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January Goal Accomplished Already

January 15th, 2009 at 05:14 am

One of my goals was to open up a plain old savings account. I decided to go to the local credit union. It is simple and not a "bank"....and again it is locally managed. I have a checking account at another bank. I wanted to have things not connected....in case of bank failure. I also liked that it is on the other side of town. I have to make a trip to sorta get there. I decided it would be a pain to stop over and get money out! They also have limited hours.....so I can not just stop there or hit the ATM. SO far I have placed around $200 in the account. I feel so much better building up an account for an emergency or for what ever I may need.

I have not deposited my spousal money yet for Jan. I am trying to really hold off and not do much with it.....
I now am getting it paid in three month installments. I dislike that but I can work with whatever.

It is very cold here and today my two little ones do not have school. Because we are inside and home so much more....we tend to eat more and be at home cooking.
I have been shopping when I can and when I can keep everyone at home.....so it has been good to be out of the stores. I did have to buy a toaster oven last night at TARGET as mine got ruined and it was a fire hazard. I did buy one for $30 and it is very nice.

Work is going pretty well. I got a few free things here and there. A snowman candle a lady hated so I got it and some Christmas wrapping things. Also free coupons galore and newspapers to read. I work on Saturday and it starts my new limited hours.....only 5 hours...from 7am till noon. Hopefully I can cram everything I need to do into those five hours. If not...well....too bad.
My kids are at dad's this weekend. I wish I could meet a friend for dinner or lunch but I am not going to. I think next weekend I will be eating out because we have a dance competition. We almost always eat out with the team to celebrate....so I will save my money for that event. Yes dance season starts up again. I am looking forward to it but dreading it as well. It takes up alot of my time.

Stay warm and frugal everyone.

1 Responses to “January Goal Accomplished Already”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    Great job on the January goal. Also, I commend you for building in some failsafe measures. God bless and stay warm.

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