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Are the Stores Busy Today?

December 26th, 2008 at 12:28 pm

The girls and I stopped at TARGET around 12:45 today. It was not overly crowded. I did walk by the Christmas department and it was not that crazy and they had I felt...tons of stuff still available. How are things out in your area? I feel people are def. waiting for things to get more discounted. We were in electronics and everyone purchasing something was using a gift card. Interesting. I think for me the sooner I could get out of the store the better. Even the returns area was not that nutty. Interesting.

Cleaned out my fridge today, Washed it top to bottom and then using my handy label maker--labeled the drawers for better kid friendly organizing. Best investment of 2008??? My label maker from Office Max. Love it...Love it...LOVE IT! If you have some Christmas money I highly recommend you purchase one if you like to organize or keep things neat looking. I really do not like gadgets but this one is great.

Have a good frugal day everyone!

4 Responses to “Are the Stores Busy Today?”

  1. Amber Says:

    I went to Marshaals and TJ Maxx the lines were long (not sure if people were buying or returning) but the store itself wasn't busy. Proud of myself because I did not buy a thing

  2. Front Porch Mom Says:

    Amber good job! I almost went to WALGREENS tonight!!! I was driving by and I literally had to self talk myself out of stopping. I got alot of gift bags free from ex's house and his family...that I visualized all those "new" recycled bags and kept driving. I got alot of bows and ribbons as well....lots of stuff to reuse.....lots from work for free as well. I just KNOW I do not need anything. But LORD HELP ME! It is very hard to not want to get a deal or a bargain. Best to stay at home as much as possible......

  3. Amber Says:

    I got thew urge again and decided I will go to the gym instead...it's tough

  4. Front Porch Mom Says:

    Great idea on the gym. Today the weather is going to be warm---very unseasonable for us----so I am going for a walk and also will take some outside Christmas things down.....I will stay busy and get things done around here.....that will feel great...a better feeling than shopping and spending! Have a good Saturday everyone!

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