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Happy April!

March 31st, 2009 at 06:02 pm

I survived my weekend of dance. It was very hectic and fun all in one. I spent a wad of cash. I treated myself to a steak dinner at the hotel with some other moms. Boy was it GOOD! I never ever have steak and I ate every bite! YUM! So the weekend was nuts as far as cash spent. But now it is over with. I am so glad it is April. I can deposit my three months of spousal support....which is good timing. I have about $2000 left over for the budget. I am so glad about that. It will help pay for a new roof.

Nothing too new to report. My parents are heading up for this weekend to do stuff around my house....we are painting kitchen hardware, maybe porch furniture. I am really excited to freshen up things even more. My mom made curtains for me so they are coming as well.

I am trying to work on saving money in small ways for April.....no heat, turning off lights, using the clotheline more, reusing stuff.....that is my goal. I am returning pants I got at Wal Mart.....I bought 2 pairs and really only need one pair. So I will return them to save money. I am trying to save in small ways.
I think that is my goal for April.....saving in little ways that add up.....join me!

Have a good frugal week everyone.

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