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Home doings

April 6th, 2009 at 04:50 pm

My parents came and we painted all the kitchen hardware! WOW! It looks more updated! I just love it. The curtains my mom made are very very nice! I love them! We hung black wrought iron rods to go with all the black accents I got going. I bought a new rug and today --one day later my daughter spilled her McDoanlds iced mocha coffee all over it. I was royally PO'd!! it is pretty much ruined so I am going to get a new one. I decided to not deal with it and keep looking at the stain and getting bummed all over again. It was $40.00.....so not that terrible. I did go ahead and order a new slider for my kitchen! I got the slider on sale at Home Depot. My dad says mine is losing heat like crazy! It is a pella and it is 18 years old and truth be told it has been a crappy door. So hopefully I will get measured here soon and get the door installed! I have the money saved for it---so I decided to go ahead and do the deed!

I had an incident with my pyscho co-worker. I decided that it was so POSTAL in nature that I would tell my boss and write up a complaint to give to the boss above her. I have no shyness about tattle telling anymore! I am so sick of her I am determined to have her fired by June 1st. No more Miss Nice co-worker, I am convinced that this co-worker is capable of murdering co-workers.....yes I feel that strongly. I am not bashful to report her actions. My co-worker who is normal is signing the complaint with me. I will happily march into work on Tuesday and hand that paper in!

If you are a praying sort of person please pray my daughter passes her driving test on Tuesday afternoon. Because it has been such a stress for me...my ex is taking her. This is her fourth attempt to pass the test. Please pray if you are of that mindset that she passes! Thank you! An new answer to prayer is she has had such horrible migraines.....they found out her cause! Hopefully her new meds will work..if not she will need a cat scan.

Such a busy life for me!I get tired just typing all about it.

3 Responses to “Home doings”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Ooh, positive thoughts for your daughter!! Sorry to hear about the coworker...

    You wont believe how spoiled you'll feel with a new slider! Smile We had ours replaced a year ago and what a luxury it is to have a door that WORKS! Really, be careful opening and closing it - those new doors FLY on the tracks!!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    have you tried cleaning the rug?

  3. Front Porch Mom Says:

    Chocolate and coffee all over....I may use it in the basement and put the loveseat OVER the stains! Wortha shot! My Home Depot guy is measuring for my door on Weds....I am excited. My dad said it is a real treat to upgrade casue they make them so much better nowadays! Yes I need to slide gently!

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