food today since we are gettting a bad wind storm for Sunday. Sub zero temps as well. We bought snacks for dinner on Sunday night.....I decided to make dinner kinda fun. My kids are now all home with no school for two weeks. Monday I am off work so we are going to bake more cookies for fun. Everyone likes cookies right???

I am enjoying getting ready for Christmas....it is so nice for me. I enjoy just looking at my tree and lighting the candles and fireplace! I am so easy to please can you tell??? My sister called me and told me for some time on the telephone during our call together how stressed she was and overwhelmed. I have a very hard time feeling sorry for her as she chooses to work full time as a professor and she has a husband. I just can not feel too overly sorry for her. I must do much on my own....I have no one to help me. Everyone gets stressed and everyone gets to feeling overwhelmed---what else is new?? I think to complain about it non stop is not helpful.....just do the next thing or cross things off the list and let it go. I think she feels she has to do so many things for Christmas and it feels like a pressure cooker..when I feel that in the least.....I reflect on the reason for the season.....to me it is pretty much a religious day.....so all the pressure to perform fades away quickly. When I was married I felt that way. My ex's family is ridiclous over Christmas doings.....I never understood why I was in severe depression at New Years....now I know why. This is important for mothers to understand.....we are not Christmas Jeanies.....how sad for some mothers to suffer when it should be a peace-filled joy filled time.

Something to reflect on....Merry Christmas frugal friends.

Mandatory Meeting at Work

December 17th, 2008 at 04:47 pm

Well we all gathered and the regional boss told us that there has been alot of theft around our building....WELL DUH!!!!! He drove three hours to tell us that????
I mean come on!!!!!!!We have theft...and guess what you are such a wimpy boss you can not figure it out who is stealing!
I mean he told us this in his Christmas sweater vest. Frankly if there is theft I would rule and reign with a sledgehammer in one hand and gun in the other to show I mean business around my place!!! Oh yes...then we got our good news...we got our Christmas bonus checks. I got $75. Not bad but not that great. I got $5 from one lady and $5 from another lady...that is my "tip" from them for the entire year.
I got a box of candy from another lady.

The meeting to me was stupid. The staff is not that big...pinpont when the thefts occur and then begin to plan a set up and nab your man or woman. I am sorry there are so many ways to steal from the place I work....by not being more forceful more stern the person stealing will have a field day! It is sad that someone would steal from an old person..I mean come on!! Creeps are everywhere right??

Housekeeper Christmas lunch is on Thursday. Our gift exchange as well. I am very excited to go---even on my day off I am going.

My parents came for the day to visit and bring grandkid gifts. It was so nice. We ate Christmas cookie exchange cookies and made sandwiches. We lit the fire and chatted. My parents already got me some things this fall but my mom bought me new kitchen towels and new bath towels! I also got a pretty and I mean pretty sterling silver ring that is so neat and modern looking...I love it! I was very surpised! I got my parents 2 bottles of local winery wine and a gift certificate for some great steaks and seafood. I think they were very happy. I wanted to be more personal but they seemed happy to have some meals shipped to them for free.
So a nice day to celebrate Christmas with family. I even had my mom do some hemming and mending with me. I really enjoyed the visit!

Have a nice evening everyone.

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