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Mandatory Meeting at Work

December 17th, 2008 at 04:47 pm

Well we all gathered and the regional boss told us that there has been alot of theft around our building....WELL DUH!!!!! He drove three hours to tell us that????
I mean come on!!!!!!!We have theft...and guess what you are such a wimpy boss you can not figure it out who is stealing!
I mean he told us this in his Christmas sweater vest. Frankly if there is theft I would rule and reign with a sledgehammer in one hand and gun in the other to show I mean business around my place!!! Oh yes...then we got our good news...we got our Christmas bonus checks. I got $75. Not bad but not that great. I got $5 from one lady and $5 from another lady...that is my "tip" from them for the entire year.
I got a box of candy from another lady.

The meeting to me was stupid. The staff is not that big...pinpont when the thefts occur and then begin to plan a set up and nab your man or woman. I am sorry there are so many ways to steal from the place I work....by not being more forceful more stern the person stealing will have a field day! It is sad that someone would steal from an old person..I mean come on!! Creeps are everywhere right??

Housekeeper Christmas lunch is on Thursday. Our gift exchange as well. I am very excited to go---even on my day off I am going.

My parents came for the day to visit and bring grandkid gifts. It was so nice. We ate Christmas cookie exchange cookies and made sandwiches. We lit the fire and chatted. My parents already got me some things this fall but my mom bought me new kitchen towels and new bath towels! I also got a pretty and I mean pretty sterling silver ring that is so neat and modern looking...I love it! I was very surpised! I got my parents 2 bottles of local winery wine and a gift certificate for some great steaks and seafood. I think they were very happy. I wanted to be more personal but they seemed happy to have some meals shipped to them for free.
So a nice day to celebrate Christmas with family. I even had my mom do some hemming and mending with me. I really enjoyed the visit!

Have a nice evening everyone.

10 Responses to “Mandatory Meeting at Work”

  1. Amber Says:

    I am so glad it wasn't a lay off, I was really worried
    Hope they catch the person

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear that the meeting turned out to not be anything bad.

  3. Front Porch Mom Says:

    yes I am glad too.....I think the stress and tension was very thick today. Hopefully they do catch this person who has a habit of stealing.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    A $5 tip for the whole year? I give all of my waitresses $25 tips plus their regular tip at christmas time.

  5. Front Porch Mom Says:

    yes a $5 tip for the whole year for cleaning pottys and "yucky' beds and emptying garbage cans and icky sinks and such. The problem is not these sweet little old people...it is the families who park them in our place and never think twice about the care we provide for their loved ones. Many many times they walk in the apartments and say little to nothing to me while I clean.....never a hello or thanks.....most look down their noses at me. I mean I did take the job....I understand that ---but sometimes these familie who are not having demetia and can tip nicely choose to not tip and ignore people who do the care taking. I frankly hate that snobby too good attitude. Some of these families really have no clue about their loved ones. In a way it is sad how many of them get parked and have no voice or person to make sure all is well....so yes...$5 for the entire year...24/7 care every day of the year. I work in a very very nice place. Super clean with super service. The ones who need less help tip the $5......the ones who pee all over on the floor and in their beds everyday or who need help all the time, or they spill all their food everywhere or forget to use TP......never ever tip---go figure.

  6. clubneary Says:

    At my workplace we have a lunch thief who takes whatever lunch looks good in the fridge. Sometimes he/she will be so bold as to take it out of the microwave while it's cooking! It's so annoying. I barely have the money to feed myself let alone someone I work with! And you know if they are stealing lunch they will be on to something bigger next week.

  7. Amber Says:

    We had a lunch theif at my old job and she was caught by the owner of the lunch and let go...that is terrible

  8. Front Porch Mom Says:

    we have a lunch "thief" but all this person does is move lunch bags around.....another gal in my department ...well maybe two gals mooch! We had our Department Christmas lunch today and I insisted they pay $5 beforehand.....otherwise they eat for free and do not bring things to add to the pot luck but happily sit down and eat everything. It burns me up I could spit. One gal always seems to have worked so "much"...she forgot all about bringing her food to add to the potluck--it gets really really old after about one time. I have no respect for thse mooch-a- holics

  9. Suze Says:

    I am so glad that it wasn't bad.
    That's great that you got a bonus. I won't know if I get a bonus until March. Frown

  10. Front Porch Mom Says:

    I should also get a 24 cents raise on Dec 31st.
    Fingers crossed. I am glad about the bonus.....helpful and nice this time of year.

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