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Another BIG Department Meeting

January 5th, 2009 at 03:53 pm

Yes another meeting! YIKES I was nervous.
Well instead of letting two housekeepers go....we all got our hours cut. I will work the same during the week and lose 3 hours on Saturday. I only work 5 hours...no more no less. I think I did OK since I have no benefits and I am not full time. I think everyone was glad to still be working but everyone seemed a bit shocked. Frankly I am shocked this happened so late in the game! One housekeeper was clearly upset...she wanted to voice her feelings but quit midstream....we encouraged her to get it out in the open---but she decided to keep her mouth closed. I walked away feeling strained. I guess the big boss is getting mad about stupid things like not shutting the door near the trash and toilet paper. So as you can sense---the place where I work seems tense to the tenth degree!
Again glad to still be working.

We were also told we will not get tips next year as some stupid co-worker was asking the residents when they were going to give us our Christmas tips! SO now we look badly and so they will not be tipping us anymore. We also will not be getting a bonus I guess from the company next year since they are all mad at us.
I wish we could get rid of all stupid co-workers. STUPID PEOPLE! Some of these co-workers have zero manners or tact.

Goal for Jan is to open a savings account at another local bank. My ex is giving me all my spousal support...not monthly but quarterly. So I have be more savy in squirelling it away and staying on track....same with child support. I am thinking his money is not so good so he wants to stay on top of things ...money wise. Not a bad idea.....I do apprectiate him staying faithful on making all payments. It sounds like his cash flow is more un-preditble or maybe he is strapped a bit. He sounds strapped...yet he mamages to eat out, go on trips, go to pro basketball games and sit in the front row, see shows....so I think he is doing OK.

All in all life is good right now. So glad to be done with Christmas and back to the routine of life. My tree and all the decorations are down and things are neat and tidy again. My son goes back to college on Tuesday. I think he is glad to get back as well....too much sister action.

Have a nice evening everyone.

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