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Working gal news

March 3rd, 2009 at 06:11 pm

Today I got very bummed at work..they let go of the assistant maintenance man....Creighton. This guy is a gem. I mean a real gem. His last day is Thursday.
He is a retired police chief and he is so good with people. He was let go because we can not afford to buy paint or lightbulbs so there is no work for him to do. Yes that is how bad it is!!!

So I decided to call an elder care in home service. I have an interview on Tuesday. My hope is I land a job and not work weekends and have some flex time! I am actually very excited! I am really looking forward to doing this interview! My dad wants me to network and talk to everyone about job ideas...my dad suggested working for the gov't! My mom says the same.....but to find out if taking away my sick/vacation time is against the law. She wants me to see if they did something illegal......might just see.

So yes! I am really excited to maybe do something new and kinda different. I want to work more with people and be able to invest time with people. Cleaning is fine but I have to work and not talk too much. I will be bummed if I do leave to not have my co-workers.....but time moves on and seasons come to an end. One of my co-workers is terrible....today I thought she was going to go postal that is how weird she is. I am sick of working with people who are so not into working and blaming everyone for their slothfulness! I am sure that is the norm.....but I am ready to challenge myself a bit.

My dryer got fixed. The loud buzzing got stopepd. It buzzes so loudly when the dryer is done it was making us all NUTS! I need a new pump to pump out the water in my dishwasher......so my friend is ordering it and will install it and look at everything when he removes it. SO more dish washing by hand!

I will miss Creighton. He was a kind and thoughtful gentleman....a very fine example of a hard worker. He was old fashioned. I hope things work out for him.

The economy is scary. Please listen to Mark Levin online for his radio show This is a plug or shout out for him. He is my hero right now---I listen to him alot--he seems to be telling the truth.
Don't be fooled....be alert.... end of preaching.

3 Responses to “Working gal news”

  1. Amber Says:

    I am sorry about your co-worker, some times God open a door that is much better than the on that closed. Good luck with the interview
    Who is Mark Levin?

  2. nance Says:

    Good luck on whatever new adventure is in store for you.
    I think doing in-home care would be wonderful. If I was looking for a job, that is what I would want to do.

  3. Front Porch Mom Says:

    Mark Levin is a conservative radio talk show host.
    he is very very harsh so to speak.....speaking TRUTH...
    he talks about the gov't and such like Rush. Try it.
    He is very good in my book but be warned he is not a democrat. I can only get him on XM radio or online, as he is not in my area to listen to. Just good information to really think about it.

    I am excited to hopefully try something new! AS I worked today I did see how much I enjoy taking care of others and how I enjoy talking to older ladies. I hope I am fit for this new company! My prayer is that it works with my home life as a single mom.

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