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Dance Fun

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:29 pm

This weekend is our first dance competition of the season. It is always a huge struggle to stay frugal. At least it is very local and no hotel is needed. I am praying to not spend hardly a thing. We will see.

Have had to get alot of odds and ends for this dance thing and also art supplies for my HS daughter. That was $100 I had to purchase for a drawing class. I was pretty bummed. They cover practically nothing. Oh well...a girl has to draw right?

The temps were up today....I spent most of my day off shovelling the driveway.
Alot of snow was melting. I tapped the rain gutters to get the ice moving and melting. I will do it again on Friday. Alot of the homeowners have roof damage from the water. I have zero icicles. I guess my ex has alot and now he has a leak in the ceiling from the water dams.
He has nice house but it always seems to have water problems. I never seem to...knock on wood! So good to keep the snow that is melting moving. I even shoveled the street drain to keep the water moving down the street. The car washes were mobbed today. I will keep my car dirty for a bit longer, then wash.

Nothing too new to report. I am just one tired mom. I had to sew alot as well today to fix and alter costumes....what a pain for me! As that always hurts my back. I feel old. Bummer.

We have eaten all our meals at home this week. I felt prepared and organized. I did buy a frozen type dinner for Friday along with rolls that you pop in the oven ---since we will be rushed with rehersals. It is far cheaper than eating out. We will probably have to grab a snack out on the road on Saturday. I feel OK doing that. Sunday I will grocery shop which I hate doing on SUNDAY! Oh well.
I will be dog tired on Sunday I know it!

Stay frugal!

2 Responses to “Dance Fun”

  1. homebody Says:

    Enjoy the dance competition. It is very hard to be frugal when your kids are active in so many things and you are running, running, running. I'm making up for it now!

  2. mooshocker Says:

    My wife has a Masters Degree in Dance Education and is the proud owner of Dance Emporium in Avon, NY. This is her fourteenth year as the owner and her 34th year as a dancer.

    Having three daughters, 12, 8 and 6, I know all too well the life of dancers, competitions, recitals, etc. God bless you and your dancers. I am sure they make you very proud.

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