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I am Back to Blogging!

February 14th, 2011 at 11:35 am

Hello! it has been some time but I decided to try my hand at blogging again! I have kind of missed it and all that goes into writting my thoughts down. I am still the same! I now have two kids in college and one in high school and one in fifth grade. I still work as a housekeeper at an assisted living place doing the exact same thing.
I am still divorced and single. Life is pretty good and life is still rolling along. I am still living in my cute house with the huge front porch. Now it is covered with alot of snow and ice....not much porch sitting for now. I am looking forward to when I can do that.

I am still trying very hard to stay frugal and to save....some days I do great and other days well....it is a challenge. I still enjoy reading all things thrify and ways to save and I enjoy writing in my journals at my little wicker desk I have in my bedroom. I enjoy working outdoors and doing jigsaw puzzles and spending time with my kids. Life is simple but very sweet.

I have had a few goals this year...one was to see a new dentist. I have started seeing someone new and like him alot. Next is to find a new doctor--I have not seen a Dr. in a long time. So I have to do that.
I am working on overcoming my anxieties and stressers regarding travelling and driving far. Two things that seem to get me very panic stricken. I can go places but only with another friend---I am working on that.
Of course I am working on saving for retirement--that seems to be a constant.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope to read many of yours. Thanks for having me back! I am so glad to be here with all of you!

6 Responses to “I am Back to Blogging!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Welcome back!! I have had panic while driving, too. It did get bad at one point where I couldn't drive three blocks, but now I'm all around town and even two hour interstate trips. I still have moments of anxiety during those and often hop off to a highway. Maybe your doctor could prescribe something. I've taken Lexapro and am about to try the herb St John's Wort. I wish you the best and try to find ways to really relax that work for you.

  2. front porch mom Says:

    Thank you for the great advice! It is terrible to feel so helpless. When I was younger my dad drove for me and then my husband....now as a single lady it is up to me. I keep a review list of things to remind myself to de-stress....that helps but the driving part is so hard. I am very glad my workplace is one mile away. It sounds dumb but it is a comfort. I stress thinking about my kids moving away and living far. Is that not strange??? I am going to ask my new doctor for something like you said. I really feel badly having such stress over travel. it seems to be getting worse every year. Thank you for the warm welcome back! It is good to be here again.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    Welcome back. If you lived near me I would take you driving and help you overcome your fears. I can be very persuasive!

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Welcome back. I recently started blogging again in January after a pretty long absence. I remember you from before, though.

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    Welcome back! I am a "new" blogger on this site but when I was a "lurker" I always read your blog Smile

  6. dmontngrey Says:

    I have issues with driving too - lot's of fun with a 30 mile one way, Boston area commute. Other stresses add to this and really make driving nearly impossible. So happy to hear your job is only a mile away. What a relief! Welcome back. Smile

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