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Rain Rain go away!

April 26th, 2008 at 06:08 am

Because of the rain that is coming....I am not going to wash sheets today. I wanted to hang them all up on the clothesline so I will wait till Sunday and see how the weather is then.

I have my dinner planned for tonight and then we will hit Wal Mart for groceries on Sunday. I have been using up things in my pantry as much as I can.

I def. am going to have a garage sale in the middle of June. I will be looking for items thru the weeks leading up to it and sotring it in the basement. I only have lots of little things but maybe I can make a lot of little things add up. I am going to sell some home made greeting cards as well that I like to make and collect. I think all the money I earn will be used to visit my sister with my kids in the summer in VA. It will go towards gas since we will be driving. It will go and stay in an envelope for that purpose.

Car Boo Hoos

April 25th, 2008 at 02:06 pm

I picked up the Ford Focus today. $850 to get it all fixed up. Can I say honestly I started to cry over money and so much of it going out the door today?? I have not really done that in a long long time. Having a good boo hoo over money issues.
Then I got over it. It had to be fixed and I will just cut back. I will have a garage sale in June and in the mail TODAY.....a rebate for $100. Plus today was payday and I got the biggest paycheck I have earned at this job so far.....life is good! Enjoy it!

Car Fun

April 24th, 2008 at 04:46 pm

Took my SUV in to my car repair buddy. He only had to do an oil change and change a tail light bulb. CHEAP!!! YAHOO! Took my sons car in as well....brakes seem very very bad. I will know more on Friday. He gave me a car to use to get back and forth....another HUGE BLESSING for this single mom.

Went to the credit union and closed my account that has had nothing in it for months and months.....it had $5 in it so I got that back. So $5 in my pocket.

Ate all meals at home today. Will need to get a few groceries soon.

What's the deal with food shortages?? All local news in my area getting all hyper over it and making it the lead story for tonight. I appreciate them creating histeria. Not sure I am ready to go to COSTCO and purchase (4) 25 pound bags of rice. I also don't belong there....so I am def. out of luck. What is this world coming too??? I am a bit confused. So many problems!!! can anyone say one good thing about the world they live in anymore?? Is everything based on gloom and doom??? Gee whiz. Everyone out there take a deep breath and smile from ear to ear. I am saying this as I look in the mirror....Be blessed Little Miss Sunshine and everyone else out there in bloggy land.

A Tight Belt is Not Too Fun

April 23rd, 2008 at 05:33 pm

Well I paid my VISA bill and boy I have about nothing left. It is very very scary for me as I almost always have a cushion of some sort. I will get a paycheck on Friday-granted I work part time so it is not a ton but it is very very helpful to say the least. Making due with what is on hand. I needed a card for Mothers Day so I went to the Dollar Store on my way to get the kids at school. 50 cents was a good deal.

I had a small panic when my daughter asked about getting some summer type clothes.....I just got nervous....but then I reasoned I will have some money and that any other purchases I can forget about till we get some clothes. Basic items.

I may have small garage sale as well. Why not. I have had one every year at my house for the school...so I have a nice group of regulars...... I may do it when the girls on their trip with their dad in June. Might be a tad more easier without them home. I will see.

Once my dd learns how to drive in early June she will have some type of job. I may have to give her the car and I may ride my bike to work. It will depend so much on everyone's work schedule. Again...I am so glad I work 1 mile away from home! I can bike or walk it easily!
So that will be another summer challenge for me.

Nothing too free at work...just TP.
I did get some small jewelry type boxes. I gave them to my youngest who likes to keep little treasures in them. Work is weird lately. Everyone is very moody. I have tried to kinda keep to myself and do my job. I do not need any more antics in my life. Three of the ladies are not moody but so nice to be around...I tend to enjoy their company the most. The other ladies who are moody I tend to make very small talk with and mind my own business. One gal who has been giving me the cold shoulder over nothing asked "if had a second to help her" take laundry to apartments. It is not my job at all...she was trying to avoid some residents. In the past I would of helped and felt terrible for not being a good sport. I told her NO I could not help her as I had to punch out, my shift was over for the day. I did not feel one speck of guilt. It is liberating to make choices for myself. There are times to be helpful and times that it is best to not be helpful. I enjoyed not being a doormat today.

Have a good rest of the week everyone.

Hello and Have a good money saving week

April 20th, 2008 at 06:53 pm

Hi friends....I feel I have been gone for so long. Working 6 days straight really took a toll on my time it seems.
Sunday I had a day off so to speak. So I did a tiny bit of resting.
Today I grocery shopped at WalMart. Got some basics for the week to make due. I am very limited on money this month due to larger than usual VISA bill. I will pay it off in full this week--but it will leave me with nothing going forward for the month.

I called the gas company and got on the budget payment plan. I heard so many people talkng about it I decided to sign up. That way each month my bill is about the same amount. Hopefully I did not make a mistake or get ripped off. It seems legit and very OK.

My girls had a dance weekend. They were with my ex and I had to go because he of course is clueless as to what it takes and what is invloved. Of course I was there to do it all for the most part. The girls felt slighted by dad as he kept talking on his cell or playing games on the Blackberry. It was a shame for my ex.
I think it is just not a fit for him. My oldest won a scholarship for her tapping --she was voted the best by the judges!!! She was very shocked to win as tapping is her least favorite type of dance. So that was super neat. I enjoyed the host of the competetion who stressed having fun and dancing from your heart. He was very motivating to the dancers. I now have to pay a $300 bill for all the fun the girls enjoyed.

Hopefully I can keep expenses way down this week. I have a small stash of cash for little things but overall I should be OK. My son comes home in about a week from college so that will add some expense to my food bill. I just have to be very VERY CAREFUL till MAY 1st. I do get paid this FRIDAY so that will help alot.

Nothing too great for free at work. On Monday I will get all the Sunday papers ....so lots and lots of coupons!!
A lady threw out a huge Easter Lily plant with a beautiful HUGE wire ribbon. I took that home and put it on my porch. Some free magazines came my way....but that is about it.

I hope to get my clothesline up this week.
It is getting to be that time of year to find the clothespins and take advantage of the sun and wind. I love my line. I really encourage everyone to make the small investment and hang up a line and go green in this small easy way.

Have a good week everyone. Hope it is a good one.

Less Plastic bags

April 12th, 2008 at 06:43 am

I have noticed after I grocery shop and the clerks are bagging my groceries they get annoyed with me! I will simply place many of my groceries right back in the cart without bagging them. I simply roll the cart out to my car and load them in the trunk. Simple. I will use some bags...but why bag a loaf of bread or a bag of chips....or OJ?? I also live about 2 mins from the store....so I am close. These store clerks look at me like I am from Mars and that I am ungrateful for not wanting bags or their help?? When I ask them kindly to un-bag them....they give me looks to kill!!! I do try to tell them right away and or offer to help with my purchases. I thought we were all trying to be more green?? I just find that odd. I also have had that happen over and over at Wal-Mart. Anyone had that happen to them?? Why do they need to bag my box of tennis shoes or cat liter? Odd to say the least....maybe old habits die hard?? less bags I think is a good thing.

Lets be Healthy!

April 12th, 2008 at 06:35 am

I need to remember to take my vitamins! I have been laxed a bit in this department and I have been more hit or miss. I think there are many ways to be frugl and yet take care of ourselves. Vitamins of a good quality seem to be worth it and can be had at good prices where ever. Also just getting more sleep or a cat nap is so healthy! Eating in balance and lerning to pray or meditate. Have you heard about Dr Laura's new book? Stop Whining? It is a good mantra for me nowadays.....there is loads to whine and carry on about. Getting grateful and more positive takes some skill and it must be purposeful. A good thing that is really healthy to do.

Think of ways to make very simple changes to make your life more healthy today. A great way to start a good weekend!

Weekend Stuff

April 11th, 2008 at 04:26 pm

Happy Weekend everyone....!
I just took my kids out to a chain like place for dinner as a treat for my dd's birthday. I am not sure if it was worth it. It was not cheap and the kids seemed a little spoiled form all the eating out they do with their dad. I probably will not attempt that event for a very long time. It did not seem special in the least to anyone. I got my feelings hurt. I decided it was a sunk cost and I at least enjoyed it. Again...note to self....do not attempt that again for a very very very long time.

Paid my taxes and all my bills....WOW was that nuts!!!!!! It really took my breath away. Then today after paying bills for about 1 hour last night.....I got my VISA today and it is not too good. Mostly groceries and gas. I have my two day hotel bill on it and a mattress set...so it was not small. I have enough to pay it off in full of course. Frustrating....that gas and food add up so quickly. Anything for me is out of the question for some time.

My son who, is home from college for the weekend, has been complaining about dad's trip plans for the family summer vacation.
It is so hard as I can not really help him too much or offer alot of advice. I think he wants his way....and he is not getting it. I DO understand it is not to his liking and it is not much fun when you are much older than the other siblings. Tough. I wish my ex could take our son on a golf weekend and spend some time just him and my son alone for a bit. I think he really needs it. How would I feel being in his shoes?? Not sure. It is difficult.

Lots of running around this weekend.....then I have to take my son BACK to college on Sunday......so more gas will be needed. Five hours of driving --that is both ways.

Nothing too free at work. Some very beautiful ribbon.....and I got a free cookie from one lady. Boy they were the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had!!!Read the paper for free of course and I had packed my humble little lunch. I did get paid and I promptly cashed my check.
I have to keep things really frugal the rest of the month. No more eating out or eating with friends. Not that I do that anyway.....I have to keep it frugal. I also need to build up the savings account. It got very depleted after paying for taxes and my used SUV.
I like to be challenged. Building I must do---build I will do somehow...some way.

I also have to provide a cake and flowers for my boss's birthday on Monday. No one really wanted to do much and I really felt badly. I did not ask for everyone to pitch in. They simply don't think that way. One gal is bringing in some pop to drink. She is always generous and fun like. She is having bad marriage problems. She has asked me for advice. I feel badly for her...she is really a nice gal. I hope they can work it out.

If anyone gives me money to share the cost for the boss's birthday---- that will be nice and a bonus. I hope to keep it cheap and not too pricey.

I am off to have a glass of wine. I really need it. I need to relax a bit.

Side Job

April 9th, 2008 at 05:45 pm

My side job did not pan out. I was going to clean a real estate office once a week with a friend. Oh well. I did email her and tell her that if she needed extra help on Thursday cleaning homes I could be free to do that. It is her busiest day of the week.....so we will see. I told her to keep me in mind for other jobs.

Nothing too greatthat was free at work....just a nice sturdy cardboard box to pack up Goodwill stuff. Some TP.
Some pretty ribbon to use for gift wrapping as well....and a free book which I donated to the school library.

Leftovers for dinner....and I did pack my lunch for work. The maintenance man at work had free donuts for all the housekeepers.....that was very nice of him. I had one to be nice and be part of the group fun. I will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow....since I am not working on Thursday. I have a very busy day planned of course to use my time wisely.

My electirc bill was a little lower this month. This weekend we are to have unseasonably cold weather again.....I had to put my heat on tonight....it is not warm anymore. Next week the clothesline goes back up in backyard....time to start hanging things out and up. Yahoo!

I bought TP at CVS today.....I had $2 in extra bucks plus the $1 TP coupon......I got a very,very good deal. I could not turn a good deal down! I am very stocked in TP....but glad to BE STOCKED! I use the leftover work cash I have to pay for stocking up on stuff. $10 went to pay for a field trip for my dd. Pay day is Friday! YAHOO.
Have a good evening everyone.

Small Work bonus

April 8th, 2008 at 03:26 pm

Next week on my day off I have to attend a work mtg. I will be paid for sitting there. It is from 9-12:30 and it is on fair housing. I asked if they could use my help to clean from 12:30 till 2:30. Yes!!! My boss was so happy to have the help. So on my day off I will have about 5 hours in for extra money. I would rather have some time off...but can use the extra bonus hours. Never hurts to ask and be creative.

Nothing free at work today.
Packed my lunch as well.

Hit WalMart and got a few needed things.

Had a WONDERFUL time talking to my teenager daughter. Things have been super rough the past year and well....we had a HUGE and I MEAN HUGE breakthru.....it took about every cell in my body not to cheer thru the aisles at WalMart and do a happy dance. God sure moves in interesting and surprising ways. Hopefully we are on track and things will get better for her and for me as well. Life is a challenge at times. It makes breakthroughs that much sweeter.


Good Sunday

April 7th, 2008 at 04:37 pm

My parents came up and we re-did my dd's bedroom. Frankly I could not have done it without their help. It looks very cute and very clutter free and organized.
We moved the un-needed furniture and that was helpful. I was able to put the wood shelves I now do not need in the garage and clean up that area as well--that was nice bonus. My mom sewed some stuff and ironed and my dad put the three bookcases together. It was great to see them and have the help.
I had to spend some money.....on materials and also I made a rather nice lunch. I have some leftovers I gotta eat up now.

Not much free at work..coupons galore and free newspapers. I got two magazines as well. That is about it as far as free goes. I packed lunch of course with some leftovers.

I may have an opportunity to clean with a friend at a local/in town....real estate office once a week for about $40 cash for each of us. It would only take me 90 mins to do the job. I really hope my friend can land it......at this point it would be more easy cash for my pocket. She is not bonded and that might be a problem. We know the gal well who would be hiring us.....she is a good friend. Fingers crossed as they say.

Got 2 things at CVS today... a water purfier pitcher (to save on bottled water) that was on sale and some TP that was on sale and I had coupon for.
I could not pass the savings up. I had to pay for a dance cookout....that was $9.00.

I have all my meals planned.....hopefully we can make the groceries stretch all week long. Everything is so darn expensive. It really stinks. I want to buy some chocolate but am being good and walking past it when I see it.
Have a good week everyone!

Happy Weekend!

April 5th, 2008 at 11:52 am

Today I worked.....7 1/2 hours. Long day for me the part timer! I got some free newspapers to read and a new Better Homes and Garden magazine....the latest issue.
Free donut and OJ at work. Plus a nice cardboard box to place donations in next time I make a donation to the AmVets.
I got an April OUR DAILY BREAD as well.
That's about it. I had a free lamp but it was so broken I decided not to try and even keep it....the lampshade was gross so in the dumpster it went.

Today I am going out to an early dinner with a friend. So looking forward to that!

My parents are indeed coming up on Sunday. SO I need to shop for lunch items and stuff for the rest of the week, so I have to hit the grocery store as well tonight.

Nothing else too new too report. It is supposed to get nice and warm on Sunday. I hope because the cold weather is making it hard to keep the heat off. What a tough winter it has been for me.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

I found $20!

April 3rd, 2008 at 08:17 am

Yes right in the pocket of my spring coat that I ATTEMPTED to wear yesterday! I nice rolled up $20 bill. I was trying so hard to feel spring like by wearing my spring coat...forget it!!! IT IS STILL SO COLD HERE!!!!! At least I found some money--is that cool to us frugal people or what??

I got my check in the mail for delivering newspapers...$28.00. Not too bad for such a small amount of work once a week.

Got my dd's matress set delivered this morning. It is nice and fresh. We just have to get her room put together. I bought three sets of small shelves at BIG LOTS.....that was $60.00. I have to put them all together. Pain in the neck.....oh well....it is worth it. She will likely stay better organized. Everything is pink already in her room and some things are Littlest Pet Shop themed. So Happy Birthday to her!! Her old bed is going to a friend. All my kids used this bed....so I was glad to see it go and YET, part of me was sad to see it go. It is nothing special....just an IKEA bed, but it had alot of sentiment tied up with it I guess. Oh well..it is OK. My parents may come up Sunday to bring her headboard they made for her. I talked to my mom today and she seemed bothered for some reason. I think she does not like that I am very busy. I felt kinda bad as they do not seem to mind the kids are not here when they might visit.....that hurt my feelings a bit....as I wish they would find that important. They tend to visit me much less than my sister, her two kids and husband. They will stay for days with her and her family and help her out with many things--yet with me...they practically make my house a pit stop. I have never figured that out. I think the last time we saw them was at Christmas. They live about 2 1/2 hrs away---so I am not sure what is going on. They keep telling me they want to help me with things around the house....but they never stay or visit long enough. My mom tends to get funky on me at times.....I have to remember it is not my doing. They may stop by on Sunday so we will see. I plan on doing all furniture moving myself and building the shelves.....I have to keep doing things myself and not counting on others at this point in my life. That is reality.

I have to keep on moving forward and learning to be happy where I am in life be it with money or with others. It is always best to deal in reality and not in fantasy.

I have to get to the bank to transfer money to pay my taxes gosh darn it. I promise to stop whinning about taxes very soon.
Have a good day everyone.

Slowly making some payments

April 1st, 2008 at 06:17 pm

I mailed off my IRA contribution today.....cross that off the list of pain fiiled chores. I know in the long run I will be glad I did it. I also included with my check a note to my investment guy to call my tax person himself and have a good conversation about me and a few of my investments. I decided as lame as it sounds.....I just do not want to set up a meeting. I know things can be done in a five min. phone call directly.
I deposited my April money so that is resting till Thursday when I transfer money out of the savings to pay all my taxes. Then I will whine all day about all the blasted and stupid taxes I am paying. Luckily I have a plan to go out with a gal pal this weekend. I plan on forgetting the whole tax stuff and enjoying myself.

Work was shortened today as we did not have water where I work for a time due to some repair work that needed done....so instead of working 5 1/2 hrs I only worked 3 hours. So that stunk a bit. I will make up for about 1 hour extra on Saturday. I had the morning to do some housework---felt good to do some things.

Went to WalMart to get a few items of a misc nature. Nothing too fancy or wonderful to report. Just seeing the aisles so crowded really was worrisome.
Everyone is feeling the pinch. My dd bought 2 boxes of hair dye. Her hair is so long....we have to buy two. What a rip off. I wish she would wear her hair shorter like me!

Drying some towels on the indoor line and
trying to just watch the laundry soap. I have been using some samples for things....boy that sure is nice. Also making sure to turn all bottles in the shower upside down to get every little tiny drop out! Of course you all do that already right?

Ordered my dd's mattress set which should get here on Thursday. I got the pretty good one....it was reasonable. That will be her big gift. She has her BF sleeping over next week for a birthday dinner and some fun. Thankfully I get another paycheck just in time to pay for a small special dinner out. That should be fun I hope. I will bake her a cake as well.

Weds I have to go to the town clinic and get a booster shot for work purposes. I only have a small window of time to do it on Weds so I pray they can get me in and out very quickly. Of course that is free...work gladly pays for me to have some pain.

Nothing too free at work. I got 5 greeting cards and some stickers. Also a little old lady gave me a Christmas plate. She really wanted to give me something. I don't really like it but I could not refuse her gift of love to me.
When old people start giving things away I worry they are ready to pass on and leave this world. Or maybe she just hates clutter like me.

Have a good evening.