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Wallpaper is DOWN!!!

March 26th, 2009 at 09:01 am

Hello frugal friends. Yes the wallpaper in the laundry room and kitchen is history! It went pretty smoothly since I had someone else do it all! The ladies I hired were so neat and clean and had such nice personalities. Everything is painted a warm off white as well. I got my new leather furniture too. I am very happy with it all. My mom is making me new curtains from a queen sheet she had. I have no clue how they will look but she has been sewing up a storm for me. She found me some decorating items at her thrift store as well. She loves to do that for me...I do not have the time...so it works out nicely. Next weekend they are coming up to paint hardware and clean cupboards. We also will decorate. My mom is so handy and so is my dad.

This weekend I am off to PA for a dance competition. This is an expensive one due to a 2 day hotel stay downtown and lots of eating out. We have alot of down time too. So that means all the girls will want to shop. ICK. I do not like to shop. So I will be gone till Sunday night. My travel pal is also driving. I always seem to drive so it will be nice to chill in the front seat a bit. I get a driving break.

I just met my friend who has a restraining order against her husband. We met for breakfast. She is staying at another friends house. I think she is done with him and I was glad to give her my lawyers name. I warned her 5 years ago to not marry....but of course she was too in love to hear me. He is very self centered and too old for her. He is so stuck in his old man ways. They had an oops baby and so now they have a 2 yr old to share custody with. He is too old for a baby. He is near 60!! I am glad she is getting out. He is a total loser. This is her second marriage....and she has asked me to slap her silly if she tries to get married again. I promised her I would slap her. I feel bad for all the kids...step kids....ugh... a big gigantic nightmare and mess and alot of chaos.
I am so glad I am boring!!!! I love it!

Work is going well. We have one girl we are still trying to get rid of. We have had mgmt meetings so now everyone sees how awful she is. I am so glad we opened our mouths finally. We had a department lunch yesterday and she acting all weird....I mean abnormal and strange right in front of the boss which was great......I was so glad she acting weird. It helps build our case against her. I had to report about another co-worker who was back talking to a resident. I was not sure if I should tattle but in the end I was glad I did as it bothered me non stop to see someone treat older people unkindly. My general mamanger thanked me for stepping up and reporting the situation to her. I guess this is not the first time either. I was sick over how terrible this girl was acting.

My two youngest are not going back to their private Christian school next year.
My ex is thrilled cause he can pocket the money and not pay tuition. I just decided the driving 30 min one way was literally killing me now that I am single mother and the fact that the public school has more opportunities pushed me to change. I see how my oldest is doing and she is thriving. I guess I figure change CAN BE GOOD. So come September we will have a new routine....!
I am kinda excited for everyone......including me. I will miss the school terribly and I still feel kinda badly. I know the time is right and it is a good thing to do.

Change can be a scary word. Change can be a glorious word as well.

Have a good frugal week and weekend everyone.

2 Responses to “Wallpaper is DOWN!!!”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Glad to hear things are going so well!
    My kids are all in public school and doing fine. I wish the older girls would go to my college prep private school, but they want to stick with public. DD1 got inducted into the National Honor Society last night, so they are doing well!
    Have fun at your competition! Smile

  2. Front Porch Mom Says:

    thank you! I hope we do have fun......getting packed and getting organized today is a litte stressful! That is standard when you got four females trying to pack!
    I hope the new school year goes well. I am terrible with change but change is good. We have had so much of it....CHANGE.....yet we seem to all do fine. Have a nice weekend---it is so nice weather wise here in Ohio! Enjoy!

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