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Mandatory Meeting at Work

December 17th, 2008 at 04:47 pm

Well we all gathered and the regional boss told us that there has been alot of theft around our building....WELL DUH!!!!! He drove three hours to tell us that????
I mean come on!!!!!!!We have theft...and guess what you are such a wimpy boss you can not figure it out who is stealing!
I mean he told us this in his Christmas sweater vest. Frankly if there is theft I would rule and reign with a sledgehammer in one hand and gun in the other to show I mean business around my place!!! Oh yes...then we got our good news...we got our Christmas bonus checks. I got $75. Not bad but not that great. I got $5 from one lady and $5 from another lady...that is my "tip" from them for the entire year.
I got a box of candy from another lady.

The meeting to me was stupid. The staff is not that big...pinpont when the thefts occur and then begin to plan a set up and nab your man or woman. I am sorry there are so many ways to steal from the place I work....by not being more forceful more stern the person stealing will have a field day! It is sad that someone would steal from an old person..I mean come on!! Creeps are everywhere right??

Housekeeper Christmas lunch is on Thursday. Our gift exchange as well. I am very excited to go---even on my day off I am going.

My parents came for the day to visit and bring grandkid gifts. It was so nice. We ate Christmas cookie exchange cookies and made sandwiches. We lit the fire and chatted. My parents already got me some things this fall but my mom bought me new kitchen towels and new bath towels! I also got a pretty and I mean pretty sterling silver ring that is so neat and modern looking...I love it! I was very surpised! I got my parents 2 bottles of local winery wine and a gift certificate for some great steaks and seafood. I think they were very happy. I wanted to be more personal but they seemed happy to have some meals shipped to them for free.
So a nice day to celebrate Christmas with family. I even had my mom do some hemming and mending with me. I really enjoyed the visit!

Have a nice evening everyone.

Mandatory Work Meeting at 10am

December 16th, 2008 at 04:53 pm

We were told today that the president of our company will be driving down from Michigan on Weds morning. The meeting is mandatory. So if you are off on Weds...you have to be at this meeting. So far not one person knows what it is about....kinda scary as when ever there is something happening we usually get a hint. So I am a little concerned----I mean we have less and less residents. But if there was going to be lay off would they tell people privately or on an individual basis?? Hopefully he wants to personally wish us a Merry Christmas--somehow I just do not get that vibe.

Parents are coming for the day to visit and have lunch and bring grandkid Christmas gifts to my children. We will be eating cookies from the cookie exchange.

I will report back to everyone about our big meeting.

College Boys Eat alot!

December 15th, 2008 at 05:03 pm

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! My son is home from college and gee can he eat. I have had to shop so differently with him being home. Lots of stuff for sandwiches and snacking! WOW. He seems to be eating healthier which is so interesting! We had to buy some salad items. Go Figure! Today was the work cookie exchange. It went pretty well with everyone saying we have to do it again next Christmas...that made me feel so glad since I started it and organized the whole thing myself. I had some bosses come to it so I was nervous to not flub up or do something dumb.....I guess it went fine. I had a small wooden ornament for each gal who came as well. It was so nice to share. All in all we had 10 ladies from work be part of the exchange....the cookies were so nice to look at! All in all--- a treat.

I did buy dance teacher gifts...much to my chagrin.The girls wanted to bless their teachers so I went to bath and body works and got some small bottles for not much money. So the teachers got some gifts. I am prety much done in fact I returned some items already. My only small item I would like is a small tree for the kitchen.I am going to wait till after the holidays to purchase.

I think our bonuses are coming at work. I think mine is around $172.00--I am gratful for whatever I may get.

I have to tile my bathroom and laundry room downstairs....the sub floor I guess is moldy. A plumber did not install my potty correctly some years ago. My handy friend Bill says it needs done...so he will do it all in Jan. I guess I know where my bonus is going.

I am trying to stay in the Christmas mood but lately it has been kinda hard.....my ex and my daughter who is 16 are just driving me crazy. I have been so burnt out dealing with them.....not easy...oh well....one day at a time right!

Enjoy the season and stay frugal!

I spent too much today--what is going on?

December 8th, 2008 at 07:41 pm

I had to make two trips to the grocery store today. I am so mad!!! I seem to have to spend when I do not want to! One daughter needed candy right away...sigh...for school for making gingerbread houses....another daughter I needed to provide snacks and drinks for her basketball team! We also bought her dad nuts for part of his Christmas gift..they were not cheap! Oh I hate to buy needlessly at the grocery store for stuff and more stuff. I just get almost sick in my stomach. Things cost so much.
At times I get overwhelmed....then I just take deeps breathes and relax.

I also had to go to WalMart....I had to take my youngest....what a terrible mistake. Everything appealed to her.
No more stores with kids! Yikes.

On a brighter note...gas is cheaper.....$1.51! That is amazing to me.
Thank goodness. That sure helps. Work is going pretty well. Some staff have to leave early each day since we are not at capacity. I have not been asked to leave early. Mostly the residents assistants are having to leave early. I stay busy in my own little areas.

I got my money from my MM to pay my taxes! I just have to write the check and get to the bank. My broker has it all ready to go when I need it. I hate to take from my long term accounts but that is how it goes. I am sure my taxes will be much higher very soon. I am counting on it.

My one daughter is asking what I want for Christmas....I have a very hard time asking for things. She is almost mad at me because I am not giving her ideas. I finally told her sharp knives for the kitchen as mine are terrible. She said that was dumb. I am way too practical. I hate fluffy stuff for me. I did ask for Horton hears a Who on DVD, I love LOVE that movie!!! I did see a purse today but then I felt terible saying anything. I have always been this way. I just am not good at the game of gifting and asking for gifts. I am odd! I just have such a hard time with it.

Stay frugal everyone. Remember to give where you can to help others. When you give to those in need or who have nothing---your heart grows. It is a wonderful feeling! Enjoy.

Frugal Weekend

December 7th, 2008 at 07:01 pm

Hi everyone. I did not spend very much money except to buy the groceries for the week. I had to work and a co-worker bought a salad for me. Such a treat!
I did buy a vanity/makeup table for my youngest daughter from work. A resident was selling all her stuff cause she is moving to a nursing home. It is going to be a Christmas gift. The best part is I paid $10 for it! It is all wood and wonderfully old fashioned! I am so excited to give it to her! I did not buy anything else at the sale. I refrained BIG TIME!

I also did not Christmas shop this weekend. I did not want to mindlessly wander around from store to store. It is pointless. I am really trying to not spend on silly things. The kids want a few more bigger items...which are easy to purchase. There is no rush! So far so good. By the way how many Lands End catalogs have you received in the mail?? I swear I get one every single day! I am about to call them and tell them to remove my name from their mailing list. I only need the school catalog in July!!! I do think they send out way too much glossy paper. Not very green are we?????

We got snow! It looks so pretty outside.
Only about two inches fell but it is plenty for Christmas fun! It is so cold here....but I would not want December any other way! Cold and snowy!

Have a great frugal week everyone.

Bonus at work

December 4th, 2008 at 06:03 am

Each year we get a small bonus at work.
I am not even sure we are getting one this year. I am going to be very curious to see how that shakes out. Hopefully I will get my yearly raise. Last year it was 24 cents. So as you can see we are are not paid all that great to take care of older people. I am not complaining---just hoping. Everything extra is just pure icing to me. I never count on things like social security. Again icing on the cake.

Keeping taps on bills and finances. So far so good. I am waiting on my VISA---I want to get that thing paid right away. I will feel so much better about money once that is done.

Today I am going shopping for some gifts.
Running some errands.....I like to do as much stuff without the girls as possible.

Have a good day everyone. Stay frugal.

Using up what you have challenge

December 1st, 2008 at 07:01 pm

Hello frugal friends! Here is the challenge.....go thru all Christmas paper items...like cards, wrappings, gift bags, ribbon and cards and get it all organized in one place. See what you have and what you do not to need buy and purchase. It is very tempting to be lured by the sale flyers to get more.....stuff! Do not give in to that. Use what you have! Make due or come up with another idea!

How are you doing on throwing away or recycling catalogs?? Also have you received alot of emails regarding free shipping or 50% off. Resist as well. Keep challenging yourself to resist and make do without the hype. It feels so good.
Freedom feels so wonderful.

Hope eveyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine was relaxing! I enjoyed not having to work for four days! A great refreshing break!

The tree is up and the house is decorated in simple modest fashion. It is just lovely.

Keep centered on the reason for the season and let all other things go right out the window. Stay frugal and stay challenged to think thrifty. Count your pennies and stay on budget. Make due and use up. Decide how can you help someone else who is having a rough time of it this Christmas...how can you serve someone else. How can you do without so someone else can have food. Dramamtic I know.

Your soul and spirit will thank you over and over again this week. Blessings.

Doing Ok so far

November 24th, 2008 at 03:52 pm

Hello everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Work is SLOW! We have less leased apartments in my assistant living place!
Some have moved out to save money or go into skilled nursing or others have died. So the work load is really light for me. I am not one to waste time but at times....I find myself wasting time here and there to make my work day stretch! I did volunteer to help with a fundraiser bring helded at my work place. I decided if I took the initative to look "eager" with management that would be a help in the long run in keeping a job if they lay off.
Otherwise I do my job and stay focused on me and what I have to do.

I put some plastic on my patio door to keep out the cold...I think it will help.
I had never done that before but it ws pretty easy to do it myself! The kids are getting lots of letters from school for food drives and charity stuff. I am trying to help where I can. I feel pretty blessed and giving makes me feel more than blessed! It is a good feeling to help even in small ways.

I am about half way done with my Christmas shopping. I am glad! I am not buying all that much. I thought I would feel terrible about not buying as much but it feels liberating! I want to write a list of things TO DO around the house or close by that are easy and free. Having that list will help me keep everyone in the hoilday mood. My one daughter was complaining after being with dad....he took then to a pro football game and the movies....hard to compete. So having this list will help me focus on what we can do!

My taxes are due in one month. I will get the money from my investment account. I have no other way to pay it. I have zippo liquid savings.

I am praying I have fun with my sister later this week as we get together for Thanksgiving. I know she does not mean it but she is very self invovled with herself and she likes to talk about it alot. She is also married. She is a college professor. At times it gets hard for me to take it. So this year I decided to limit my visit to just an overnighter. That way I am not so frustrated it ruins my Holiday. I am sure I am not the only one here who has to deal with Holiday frustration in ones' family.

I am trying to not watch the news. It is giving me nightmares. I guess we need to do what we can with what we have. So much is not in our control and out of our hands. I really can not imagine wanting to president of the USA right now...what a tough tough job he has. YIKES.

Take care---have a blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time to refelct.

Christmas Christmas Everywhere!

November 15th, 2008 at 05:08 pm

I stopped at TARGET today for a few odds and ends. The store seemd extra extra busy! Is the economy good or bad right now? Were people shopping early for the Holidays or maybe trying to get out of the house since it was so rainy and cold out? I am not sure. Next time I am out I am going to try to observe the stuff in everyones carts. I find it curious to see what everyone is buying! The store was full to the brim with Christmas! I looked at the Holiday DVD's and had to run away!
They were so wonderful and I wanted to buy at least three! Heaven help me!

I finished my youngest child's gifts today. She wanted a big item so that took up most of her budget. My goal is to again...throw away catalogs.....I got three today but to stay out of stores as much as possible.
I find it amazing that I get so easily sucked into impulse purchases and feeling like I gotta have it. It is nutty to me how self control can literally fly out the door.

I decided to make my college son a care package. Cookies, licorice and reeses cups. So that will be put together and mailed on Monday. He has been on my heart lately. Hopefully he enjoys all that sugar!

My middle daughter is making a Christmas paper chain and paper snowflakes inthe family room. She is in 7th grade but still likes to do silly paper crafts. It is relaxing to be doing something simple and stress free for her and me.

Sunday I will pay my bills. They are organized and ready to be completed.
I am so glad I grocery shopped on Thursday! We are having horrible rain and wind. I am looking to my pantry to feed us and not making any extra trips to the grocery. Each day I stay home from there the better I feel. Tonight was meatloaf, sunday is Mexican and then a breakfast dinner on Monday. I like working my plan.

Well have a nice weekend everyone. Take time to review your menus for the week or create one so the stress this week is not so bad. Enjoy throwing out catalogs or recycle them. Turn off some un-needed lights as well....every bit helps as you of course know.

My yard is again full of leaves from the wind...isn't fall wonderful? I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. What a blessed and lovely time that will be for us.

Happy Fall Savings Everyone

November 12th, 2008 at 05:19 am

Hello Friends, yes I am still here! I do not seem to be able to get to my computer too much lately. It troubles me as I love to blog and write. I am home today from work as my little one has a cold. We have all had it and now it is her turn bless her heart. So this is my second sick day for 2008. That is right...I have taken only two sick days this whole year. I probably need to be "sick" more often as we don't get to cash our sick days out. I guess I am way too honest. I feel badly missing work. I guess I feel others are counting on me. Maybe I am naive. So I will poke around the house today. I do not mind at all!!

Work had some drama this week. We have a cleaning housekeeper diva and she broke a straw so to speak. Another gal reamed her out and made her cry. It was pretty intense...so intense she had to leave work and go home. I think this gal who is a diva has some mental imbalances or something....she is not acting right. I am praying she quits soon. She is a terrible team player and makes the department drag. All my co-workers except her went out on Saturday for dinner at Applebees. Boy did I have fun! I really needed to get out and be with some girls. I need to interact much more-- I am around my kids so much that after a time I need ot be with some fun adults. I spent $30 but it was cheap therapy. My boss was not around for the drama....she is back today...I am curious to find out what is happening with Miss Diva. Never a dull moment. Yesterday I got a new patient and he seemed nice. He told me he was not feeling too good and I dismissed it a bit as most old people never are feeling 100%. Well a few hours later he had a heart attack. Poor guy just moved all the way from the Flordia Keys! I wonder if the trip stressed him out and his heart gave out. Lesson re-learned....tomorrow is promised to no one. Sad for his family who seemed happy to have grandpa closer to them.

Bills are under control it seems for now.
I will cash out my CC cash back money on Thursday and slip that into my Christmas envelope. That is my amount to shop with. PERIOD!!! It should be an easier Holiday for me as the two older ones want cash and the little ones each want a larger type gift. So the budget is spent simply and quickly. I am cutting down on gifts for extra people this year. If I do gift someone it will be food and cheaper in price point. I have vowed to throw every catalog away that I get in the mail. So far I have received alot!! I only keep a few for me to browse thru.....none go in the children's hands.
I am collecting stocking stuffers as well.

I am keeping my heat low esp during the day. I am glad the cats do not mind....hey they have fur coats on!

I placed an "ad" on the bulletin board at work to sell my snow blower. The property mangager wants it for her son who just bought a house. $200 cash is my asking price. So that will be nice to get that money! Hopefully they like it and take it. I have two quilts going to a house sale as well to be sold...but that will take a while to sell those.

I am trying to use coupons at the store but find the store brand or generic is far cheaper..so many of my coupons go to waste. I also try when I am done shopping to look thru my cart and remove an item or two that I really DO not NEED. So much is impulse. I am doing well in eating up leftovers. They go to work or I eat them whenever. I am trying very hard to stay organized in the pantry and the fridge--so far so good.

On Sunday I raked and mowed by myself for 6 hours. At one point I was so tired I wanted to cry. I felt alone and cold and wet and depressed. My kids were with dad. When I finally got done I looked at how nice my yard looked and perked up. I wanted to give up and hire someone earlier in the day......when I saw how hard I worked and what I accomplished I really relished in the feeling and have all week long. I hope that more Americans can feel that feeling of doing something on their own and to not allow the gov't to do everything or much FOR them. The gov't is so messed up right now---people need to be resourceful in and upon themselves.

At times we all want to give up or throw in the towel. Don't. Keep moving one step at a time. Do the next thing. Plain and simple. Most of us have the power to accomplish so much and at times accomplish MUCH with sometimes very little. That is my prayer for this month. To be grateful for all I have and to not give up on what I might place my hands on to do.

Have a good week.

Still ticking folks

October 27th, 2008 at 07:47 pm

My life seems to be on a rollercoaster of sorts. I am not able to type too much today but will catch up at the end of the week when the kidos are at dad's house.
Was at the indoor waterpark and it was sorta fun. It took my paycheck and then some!!! Plus my one daughter was really giving me some attitutde....well I lost it for 10 min. So that was not fun. All in all I got thru all the dance stuff. SO back to reality today. I am really looking forward to my weekend....I need the space desperately!

So that was depressing to watch my money literally fly out of my hands. Yet it was eye opening all at the same time! The one gal I sat with most of the weekend who has not had a job for one year told me all about her great shopping she does. She managed to buy a ton of stuff while at the waterpark. How many purses can one person own? How many webkinz?? How many sunglasses??? It was creepy. Nice gal but is this unemployed gal for real??? I mean how many fake chanel purses can one person store???
I was thrilled to be me at that point. I have one brown purse and one pair of brown shoes. Boring but simple. Again --is this really how many Americans live??>>
I almost had a migraine listening to her go on and on about spending. When she told me she liked tanning and I asked her where and she said her basement as she owns a tanning bed...well at that point I had to walk away and get some fresh air.

I like my life oh so simple and oh so boring I guess....with no credit card debt! I just think people have got to wake up NOW...so many people are in for a rude scary new awakening.....save money and spend less...prepare for the worst. No president can get us out of this mess anytime soon. I truly believe that. Stop shopping and buying junk and stupid things. That would be my message to anyone today. It is critical we adopt new thinking that is radical...... now.

Tag Sale Friend

October 15th, 2008 at 03:11 pm

One of my fellow co-workers runs a tag sale business for people. Mostly they are with older folks needing to unload to move into places like where I work. She has agreed to sell two quilts that no longer fit in my house color wise. So HOPEFULLY some extra cash. She is selling another quilt for another gal and some model trains for another co-worker. So fingers crossed my quilts sell.

For some reason work was super super boring today. I think our residents are down so the work load is a little less. At this point I dare say nothing. Sounds bad but I do not want to rock my boat too much.

I paid all my bills last night, including my credit card bill which I pay off every month. So I have some money left but not a ton. I have been using my cash and it is dwindling down. I am trying to not go to any stores still or spend on silly things. It sure helps to stay OUT of stores!

Not much else to report. I am trying to not think about taxes. It is too stressful.

My son went to the movies and it cost $9.50. I find that crazy. Am I the only one that thinks that is nutty?? I wonder if movie attendance is down. I have not even rented a movie in months. For me I am way too tired when I do have some down time to watch a movie! I am back to reading a book. Simple and satisfying.

Sweetest Day is this week. I bought some candy thru the school to pass along to my girls. Homemade choc covered pretezles. Each bag cost $1. Simple school fun.

Have a good night everyone.

Work this week

October 14th, 2008 at 01:44 pm

I was going to apply at the competition this week. Well my friend who works there is now looking to come back and work where I work. Until I hear about why she is leaving I am waiting first to apply there. I am not sure what the deal is but I would like to get her point of view first.

I am working on my day off this Thursday to sub for a co-worker who is off. So I will get 5 added hours of pay. That is good news. I suggested to my boss and she said OK. Sometimes you have to suggest and get creative with work ideas.
I am taking off Friday for a vacation day so I get paid but do I am not showing up.
Nice to get the hours!

My son needed some more money so now he has no Christmas gifts. He was cool about that. I feel terrible but that is how I have to do it and also teach him a lesson on being thrify. Things are tight now but I think I am going to be OK. I hopefully can eat out of the fridge and pantry for some time. I am really being careful in the food department. Nothing is going to waste.

I got some free TP at work and some paper towels also some coupons. I got some free candy for the kids too. Nothing much else. I got some hand soap but I kept it at work to wash my hands. It is not provided to us in our laundry room.....Which seems really lame.

My boss got moody with one gal who would not work a night shift. She is into bullying people who do not give her what she wants. Poor manager skills to say the least. I told my boss I worked Saturday despite having food poisoning. She did seem to think I was much of a hero for doing that. I was kinda shocked I did not even get one good word of encouragement. What was I thinking?? They need to hire a few more housekeepers or pay more to workers who work late at night. I said if they ever ask me I would say YES in a heartbeat but tell them I need $12 an hour to do it. Money talks right?

I have to save money to pay my taxes. I will probably have to take it out of my investments. I have no other way to pay them. I keep fretting about it but then that is why I have money tucked far away.

Have a good evening everyone.

Hello I am still Here

October 12th, 2008 at 06:26 pm

I have not posted too much lately. I guess I have been so busy and dealing with some teenage issues that are well....frankly...they have been draining.
Things have not been that great. Slowly things are indeed improving. My son is home for the weekend from college. He is very broke. He asked for his Christmas money now. I went ahead and gave him half.
It is hard for him I realize. I can not help him too much. He has a job but because of some hang up he does not get paid till Nov 1st. Homecoming is over with. My daughter had fun but emotionally it was a nightmare for me. She did her share of giving me some headaches. So that is over with. Thank goodness. She had fun but it was a headache for me. She also tried for the 4th time to pass her driving test. She did not pass. It was terrible. I thought she was going to jump off a cliff she was so upset. It was sheer trama. Now she can not re-take her test for 365 days. It is discouraging to her and to me. As a single mom I would love to have her driving. I guess God sees it differently for now.

Work is going OK. I am going to apply this week to the competition and hopefully if I get hired will make $1.50 more per hour. So I am willing to switch.
I have two friends there so maybe I have a way to get hired. I would miss my buddies but $1.50 extra per hour is a great bump.

My bills seem manageable for now. I am just trying to not spend on anything silly. I did set up an envelope for Christmas money. I am stashing cash away in it. It is not very fancy but it is a good way to put some cash away. My little one is already asking about gifts. I think her Dad encourages. I wish he would stop.

I booked a painter for May and his price. I will get all the house trim painted. It needs it badly. I also hired a snow plow guy. I decided it was worth it. I can not use the snow blower and it is not realiable at all. So for not much more I have hired a truck to plow both driveways. Anything over two inches I get plowed. I am very excited about not having to deal with acres of cement to shovel. I still do my own mowing.....so that is still on my back to take care of.

I am not eating out with friends and pretty much cooking at home. We do not even order pizza. We have been making our own! I am using alot of potatoes and eggs and good basics for meals. It helps.

I am really enjoying my new church. It is the only social thing I go to. The pastor always has a good word for us. I get very encouraged. I also really like seeing lots of older folks. It feels like a real family since there are so many ages in my church. I do some chatting at work too but other than that there is little adult time for me.

I did splurge and buy some pumpkins with my little one. I use my other fall stuff every year over and over. I have some wreaths and arrangements. My porch looks darling. It lifts my spirits to see how cheery it looks. I enjoy puttering with all the fun fall stuff and making my porch look charming.

Well I need to scoot here. I wanted to check in and say hello. Hope you are all well despite all the hardships we all are facing. What can one do? Just take things one day at a time. God is in control.

Discounted the medical bill

September 23rd, 2008 at 06:31 pm

Today I called the hospital where I had my bone denisty test done. It was not covered by insurance. Of course....duh!!!!So I owed around $900 for this test. They keep billing me. I have learned my lesson....forgo everything medical unless valid. Stick to home made remedies for as along as possible. This test is not valid or needed at age 40 something. Well sorry that is def. out of my league to pay it. So I finally called and they said I could repay it in 6 easy equal installments or I could slap it on my credit card and get a 20% off the cost. So I did that. Slapped it on the credit card. So a good lesson learned. First listen to your DR but def. pick and choose stuff you want done....remember these doctors are loaded and money is no object to them. Think of it as a salad bar...remember those?? Pick and choose what you want! Do you like carrots and not onions...well pick and choose! Second ask for discounts and work out deals. Bargain with them like you are at the garage sale down the street. Ridiculous and highway robbery.....I just can not understand how average people can truly make it. God forbid I get very sick....Everything is so overpriced.
Plus I never ever heard how my test went way back in June....oh yes..thanks. Hope my bones are well and fine and most of all...dandy.

Found out I have a heck of alot of credit card rewards. Enough to pay for Christmas. So there is my Christmas....
I will call in October and request my money. So simple---yet such a silly game.

My girls are at dad's soon..I do not have to cook dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday we are all going to a school cookout...so no dinner on Sunday! I can eat cheap..cheap...cheap!

Bought more homecoming do dads. Booked a hair apt. and ordered a wrist corsage. WOW it sure adds up. I keep telling myself this is a memory. It actaully is fun to pick out dress up stuff as I never dress up or go anywhere remotely dressy in style. So I have enjoyed picking out fancy things. She does look really grown up....it is really scary how mature she looks for her age.

Payday is Friday I can not wait. I love to see that money in my hand and then sadly I watch it disappear!

My ex is a commercial mortgag broker owning his own company. I had the thought today that God forbid my ex's business went belly up!!! Part of the divorce was that he have insurance to cover calamity so that I would still get my spousal support. That made me get a nervous feeling. Hopefully he is above board and things are ok with his business. One never knows. How scary for me.

NO MORE shopping on Sundays

September 21st, 2008 at 09:32 pm

I finally get it...I hate shopping esp on Sundays! Today we did more jean shopping and all three girls were crabby and it was just not fun! So that is my new motto and way of life....no shopping on Sundays!
I just can not do it mentally! Everyone has two pairs of jeans. So that is the good news. Did my grocery shopping yikes it sure added up! .....I did some stocking up but managed to get what was on the list. My store has VO5 shampoo and conditioner at a good price I think....each bottle is 50 cents. So I am going back on Monday to get a few more to stockpile a tiny bit.

I am really tired. Too much running around for this single mom. Hopefully curtailing the shopping time will help.

Another busy week looms for me. Payday is Friday....yahoo. I am going to the new person dinner at my church on Saturday. It took me two weeks to get the courage to sign up for it which I did today and the only reason I did sign up was a few other single people were on the list. I saw a new face at church...someone from my very old church which is really a cult now. It was interesting to see her there as she was die hard member. I was not able to talk to her....but I hope to soon.
I am really liking my church. I just wish I was not so darn shy. I am not sure why but I have the hardest time opening up.
Today I really tried...and I did speak to one lady but it was painful for me. I really need to try each week and not be so worried. Divorce has just had that kind of an effect on me I guess.

My show won some Emmys!!! Mad Men---if you have never seen it....please watch it. It is very cool to watch the neat clothes from the 60's and the interesting relationships. Plus there is good dialogue. In one scene the main couple in the show have to fix their "record player/stereo". The wife states it will cost $18 to fix it....but only $9 if they take it to the repair shop. That cracks me up.
To see how cheap stuff was back then. Again...neat show to watch.

Have a good week!

Closed my Savings Account

September 20th, 2008 at 02:25 pm

Finally got out my money and closed the account. I was asked the "reason" I wanted it closed....I said well I have nothing to put in it anymore. Sad but true. I feel so much better simplifying all the bank stuff. I can now pay off the VISA this month. I have never held over a balance I hope never ever to do that.

Did some jean shopping today. My oldest only found jeans. We did get a few bargains. Working on getting the homecoming outfit completed. Not easy.

Nice weather here!! My parents came up and brought me my Christmas gifts. I was the glad receiver of....a new family room rug, new black light fixture for over the kitchen table, two new pillows, new photo shelves, new frames and a new painted chest of drawers in black! The cost was reasonable....my mom the deal getter....when I went to pay her she said it was my Christmas gift! I was thrilled!!!! I really was not able to pay for it all so this was a great blessing! My dad hung a curtain rod for me and hung the phot shelves. He trimmed my trees and mowed my yard! It was awesome. I woudl be very lost without my parents helping me.
Such a blessing. My family room looks really nice. I love my black dresser in there. It is very a la Pottery Barn! My mom paid $20!! UNreal.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Staying cheap

September 16th, 2008 at 04:26 pm

I am resisiting every urge to spend! I am using up the pantry....making leftovers go further. Weds my goal is to close my savings account. Part of me feels like a flunkie not filling up my savings account.
Part of me simply does not care. I have to buy jeans for the girls this weekend. I have to really watch it...three girls out jean shopping spells trouble.

I am going to tell my boss I am available on Thursdays--- my day off to work if needed. I hate to offer....but the extra money is a good thing if I can cover for someone. I am not able to work much else or anywhere else right now. I have to be home after school and at night. My friend may get some cleaning side jobs...so again I may have a chance at some extra cash. I told her if I can make it work I will do them with her.

I am working on getting painting estimates for my house. I got one tonight from my friend's husband's co-worker. It was very reasonable. I wonder if they told him I was a single mom as he seemed to be better priced.

I have to keep motivated to save and make do and see that things go further.

A total side bar....does anyone watch MAD MEN??? My power went out on Sunday with 5 mins left in the show....it looked like I missed a good ending! I love that show since it is based in the 60's...the clothes, the styles..it is way cool! I think the story lines and characters are really interesting.
Have a good night everyone.

Weekend doings

September 14th, 2008 at 05:28 pm

My son came home from college...so we celebrated his birthday. He is 19. The girls were with dad so it was just him and I. It was very relaxing. I worked on Saturday and met my gal pal for pie and coffee later on....it was cheaper than dinner so it worked out for both of us. Plus we went to a close place so we could save on gas.
It is $3.99 near me. Pretty high. I bought my son some food to take back to school. This is something I do to help him out....but I can't always do it.
Somehow I make it all work....but sometimes it is scary to me since I tend to have alot of expenses that pop up without warning.

I did my grocery shopping today and stuck to my list. I have alot of stuff left over from last week that is still fine. So I did not have to do as much purchasing. I baked cookies today and mowed. The grass was very long from all the rain. It was a huge job. Hot and sticky outside to boot. Tonight we are having a huge wind storm. The grass looks terrible...it made me depressed to see my nice lawn look like a war zone! I did find a HUGE branch down. I had to drag it to the curb.....some how my 12 yr old and I got it dragged to the curb. Hopefully the town sends around the tree trucks on Monday. I quickly got us back inside to avoid getting hit or injured.
I did put away some summer stuff today in the garage. Another big job ...but I felt good geting some things accomplished in light of approaching the fall season. This week I will be closing my MM savings account. I am going to have to save in my checking account for now. I can not keep much in it and I am getting charged for having a low amount. Oh well...I need the money NOW for sure.

I am starting to stress about Christmas.
I am really worried. I have to think of a better plan for gifts for the kids. I do not have the time to mess with too much. I have to really re-think things. I hate to be a scrooge but I find zero meaning in too much commercaiized stuff. Again...I need to really think about my approach to the holidays. I feel I say this every year---I have not really made head way I guess. My ex husband is already making the kids write out all the goodies they want. I find that ridiculous.

I need to watch every penny. I added up how much gas I spend a month via the visa bill. It is really HIGH! It is very depressing. I may have to put all my kids in public school next year I drive too far away to their school. I am begining to see it may be too expensive gas and car wise. Sad but true.
Monday I have to make 4 trips back and forth to school....that will be a half a tank of gas---no lie!

This is when I wish I had a husband to discuss so many things with. Sad but true....

I am praying the wind does not harm my house. It is very bad out there.
Have a good Monday everyone.

Hello my computer is fixed!

September 9th, 2008 at 07:26 pm

Yes my computers all had to go in the shop. It cost me around $300 to have them all fixed up. I had zero choice in that it is needed for the kids' school. I am really struggling with school back in session. I am doing a ton of driving. I have it rough. I just do not have enough hours in my day to do it all. Today I toyed with the idea of quitting my job. If I was home during the day I could cook more and do more. I feel very overwhelmed. Is the extra income worth it? I can not decide. I have decided to not stress about it "right now" but leave the thought of quitting in the back of my mind. The whole idea is frightening...mostly becasue I love being around people and being a grown up. Oh well.....I am not in a hurry. Part of me says suck it up and be glad you have a job and it is part time so stop being a baby about it.

I paid all my IRS taxes and state taxes...it sure hurt. When I have to pay taxes it wipes me out. The next batch of taxes is due right after Christmas. I am already dreading Christmas. I am going to have to put away some money each week for that. I will have to stash it away somewhere and not touch it.

I have been good with groceries....really only buying what we need and not wasting too much. I have tried to not eat out....not easy but when I do---I try to eat out cheaply.

I am thinking of going to a new church members dinner at the new church I am going to. I am so painfully shy in doing new things and putting myself out there. I really need to get into more fellowship with the church people....so this another way to get myself out there. I really like the church and find it so refreshing to attend. No one knows my ex husband and I just can kinda be me!

This week I did give some money to my church. I decided to start with a set amount and see how it "goes". I am not sure why I am struggling with this but I am. I feel I need to try and stay committed. So far so good.

I hope everyone is doing well. Somedays I am more upbeat and when I get down I look at my journals and all the inspirational quotes and poems I have collected. It keeps me going. last week was terrible with my teen daughter. I mean BAD!! This week is better. It is not easy for a single mom or any parents to be very honest.

Today I bought a small gift for a co-worker. She is struggling and has been railroaded where I work..yet she smiles no matter what! She is happy and joy-filled and a true pleasure to be around! She is a role model to me. I wanted her to feel blessed for three mins today. I guess that is why I like my job. Each old person I try to bless--- and it blesses me. I like to bless my kids but somehow they expect it. With these old people every little thing you do they are so grateful. It is something to really think about and ponder about quitting my job.

Have a good rest of the week everyone. If you are in the Hurricanes path please stay safe. I am praying for you. I can not imagine how stressed YOU MUST FEEL.
Please stay well and out of harms way. Things can be replaced and repaired.....but people are way more important. God Bless.

Struggling with Tithing Guilt

August 26th, 2008 at 05:28 pm

Hello everyone. I have not tithed to my church for about 5 months. I feel very guilty about it. I keep telling myself I need the money. Every Sunday at church I feel badly and do nothing. I have tithed off my child support, spousal support and my own paycheck from working part time in the past. I am looking for advice. Should I go back and make up the difference...start fresh...only do my paycheck and spousal and not child support???? I am utterly confused. I feel guilty and very badly. I am not sure what to do. Any advice would be wonderful. Oh to clarify. I stopped tithing when money got tight and also we are at new church and I was nervous to give before I felt Ok about the church. I like the church and we are going to stay with this church.I keep wanting to ask the pastor but again I feel horrible and guilty. Maybe embarrased. HELP!

Walgreens $5 coupon

August 21st, 2008 at 06:43 pm

Hit the Walgreens' web site for a $5 coupon off a total sale of $20. It is for Friday and Saturday only. Be sure you read the fine print as there are some stipulations....but they are small.
Good shopping and good for stocking up on things.

My Dad is A lifesaver!

August 21st, 2008 at 05:12 pm

My dad lives about 2 1/2 hours away. He has come before to do some work around the house a few weeks ago and he is coming this weekend. He is going to powerwash my garage, take some branches down and screw up some curtain tie backs.
It is so nice to have some helpful hands!!! He sure is a lifesaver. As a single many of the house jobs get put aside or go undone...so it is so nice to have some great help available. My dad likes to feel needed and this is one way we can help each other.

Have been at WALMART a bit. Everyone needed some school supplies, my oldest needed a bunch tonight after her first day of school. It sure added up. I was amazed at the long list of fees I still have to pay even at a public school. Kinda of a bummer.

My pantry continues to help me stay organized and in great shape. I can easliy find what I need or need to get.

Saved $4 in coupons today at the grocery store.

Not too much else new or exciting. Have been reading some frugal carnivals...they always inspire me. Gas is around $3.47.
It is nice to see it going down a bit.
Have a good evening.

A Good Sunday

August 17th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Saw my buddy at work today with a huge bag of garden tomatoes for me! YAHOO!
BLT's for dinner tonight. Although me and my dd are heading out to eat some Mexican food with some friends. YUMMY!
Worked 6.5 hours today. It was nice and quiet too. So more money in the ol' paycheck! I stopped at WALGREENS and used some coupons. I tried to buy only what we needed and that was on sale. So check that off the list. My son's car battery died while I was working. He called and just about had a melt down for some reason. He is such a type A!!!! I had to pay 41.00 for a jump....needs a new battery I guess so he is taking it to the shop on Monday. More car stuff to pay!!!! In a way I am so glad I did not have to get another car....I can barely keep things afloat in the car dept.!! So more money out the door. I am glad we are getting fixed since he is taking his car to school. I want to send him off in a car that is pretty fixed up and ready.
Hit the grocery store as well. Used my coupons!! I organized them and used them. Saved $4--not much but a good start.

Nothing else to new to report. Girls will be home from my ex's around 5. They always come back over tired and cranky. FUN! It seems like it is going to be a really nutty week. I splurged and bought some dark chocolate......I need a fix now and then to help me thru!

Have a nice eveing everyone and enjoy the Olympics. It has been so fun to watch!

A Good Saturday

August 16th, 2008 at 05:13 pm

Hello. Today I worked 7.5 hours. It was a pretty good day. I had a few cleaning emergencies....but all in all I had a good day. I had to buy a BD gift for my neighbor today. I spent a bit but felt that I wanted to buy her a little something nicer. She is such a good help to me. My son and I went to a new Goodwill. New in one we have never been too. I found two tops and my son got about 7 items. We spent $35.00 We went to Dollar General and got his school stuff for the dorm room....just basics like soap and laundry stuff and what nots. He hates shopping. I would of rather of gone to WAL MART but was glad to get him to the store to complete this task. He leaves next Sunday.

Hey wanted to share....my daughter did not pass her driving test. This is her third try. I was partly angry with her and partly very sad and depressed. I was really banking on her driving and giving me a break in the driving all over town as a single mom syndrome. Yes I actually got very very depressed. I was in a funk for about 24 hours. The I decided there is nothing I can do and so move on and do what I need to do. My ex is not much help so I have to suck it up and make it work.
Maybe you single parents would understand what I am feeling. It just is very hard to do it all and having an extra driver was really going to help me. At this point she may be able to do it one more time....if she fails then she is back to waiting a year and I have to spend money to have her take driving school all over again. So we will see. Thankfully my ex has been taking her to the test because I have been too stressed.

I love my pantry as I feel I am spending way less money and can actually SEE what I HAVE ON HAND!! I feel very guilty for living like a slob in this area of my life for some time. To the frugal GODS...I repent! If you need to get a part of your life organized....please do it. Get things neat and tidy NOW. Don't be foolish like I was. Get organized. You will feel so good when you are done. Next on my list is getting my checkbook organized. I feel slobby in this area.

I hope this is a good week my dd goes back to school on Thursday...son leaves on Sunday....and the little ones go back next Thursday. My goal this week is to get to the pool and enjoy it! We shall see. Summer is almost gone! BOO HOO!

Enjoy your Sunday---I am back to working another 7-8 hours on Sunday. It feels good to make some extra money! I am thankful for the extra work.

Great Trip!

August 13th, 2008 at 07:48 pm

Hello everyone! I had a great trip to VA to see my sister and her family. It was pretty packed with fun things to do. I really enjoyed just taking walks with her dog on her very hilly mountainous street!
It was wonderful to see so much majesty all around me! We went bowling, horse riding, swimming and creeking.....we tubed down a huge river. It really pushed me a bit on the comfort level and I was so glad I tried some new things! FUN! My sister is a very busy person. She leads a very different life since she is married and I am not. I had to walk in a small amount of grace. All in all I appreciated our differences.

My pantry is done!!! it is awesome! My friend used two bookcases to fill my pantry instead of building shelves. It has been a great way to get shelves for much cheaper! I am so organized!! My other jobs got done as well. So I was so glad to get things done while I was gone.
I feel like I won the lottery! Being organized and tidy really helps to be on top of things money wise. I love it!

We found a car for my daughter. We have not purchased it but may if she passes her test on Thursday. If she passes I will be literally shouting all over my blog!!!! Get ready for some noise if she gets her DL! The car we are looking at is a used Ford Escape. It is really a great price for a 2004. Hopefully it will last. They have it displayed on the lot way up front....so we will see. It is a nice SUV and I am so glad we found it. It is scary to know I will have another car in my driveway......that is three cars I will own. Very scary.

Money is tight but I knew it would be. Gas is terrible.I had a bigger electric bill which hurt. Hopefully once we get back to school things will get better. I am working on Sunday so I will get some extra money. The gal who works Sunday wanted off....I could not pass up the opportunity to work. So I will be working 6 days in a row. Tiring just thinking about it.

My son leaves for college in one week. I will miss him. I will miss him mowing! It is back to mowing my yard again. It is time consuming!! Oh well. We have to shop for some things for him to take to school.

My dad wants to come back to my house and do more odd jobs. He is not one to sit around bored. So I need to make a list for him. I think I will have him hose out the garage for me.

I need close out my MM savings account. I do not have enough money in it and I keep getting charges. I just don't have alot to save right now. I will re-open a plain old savings account to park money.
I just can not save alot right now. Sad but true.

Enjoy your week! Take care---

Hello August!

August 6th, 2008 at 12:35 pm

Just a quick HELLO to everyone! I am leaving for a trip to see my sister and her family in VA. tomorrow. We will be back on Monday. I have sorta been taking a blog break. Just enjoying summer and staying busy. Last week we were at the indoor waterpark for an overnite stay. It was very fun and we had a very nice time. I really really enjoyed my time. My goal was to be a kid! I enjoyed all the water park fun. My little one asked why I was laughing so much. I guess I have not been laughing enough! It was not cheap but it made a great memory!

Hopefully our trip will go well this week. My son is not going. I think he would be bored. So I am letting stay behind.

Work is going. It has been a little rough. The morale is really low among EVERYONE! I just plug along and not worry too much. Life is too short to get too uptight about much. My boss is a very nice lady but she seems to be very, very moody which makes her unpredicatable. That to me makes the workplace stressful.

I am done with most of the back to school shopping. Only a few small things left.
My daughter is going to public high school this year for 11th grade. She has been in a private school since kindergarten. Hopefully all goes well. We had it rough in 10th grade. I hope this new change works for her. My son leaves for school on August 24th. He is now on the golf team for his college. He seems excited.

Money seems ok for now. I had an emergency room bill for $400,that hurt.
But it is now paid. I am trying to save every way I can.

Well enjoy summer....I will blog more when I get back

New Pantry adventure

July 27th, 2008 at 04:34 pm

I have hired my girlfriends' husband to re-do my pantry. Out with the horrid wire shelves and in with skinny wood shelves!
He is looking to make some money so I hired him to help me put it together. I really HATE HATE MY PANTRY! it is so deep and worthless!!! I hope to have it done very very soon. Time to get very serious about pantry organization! I am so looking forward to it. My girlfriend has agreed to come over with her hubby to see about helping me with coming up with a design. How is your pantry looking? I will admit mine is just terrible right now. I am praying the new design helps me stay better organized 100 fold.

Things we did this Summer or Will do

July 27th, 2008 at 04:28 pm

SO far we have done this summer----
Had a garage sale
Painted Rocks
Went to the pool
Took dance classes
Bike rode and bought 2 new bikes
Rented DVD's at red box
Jumped on the trampoline
Washed cars
Planted flowers
Played store
Cleaned the basement
Went to the zoo
Made cookies
Had sleepovers
Went to sleepovers
Went to a carnival
Did a VBS
Went to the park
Went to the playground
Went shopping
Saw a couple of movies at the theater
Amusement Park
Played Corn Hole
Joined a new church and left our old one

Left to do----
Indoor waterpark
Beach fun at the Lake
VA. trip
Get photos taken in dance costumes
Putt Putt golf
Jump Rope
Bike Ride to the new park and have a picnic lunch

Summer is winding down. It is kinda of sad! Every summer is filled with fun memories and good times. Even the smallest little outing adds up to a nice summer. Where does the time go??

Fun Summer Things

July 24th, 2008 at 06:14 pm

Hello everyone. I wanted to point out a few easy fun summer items to do esp. with kids. Today we bought some paint and painted rocks! We went to a nearby sight where they are building new houses and found some good size smaller type rocks. They will decorate the yard. Fun and easy.

Eat dinner or lunch at the pool. Sounds easy! There is something about eating at the pool esp. at dinner time when everyone has to pack it up. You get to unpack a picnic type lunch or dinner and enjoy your dinner all wrapped in a towel! if possible get your drink out of the pop machine. Kids love dinner at the pool and so do moms.

Rent from RED BOX. Sorry but that is cheap good entertainment. Free is better at the library....but RED BOX can not be beat. Make it fun and ride your bike to RED BOX. Get your movie and then stop in the store for a snack that goes "with" the movie. Make it a theme movie night.

Play store in your bedroom. Have your kids make signs for their doors and have an open house/store. Put out "junk/treasures" on display on your bed and let your siblings shop or swap out stuff. This recycles stuff but discarded things that belong to others become very interesting. Decorate lunch bags with your store logo. Have fun being a shop owmer. Maybe the nicest looking room wins a prize from mom.

Have a party for no reason. Invite a few friends and have a party with leftover party stuff. The whole party must be done using stuff around the house. Make it zany and crazy.

Pracitce writing nice letters or cards to cousins or family members. Make the cards or decorate the envelopes. ASK them to write back asap and have fun watching the mailbox for letters.

For boys or girls for the matter set up a car wash in the driveway. Invite neighbors who are brave to have the kids wash the cars. Or do a bike wash.

Enjoy summer! Have some fun.

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