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Working around the House

March 19th, 2009 at 05:35 pm

I have been working on some home projects lately...hence no blogging! Today my new love seat and couch arrived from JCPenney's. I like it. It is that bonded leather which is great for us and our family room. I am getting a new chair from World Market. I bought an ottoman that matches. The furniture is pretty decent. My last set came from there.....it is great for kids and kitties. My old stuff is in the basement. The couch is on the porch waiting for a ministry to get it for a family in need.
I got a new tv for the bedroom and the old one went where else...the basement!
My wallpaper is coming down in the kitchen in the next two days. It will look so good. It also will be painted. I am also getting roof estimates as well. I have been socking money away at the credit union....so that is helping me to pay it all off. The roof will be from the tax refund. Thank goodness.

All in all I am making my money stretch far! I am not spending a dime on me....and I am so glad. I do not need a thing. I have been good about eating out and watching the food budget. I am really making due as much as possible in all other areas. I have been using coupons too....I got better organized and it makes a huge difference in saving money!

Hopefully I can keep up my stash account at the credit union to tackle other small household jobs that need done. My dad is coming back soon to spray paint all my kitchen hardware and clean and wax all my
cabinets--- I know that will make such a huge difference in making the kitchen look even better.

Next weekend I am in PA for dance. It is our last competition of the school year.
I am glad....it is so much money.....I do enjoy the memories and being with other moms and girls.

1 Responses to “Working around the House”

  1. littlemama Says:

    Be sure ti post pics. if you are able! I would especially like to see your kitchen when it's done.

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