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Nice Christmas

December 26th, 2008 at 07:31 am

I would say we had a nice Christmas. My kids spent most of it with my ex--their dad and they seemed happy to have spent time with him and his family. I was able to poke around the house, do some laundry and relax a bit. My kids really liked the gifts I got them, esp my oldest daughter who seems to think I have zero style! I guess I managed to pick out some things that were really "awesome"! So I felt great about that. My kids were in a gag gift exchange with their extended family and I MADE OUT for not even being part of the family! My son got three hand soaps from Bath and Bodyworks! So he gave them to me! Fantastico! I guess the gift exchange was not properly explained to all the family as some of the gifts were "good" gifts.

My two older kids flew out to Dallas this morning at 6am. So they are gone till Jan 31st. it will be a little less noisy around the house with only two kids here.
Today we are doing a few returns....and my one daughter wants to get an organizer of some sort to organizer her necklaces and jewelry better---so we are off to TARGET.

My kids manged to get me a $75 TARGET gift card and my sister gave me wine, cookies, candy, pens and a book. I also got a wonderful photo of my kids that they had done at my parents house for me.
I got very teary eyed when I opened that one. They did it over Thanksgiving with my mom's help and arranged it all with my parents. I got a framed one for my bedroom and one for the family room. It was pretty darn thoughtful of my kids to think that one up.

I hope you have a great day---stay frugal.

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