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Another dance competition

March 8th, 2009 at 07:22 pm

ONE MORE TO GO! I did really well in not spending too much money at this one. We got starbucks--yummy! My dance pal and I went beforehand and she treated. So nice of her. We did all go out for dinner at Macaroni Grill..UGH! $45.00 for three of us....one being 9yrs old! I was so good I ordered water and not wine! I tried to be good. My ex and his darling wife were there. Of course she had to stand right next to me to take photos of my daughter dancing. I was more than bothered. I wish she would stay on her side of the tracks and leave me to have my own viewing space.

Spent a lot at walmart today. I had to help my son buy food to go back to college. Cars got fixed....mine is fine...my son needed four new tires. That was a killer! My dishwasher is fixed. The pump was around $100 so I have to wait for my friend to bill me for that work. Hard month so far....money wise. I am just not buying anything for me. I wear the same old clothes and shoes and carry the same old purse.....I stil have not purchsed socks....I am not even buying those right now.

My dad and mom will be here to paint the powder room on Monday. I am going to make sloppy joes and fries and fruit. I hope my mom does not think I am a flunky. I am not going to try to make a fancy dinner when I do not have the time. Oh well.

I am going to take three days off for spring break...unpaid of course since my company took away all my vacation days.
So my paycheck will be very very low that week. I decided it is better to be with my girls then worry about making a few dollars. Hopefully I will be glad I was off.

I have to have my dad look at my roof I think it needs to be repalced. I am really nervous about that.....there are parts that look worn....parts that look great. I am not even sure how much that will cost. First I have to paint my trim outside as the wood is now exposed from the terrible winter we had.

I hope I do not sound like I am grumbling...but it seems like I get ahead and boom...I am struggling again. I am grateful for all I have. I just wish I had more "control" HA HA!

Have a good Monday everyone!

2 Responses to “Another dance competition”

  1. homebody Says:

    We all have those grumbly days sometimes, mine are usually about 4 days a month, about every 28 days!Wink, wink!

  2. momcents Says:

    I'm right there with you! Seems like just when one or two things get crossed of the list and there might be more breathing room (or money for clothes for me) BOOM three more things are added to the list.

    This past month my extraneous expenses were: $176 for car maintenance/repair, $35 for dog grooming, $31 for flowers for my grandmother, $55 for soccer for DS6, and $52.50 for a class for one small one. NOW, dog needs to go to the vet for an ear infection, and it begins again.

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