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Lets fix the Laundry Room

February 18th, 2009 at 05:13 pm

Finally I am getting my tile floor put in for my laundry room, mudroom and half bath! I had not ONE moldy floor area in the bath but another spot in the laundry room! So the floor had to be cut out and re-done with a new sub floor. So it looks better already! The tile goes in on Thursday....so happy! I have not had my washer and dryer for two days and already my girls are complaining they need to do wash! Oh well.....make do!
My dad offered to take the wallpaper down on Thursday but the floor will not be ready so he has given me a raincheck for the removal and paint job. I think the floor will be a welcomed addition.

I deposited $270 in the credit union today. That felt good. I have been trying to really watch my money and so far so good. I did go nuts and buy some strawberries---for some reason the store got some in that was super sweet....so we have had strawberries alot this week.
The girls are with dad this weekend and we have a dance competition nearby. Dad is in charge for 80%. I will be attending the part that the girls perform. The rest of the time the girls are in classes all day long at the hotel. I do not feel bad missing that part. I will use my time to clean up the dust from the tile work.

Work is going OK. I have spent alot of time just enjoying the fun of my co-workers. I am not sure what I would do with out that adult talking time I have. We are a great group of ladies and the four of us are close....we just spend alot of time having small jokes and ladies chatter that is wonderful and refreshing. I just get a kick out of it all. I decided if I quit work there is a chance I would gain some weight and also get depressed. I decided at times work can be a hassle--but for the most part it works for me. I do not do much for me. That sounds weird...working as ME time....but it is! If I am not at work I am devoted to my kids in every which way.
Plus I like the extra money---it helps! IT REALLY HELPS!

Stay frugal everyone.

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