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Keeping it Simple

February 15th, 2011 at 01:02 pm

Hello again! Thank you again for all the nice comments on my blog and on my stressers. One thing that will soon help with my stress in travel is my daughter will not be doing dance team next school year. For dance team you have to travel to competitions. I simply stress and panic too much over it. Thank goodness I travel with my friend. Dance team is very very expensive and well it is a glorified trip/vacation each time we go. My daughter is having some struggles in school and so I want her to get re-focused. Plain and simple. This is one area my ex and I agree on as far as co-parenting.

This week the weather is a tad warmer.....it was nice to wash the car myself and save money that way. I also hosed the garage floor and got rid of some dirt.
I am trying to use up what ever food is around and in the pantry. That is easier said than done for me.
One thing we do at work is share lunches. My co-worker and I will do that with leftovers. On Weds she is bringing in lasagna. I have the desert to share. It is a nice way to use up food and share and make lunch kinda nice rather than a bore.

Speaking of work a ton of residents are sick with the flu. It is very gross to be in housekeeping when many are so sick. Yet it is very sad to see so many needing help and not getting it. I spent some time asking the residents if they needed a warm towel or a blanket or a drink. Many are so helpless. I just do not see how no one seems to care. One poor lady was freezing and I simply pulled up her bedspread to warm her......all morning long she was laying there cold!
It is bad enough to feel lousy but another thing to not have the energy or where with all to ask for help. So I did spend the day in gloves, a mask and lots of soap and water. Getting older is sure not that fun. I hope they all get better quick. It is very sad to see them laying there like little sick babies.

I am working on getting my coupons organized! I get tons and tons at work for free yet I just never seem to have the energy to make them save me money! I have to get a better way of using them.....another goal of mine.
With only me and two kids at home...I can save alot on food if I really want to. With two less eaters at home I need to focus on this big time.

Gas was cheap yesterday and of course it went right back up to being expensive. I did not fill up. Oh well....again everything is close so my gas tank should last awhile.

I have to run my daughter to the dance studio so I have to sign off. Hope you all have a good evening.
Again thank you for visiting my little blog.

4 Responses to “Keeping it Simple ”

  1. luvinmylife Says:

    Thanks somuch for being compassionate to the residents needs. Something so simple can mean so much.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I agree with the above. It is great that the residents have someone like you to help them out when there is nobody else for them... it has to lead to a bit of brightness for them. People don't think

  3. Jerry Says:

    about it when they put another family member into care, but there is no insurance that people will be able to look out for them personally. When I used to do blood draws at residences for a hospital it was always heartwarming to see the families that would come and show warmth and caring for them. It was a rarity, though.

  4. write custom essay Says:

    I hope that you were able to get your coupons organized! Was it complicated? You need to focus on savings, since your "big eaters" are too hungry!

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